Just had a horrible shock
So there I am, nosing around in the Open University discussion groups and I find one for Rugby Union (no, I don't believe they do correspondence course for referees but I could check).

SARU - Central Unions franchise in Super14
"The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has announced that the Central Unions franchise will be its fifth team for the expanded 2006 Super 14 competition. The Central Unions, which comprises ...

SRU Chatrooms
All, For those of us who toil under Murrayfield we have sometimes used the chatroom facility on their website. I am led to believe that this has been removed, possibly due t...

All Lions Games on Fox in Oz
Unlike the tour of Oz there wont be any easy games for the Lions and the good news is Fox in Australia will telecast all the games

Lions v AB Match Up
robinson vs muliaina mules by a whisker +1 lewsy/williams v roko/gear ABs by a mile +2 o'driscoll v tana too close to call +2 henson v mauger mauger by daylight +3 Jone...

SRU contracts
I wonder who writes contracts for the SRU ? Apparently Ian McGeechan can just walk away from his post as Director of Rugby http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_union/4378317.stm ...

gonna have a punt on a multibet - crusaders are paying $1.45 to win.. think they will get up after last week? didnt watch the game but i believe they were rather average.. how a...

Money where your mouth is...
...who among our esteemed All Blacks fans thinks the ABs Lions/3N/Grand Slam itinerary is lunacy and who thinks it's a jolly good idea? Just curious. Surely the GS would be ...

The All Blacks, Grand slam Junket.
I've not seen this posted with all the Lions threads in the way, but the All Blacks now have a Grand Slam opportunity on their end of season tour with Wales locked in for November 5. A goo...

repost : Dustmite Dawson - media whore.
As predicted by many, it didn't take long for Headline boy to "snipe" his way back into the news. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4439495.stm

AQB Super 12 Ratings (14 April 2005)
The AQB Super 12 Rugby ratings have been updated to 14 April 2005. The Crusaders fell spectacularly from the top of the latest ratings, down three places to fourth after being defeate...

Henry's Itineary of '05
Lions, Tri nations, Bledisloe, Grand slam.... This would have to be the toughest year since before old man boyd could remember. 03 Jun Probables v Possibles Napier...

All Blacks - Underdogs up against the wall.
The mighty ABs have a huge task to defeat this celtic-saxon-briton mob. With the huge resources they are bringing, plus 47 out of the 60 home union players playing on any day in the ...

S12 Tipping Comp Results Week Seven
Two tipsters getting a perfect round; SpikeI and tanman. A heap getting five from six; _antipodean_, ABMuir, AQB, AuckMel, Brad Anton, cwilkes, EnglandRWCWinners, For GodsSake, g...

S12 Tipping Comp Results Week Six
Not a good week to tip Australian teams which results in perfect tipping from the following; ...Tom, Brad Anton, For GodsSake, mg , Rock2004, ronin11 and Spizz. All collect 15 points....

S12 Tipping Comp Results Week Five
Week Five saw everyone but the following; Brad Anton, Pete Devlin, SpikeI and tanman fail to take into account the "sacked coach" and "never won at this ground" factors for the Brumbies vs...

S12 Tipping Comp Results Week Four
No one with a perfect round, the best was Wa* with five from six, a number with four correct picks and the remainder (bar two) keeping pace with Tarik with a 50% success rate. A...

Lions - similar to AB's?
Are the Lions starting to follow the AB mantra in laying the foundations for embarrassment? At the 1991 World Cup the All Blacks selected players because of 'experience' and ign...

planet rugby gets a bit excited..
9 bulls in the team of the week heh kip youll like this bit... 7 Jerome Kaino (Blues): He showed us flashes of his ability in last year's Under-21 World Cup and the ag...

Unnamed "experts" suggest: No cumulative effect from concussions
Crusaders flanker Richie McCaw was knocked out cold in the first minute of the game in Pretoria last weekend. This was not the first time McCaw has been knocked unconscious. Now McCaw face...

Hooker/wing line out - who was the 1st?
What team first used the hooker to throw the ball into the line out? Wasn't it the French in the early 70's?

[Lions] Henry plays the race card
He should know. This from a man who padded his Lions '01 with too many Welsh. *Henry predicts Lions camp tension* "Kiwi Graham Henry coached Wales for four years until 200...

Lions vs Lions
Hypothetically speaking, if this '05 Lions played the '01 Lions who would win? Which squad would deliver the best 22? From a distance, I get the impression the '01 squad was stronge...

Shock Horror!!
Reality, what a bastard, keeps on intruding... Here are some of the criteria which should NOT apply when choosing the Lions: 1. Whether they are currently playing for thei...

Some random thoughts
Went to my first S12 game for this season on Saturday, Blues V Cats. Is the S12 really that average or did I just see 2 average teams having a less than average night. It seems to me that th...

ea rugby 2005
i bought the game off ebay.. $10 it cost me heh anyway i came in a russian case.. installed it in english no worries... but i have a 6 button gamepad.. will the game run? on the old v...

Lions on TV Edmonton Canada
Righty Ho, The boss has won. I am going to Edmonton whether I like it or not. Will be there for Churchill Cup Final (any chance of tickets Dan :O)) but more importantly the Lion...

[OT] The Art of the Double-Cross
Yojimbo (1961) By Roger Ebert / April 10, 2005 Almost the first thing the samurai sees when he arrives is a dog trotting down the main street with a...

Lions 10's
Apart from Jones, all the 10's in the 6N seemed to be very average at best. ROG was awful against Wales and showed a clueless side to his game. Hodgson is a complete bottler (and he is goi...

Lions Sorted by club
Leicester 8 Leinster 6 Munster 4 Sale 4 Cardiff 3 Wasps 3 Bath 2 Gwent 2 Neath 2 Borders 1 ...

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