Rugby rivalry: only the strong survive
You don't have to know the rules or be that good - but you sure have to look the part,1114 ...

To Lose or Not Toulouse?
Go Llanelli/ Der'ymlaen Llanelli

Dave Reddin Axed Think this is harsh as i think he really knows his stuff. England have not looked anywhere near as fit as they did...

gentle day in Europe
Heineken Cup Borders v Biarritz, 13:35 Calvisano v Ospreys, 13:00 Castres v Perpignan, 15:20 Gloucester v Edinburgh, 15:00 Leinster v Agen, 17:35 Llanelli Scarlets ...

The force be with them..... Not a bad effort. Do they have relegation?

Merry Christmas
Posted over on the Hawks list. I'm sure that there will be some alternative views. TOP TEN TRYS OF ALL TIME 10 - ...

Carlton AFL star is king of the dance
Anthony Koutoufides has always had good footwork on the field - and this was confirmed when he won the Australian series of Dancing With the Stars

The new uniform may require capes...
Imagine Daniel Carter, only he's faster and can kick the ball further. Or perhaps Carl Hayman with a little extra horse power. Or Jerry Collins packing a couple more centimetres on the old b...

Italy: Beach Rugby Festival applications
English: Italiano:

Ping Pablo
Having made a pact with TGP that he has to stay alive long enough to get the beers in on 10 Feb for Scotland - Wales, I find that I have missed the rush to get tickets. Do you still have s...

New Scrum Law explained
Finally up on the IRB site with video

England coach Dean Richards says he could be persuaded. Hard to believe that the RFU has to pretty much go on bended knee... Clive...

RFU vs Clubs rumour mill
Apparently, the RFU have finally realised that the way forward is central contracts. The club owners having spent millions (Walkinshaw reckons he's about 10m down with Gloucester, but says i...

Sad Fact
The two longest threads in rsru over the last year are So You Sow So Shall You Reap 303 posts Admittedly it helps that it was crossposted: and HST Simplified...please ...

Excellent article by Stephen Jones
This bloke talks a lot of sense.,2106,3887004a2201,00.html Is there any end to the preening, pretentious pomposity of the All Blac...

OT : Guess who?
Since there hasn't been any caption comp for a while, lets play "guess who". This was post brought to my attention in a cricket newsgroup: ,---- | "I would feel uncomfortabl...

Masters games @ San Diego 7s in Feb 2007
From Nevin Kleege <> Dan, It looks like I’m taking the lead for a tournament or series of games this year before the 7’s here...

England to host the Churchill Cup
I'm all for this. Put out our best squad and with home advantage we might just qualify from the group stages of a competition next year! Seriously ...

OT: Rugby
Discuss all rugby related comment here: please be sure to use the main forum for all other posts unrelated to rugby.

Totally OT: Nowt as queer as folk!
"A man has been charged with breaking into a barn, scattering pornographic magazine around, and then spray-painting the genitals of three goats orange. The alleged goat-painter is Drew Gag...

Fer chrissakes, if you want to talk about cricket piss off to the cricket group. If us Poms were to post OT about every sport that NZ is crap in we'd never get around to talking about rugby...

Quote of the week
"Gone a bit quiet on the cricket front hasn't it? Last week England were the biggest joke ever, this week..."

Number plate
Saw one today RWC2007K mad kiwi fan ?

OT: The poms.
How funny are they!! * sniggers * * sniggers * * sniggers * * sniggers * * sniggers * * sniggers * * sniggers * ...............................

Subjective comments about the latest World Rugby Rankings
Subjective comments about the latest World Rugby Rankings Noevember was a busy month, with the world's top 15 teams (except for Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, which were combined as the P...

About the World Rugby Rankings
The ranking of the world's rugby nations has long been a lively topic of conversation. As my contribution to this discussion, I have written a computer program that uses previous internatio...

OT: Just wanted to titter like a schoolgirl
Anyone would think New Zealand had been playing.

OT Expert Ashes comment analysis is here. The Poms suck eom

OT: The Ashes.
How funny is Didgerman! * sniggers *

Eddie for England?
"LONDON - Former Australia coach Eddie Jones has become the first man to throw his hat into the ring publicly as the successor to former England trainer Andy Robinson. "Jones, who...

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