23 May 2007 05:30:05
Good news and bad news for our online radio station

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It appears that SoundExchange, up in America, is offering to extend
the SWSA through 2010. They are under a lot of pressure from the
increasing number of Congressmen and Senators who want to bring them
down to size.
Basically, SX is offering a reprieve, until 2011, for anyone who
either broadcasts from the USA, or through any U.S.-based streaming
provider, like we use. In one way, it is good, becuase we have a
chance of being able to stick around through the 2010 Olympics.
Australia has a good chance of getting its third ladies Olympic
champion in 2010, with Emily Hughes. The ladies gold in 2010 will
likely go to either Australia or Japan. I dont see ANY American
skaters on the horizon that will win the ladies gold medal. It will be
either Mao Asada, Mai Asada, Miki Ando, Fumie Suguri, or Emily Hughes
that gets the 2010 ladies gold. The one longshot to beat them would be
Elena Sokolova of Russia.
However, it does look like we will go off the air in 2011, unless
Congress does move, in the interim, to get rid of pay-per-listen
rates. This, I think is why SX changed course, they want to head off
what will certainly be a defeat for them in the U.S. Congress.
I have been in the online radio business, since 1994. The E-zine
that started out as Hatchet Job, in 1995, is just merely a companion E-
zine to the station. In the 13 years I have been doing skating, via
Internet radio, I have seen it all. I will never forget the
EMBARRASMENT that Tonya was for the U.S. team at the 1994 Olympics. As
a figure skating radio commentator, I can say that it was the biggest
EMBARASSMENT that the United States EVER *HAD*.
The 1996 Worlds will be memorable for an American winning the
ladies world title for the first time in 15 YEARS (Elaine Zayack had
been the previous American to win, in 1981). Or how about 1998, when
Tara would become the first American to win ladies Olympic gold, in 22
YEARS, since Dorothy Hamill, in 1976. Tara became the first American
to win the ladies gold since Dorothy in 1976.
I saw Michelle Kwan win a total of TEN North American titles
(though the RABID Tonyaphiles will INSIST she only won 9, and to this
day, STUBBOURNLY refuse to acknowledge Michelle's 1994 title, which
she got by default with it was stripped from Tonya). She may have
never won Olympic gold, but her record of 10 North American titles and
5 world titles will probably not be equalled by any other American for
a LONG time.
I have seen a lot over the years as a radio commentator. I
covered the CDA battle a decade ago. I have been on the air long
enough to see the FALL of the Religious Right and their cronies from
Congress, and might well see them lose the White House in 2008.