In Case You Missed It
Yesterday Ireland thrashed Italy comprehensively at Dublin, putting paid to the Italians aim of showing that their defeat to Scotland was a ring-rusty aberration. Their amusingly bearded ki...

RSRU ladder 30 August 2003 (contains spoilers)
Three results yesterday had an effect on the ladder: 2003-08-30 France 17 England 16 (Marseilles) 2003-08-30 Wales 23 Scotland 9 (Cardiff) 2003-08-30 USA 31 Uruguay 17 (Buenos Air...

RSRU tables 30 August 2003 (contains spoilers)
Four results yesterday had an effect on the tables: 2003-08-30 Argentina 62 Canada 22 (Buesnos Aires) 2003-08-30 France 17 England 16 (Marseilles) 2003-08-30 Ireland 61 Italy 6 (L...

Politicians apologise to Cronje,,2-9-838_1409502,00.html?kps=193 "Geo: Politicians say sorry 30/08/2003 16:35 - (SA) Cape Town - Political parties on Saturday apologis...

From the Sunday Times
"...Meanwhile, Chris Rea, the IRB's communications manager, has confirmed that although the Georgians have belatedly complied, Namibia and Tonga have both failed to meet extended deadlines f...

Dummies guide to offside....
Here's another one.... {going to the pub throws up these little 'dicussions...'} A player who is knowingly offside must not interfere with play. We all know that, where the rules seem l...

PARA Day 3 [R/T]
The Final Day of PARA happened today (8/30/3) Argentina wins it again (only team to have done so) USA 31 Uruguay 17 Argentina 62 Canada 22 Final Table ARGENT...

First French try dropped?
Just to settle a small row in th epub.... Anyone else think the first French try was dropped over the line? Looked to me like he lost control and grounded the ball with his shoulder, ju...

Kefu out of WC
With a broken shoulder. Australia's WC chances are looking more shaky by the day.

le rampant coq sportif
They crowed enough at the final whistle the French 1st team. Still, that's what it means to beat the MWM 'B' side by a point in the heartland of the South of France these days. Beats me wh...

england game
I don't really follow the rugby news that much, so can someone tell me why Woodward didn't have the first XV on tonight (yeah i know he's testing them all for the RWC squad..). I think they ...

Following the same logic as England this saturday in Marseille, France will name a B team to play at Twicks the next pre WC game. Mind game, mind game!

Well if that's the best Frane can do...
... roll on next Saturday whenh we will be in France. Should be an enjoyable evening :-) :-) Well done England. UD

England v France (final score spoiler)
France 17 England 16

England v france no spoiler needed
Just seen the England team run onto the pitch. What the fuck are they wearing? Andy

SA "next best team"
The Boks are chosen. Of all the unlucky players that was not chosen this is my so called "next best team". I think the backline is better than the real deal. 1 Os...

Cronje Excluded from Bok RWC Squad
BBC reporting link as yet..still "stop press".

Wales v Scotland
Wales 23 Scotland 9 Steve Hansen's side completed their World Cup warm-ups with the most significant win of the coach's Wales career, ending a three-year losing streak against the...

Broad generalisation
France usually wins when a SAn ref the game.

English expectations tonight?
Looks like a full strength France for tonights game. Poms are obviously favourites, but I can't see it being easy. I wouldn't be surprised if the frogs pull off the upset. Due to the great c...

Perth Match
England play a SANZAR team..and we have a SANZAR ref. Hilarious !

OT: And everyone calls us sheepshaggers
For your edification Brad

Orene Ai'i
Is it just me or is that guy total shit? He cant tackle well, he's a midget, he's a pretty good running attacker but he takes terrible options in both attacking and kicking. Sur...

Much at steak as Boks grilled
Well, it doesn't look as if the Boks are going to win the "Highest team IQ contest". There are few more d...

RSRU ladder 27 August 2003 (contains spoiler)
One midweek result had an effect on the ladder: 2003-08-23 Canada 20 USA 35 (Buenos Aires) 1 England 2 New Zealand 3 Australia 4 South Africa 5 Ireland 6...

RSRU tables 27 August 2003 (contains spoilers)
Two midweek results had an effect on the tables: 2003-08-27 Canada 20 USA 35 (Buenos Aires) 2003-08-27 Wales 54 Romania 8 (Wrexham) "Big 5", last Tests: ...

Wales V Romania ( spoiler )
Wales beat Romania last night. I only saw a few seconds of it because I was watching the Manchester United v Wolves football match. There seemed to be lots of injury time which enabled Wales...

England v France 6 Nations 2003
Hi, I was wondering if theres any England fans out there that taped the England V France game in this years 6 nations. A friend of mine was televised on Sky belting out 'God Save...

Whoi is coming to Oz for the RWC?
With the approaching Rugby World Cup in Australia coupled with my own investment in history (tickets to see Scotland in Brisbane and Sydney), I started to consider the possibility of the for...

An ugly comparison
If you had to say who was the better team, Ireland or South Africa, most would probably lean towards the Bores. Well i'm not so sure. If we use the accepted criteria that the top 6 are...

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