25 Dec 2004 03:36:20
Boris Badenov
Re: Sasha Cohen returning to John Nicks

"Doris Penndorf" <doris_m_penndorf@sbcglobal.net > wrote in message news:uhcyd.4413$_X7.1008@newssvr33.news.prodigy.com...
> Apparently the entry was only up for a few hours and then removed. Will
> have to wait to learn more - hoax, hacker, PR mistake? The original text
> was saved by a Blog site......And as they say, since it hit the public
> domain, clarification will have to come quickly.. If totally false, it is
> an insult to both Robin Wagner and John Nicks. Oh, the perils of the
> internet and the ease of spreading false information.

I dont know. Apparently she is trainging with Nicks at tbe Ciudad
Deportiva in Havana. I am being sent down there by my E-zine to do
a story down there. I am the tehnical guy who maintains the Web
site for Anonymous Demonic Media, keeps our people on the air,
during IRC-casts, and maintains our server farm down in the Cocos
I depart for Havana tonight, taking a red-eye back east, and then
catching a plane on Christmas morning for Havana. There are more
flights between the USA and Cuba than you might think. Subscribing
to the subscription flight schedule service I use gives me access
to more flight schedules than "free" services, such as Orbitz,
Travelocity, Expedia, and Amadeus. I found a flight, by way
of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you cannot find anywhere else. I take a
red-eye from Caifornia, where I have been visiting relatives,
to Cedar Rapids, and then change planes for the flight to Havana.
Although the USA bans travel to Cuba, US citizens who hold
dual nationality, like me, can use their other passport to travel
to Cuba, without breaking the law. Also, since I live in Australia,
that also makes me no subject to current travel restrictions on
Cuba, since living in Australia makes the rule of "anyone living
under the jurisdiction of the United States", inapplicable to me.
As long as you do not intend to use a US passport, when travelling
to Cuba, you can get on Cuba-bound flights from the USA.
I know that Nicks, an Englishman, has been training skaters in
Havana, for several years. Naomi Nari Nam trained with him some
years ago down in Havana.

28 Dec 2004 14:32:02
Re: Sasha Cohen returning to John Nicks

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sgallagher@rogers.com wrote:
> (snip)
> > Although the USA bans travel to Cuba, US citizens who hold
> > dual nationality, like me, can use their other passport to travel
> > to Cuba, without breaking the law.
> You mean without getting caught. It's still breaking US law.
> Stephen Gallagher

Apologies in advance to the fine people at rssif, but one of several
who like to start flamewars with me on this issue have found me here,
and you better brace for one HELL of a flamewar, the like of which
skatfans@netnews have not seen in the skating groups, since the
great flamewar of 1994.

I was able to board the Havana-bound flight from the USA with no
problem. The airlines that are allowed to offer the flights have
no problem boarding me if I show them an Australan passport. If I
showed an American one, I would not be allowed to board, but they
will allow me to board, if I show them an Australian passport with
a valid Cuban entry visa. I am down here in Cuba to do a couple of
stories for my E-zine, and then ring in the new year on Friday night,
in Havana. Our E-zine is also a political anti-Bush, anti-right
zine that supports Cuba in its struggle against the Fascist regime
of George W Bush, who would destroy the revolution if he had the
chance. We will be ringing in the new year alongside a few other
government bigwigs in Cuba. I am in Villa Clara (Santa Clara) on
some maps, and I will be flying back to Havana later this week.
When I pass through Miami next week, coming from Antigua (where I
will be doing another story), I will simply leave Cuba off my Customs
form when I land in Miami, from Antigua, on Tuesday. If you dont
use a US passport to go there, you dont have to report it to
Customs (something good for skaters to know, who are going to 4Cs
in Pyongyang, and fly in Air Koryo (current US policy allows travel
to North Korea, but forbids its citizens from using Air Koryo to
get there)). If you are a skater, coach, journalist, judge, etc, etc,
and hold US citizenship, and are a dual, you can dodge the ban on
using Air Koryo when going to 4Cs by using your other passport, and
then just leaving North Korea OFF your Customs form the next time
you enter the USA.,

I suggest you set your killfiles, and be prepared for the flame
fest that is SURE to come along, because if one who likes to flame
me on this has come here, the others are sure to follow.