AB Squad Named
http://tinyurl.com/2697v5 Bolters - Brendon Leonard, John Schwalger Not considered due to injury - Jason Eaton, James Ryan, Greg Somerville, Sione Lauaki, Richard Kahui ...

Pacific Nations Cup squad lists
Tonga, Australia A, and New Zealand A (aka Junior All Blacks) still to be named ---- FIJI (Ilie Tabua coach) ---- FORWARDS: Alefoso Yalayalatabua (Suva), Apisai Turukawa...

Magners League Transfers 2007-08 v1.0
and here's my Magners League version EDINBURGH IN - Ian Nimmo (Leicester), David Young (Leicester), Ben Gissing (Calvisano), Calum MacRae (Borders), Mark Robertson (Borders)...

Guinness Premiership Transfers 2007-08 v1.0
as usual here's my early-season list of transfers compiled from official announcements and strong rumours... take this with a grain of salt BATH IN - Martin Purdy (Wasp...

European Challenge Cup of Pointlessness
Does anyone give a toss? As a Bath fan, even I am finding it hard to get excited about this one. It's just another pointless trophy to add to all the others they've played for this season. I...

Australia to copy the English solution
When you can't produce you're own players, buy someone else's: http://www.rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/articles/2007/05/17/1178995310226.html

Another step closer...
I apologise to those of you who have no interest in the politics of SA rugby. To some of us it does make a difference. Just like the black people in the apartheid regime could not support ...

A well rounded Moody?
I've always been a fan of Lewis Moody. You know what you get with him, which is a bloke that runs around like a mong for 80 minutes putting his body on the line. In the past, the thing that'...

Bugger the politics - Will my Sharks win?
I can't wait. Superstision prevents me from making any predictions myself. What an anti climax the Samoa and England Tests are going to be after this. No matter what t...

Vainikolo jumps ship to rugby union (Stuff)
www.stuff.co.nz/4062874a10713.html Former Kiwis rugby league star Lesley Vainikolo is switching from the Bradford Bulls to rugby union and signed a three-year contract with Gloucester.

Maori vs Pakeha
Amusing reading that thread on democracy in South Africa. One or two have been a touch unfair,if the majority of whites grew up being told from an early age that blacks were

Only in SA (no. 2645)
No, not the fact that I'm moving house and have to wait 3 fecking weeks for some arse to flick a switch to activate my phone line (doing this thru bluetooth)... But on the bigge...

S14 Final - coverage in the US
I'm sure every US based subscriber to rsru already has Setanta, but in case not, here's what you're missing: Setanta Sports, Sat 19 May: 8:55am [EST] Live Super 14 Final - S...

White gagged - no not gagged....
... he "just does not want to talk to the media" - according to a political commisar in Saru. So the press conf on the 1st day of the training squad for the Bok team w...

Shame Gloucester never got him in BEFORE Leicester's own South Seas contingent stomped all over them. Seems to be pretty much one way traffic between League and Union nowadays... ...

Domestic sport (The West Australian)
www.thewest.com.au/aapstory.aspx?StoryName=382631 The Australian Rugby Union will stand firm and prevent a disillusioned Peter Hewat from taking an early release to play overseas.

I wonder if Sky
will show the Super 14 final live?. They have had the semis and final pre-scheduled as if they were going to be in New Zealand. The arrogant pricks are pissing me off big time might cancel...

Good grief
I posted this last night but in my 'no internet limbo' hell created by SA's only telcom co, it hasn't appeared. I noticed a few posts on the Luke Watson saga so here is the post again with t...

New England shirt
No surprises if you've seen the French effort: http://www.rfu.com/therugbystore/templates/product.asp?ProductGuid=17171 http://www.rfu.com/therugbystore/templates/product.asp?ProductGu...

ABs selection
Is it too early to ask everyone to submit their views on who should/ will be in the All Blacks squad this Friday? I saw the NZ Herald running a similar poll, so I thought I'd risk jumping th...

Chance to win 2 tickets to Ireland/France world cup game
From: Wrfc36@aol.com Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 10:05:49 -0400 Anyone interested in a chance to win 2 tickets to the Ireland - France World Cup game in Paris on September 21 ca...

Hold the press!!! Luke Watson is black!
Speaking is Ebrahim Rasool, ANC premier of the Western Cape: Watson should not be seen as a white player. "Jake White shouldn't be looking at Watson as a white player. If there are whi...

New name for Bob's (at least)
... with his agreement he can be called "Wifebeater". <<> >the Kiwis, Aussies or Welsh. After all, they all like a bit of flossy. > >Can't we just call the...

Bok Squad
I was very impressed with Botha from the Bulls. He seems to be ahead of the present Bok captain in general play.What do the Bok supporters think? Wannenburg appears unlucky to miss out.

DC - altitude being sorted out
Got hold of a GPS and will take the altitude reading at the gates of Ellispark and Loftus. It does seem at this stage that there may be surprises. Jhb's altitude is generally give...

Luke Watson: Government interfering again?
http://tinyurl.com/2a754x A bit of background: Luke Watson is the son of Cheeky Watson, an anti- apartheid activist who famously waivered a Springbok jersey to rather play for the...

Why kiwis (and probably others) find it hilarious that white South Africans whinge about racism
BECAUSE YOU DID NOTHING ABOUT APARTHEID. Most of you willingly lived for decades under a racist, corrupt, murdering, tyricannal regime and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. And what's worse, is that whe...

New Zealand Slur Competition
Since the New Zealanders have managed to get many of us South Africans all hot under the collar with the "Japie" (sometimes spelled "Yarpie") slur, I reckoned it's about time we level the pl...

keywords: "Waratahs" "drinking session"
http://www.rugbyheaven.smh.com.au/articles/2007/05/14/1178995068106.html With mates like Tuqiri... shg

Harry Ellis misses RWC
Shit. This guy has been {despite blowing hot and cold on ocassion} our best 9 for some time. Is it now just down to Richards and Perry? What about Harry's understudy's understudy...

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