US National Championships Indianapolis - results?
Hi there! Will there be any results available online covering the heats of July 20, 21 and 22? Cheers

Rower turned cyclist dies
Amy Gillett-Safe was killed yesterday on a team training ride before the Thüringen Rundfahrt in Germany. The group was struck by an oncoming car which left Amy dead and at least two team mat...

Regatta changes
According to RQ, "I hear that the editing of Regatta magazine (in the UK) is likely to be taken over by the company which produces a similar sailing magazine, with the first new issues in ...

Tim's girlfriend
He has one! She's got really long legs!!

Rowing Scholarship Info?
Anyone have a resource for determining rowing scholarship totals for men and women and for Div I vs. Div II schools? Rob Reali Hampton Roads Rowing Club

first degree fitness fluid rower monitor
i'm considering purchasing one of these for excersize only. i don't row and don't need to compete in online rowing events. am i correct in understanding that there is _no_ software availab...

Draw now online for Edmonton World Masters Also, pics of the site are online at ...

When is a dead heat not a dead heat?
I've been worrying lately about course design (insert joke). FISA is getting ever more and more millimeter-perfect in deciding who has won a race. But how sure are we about the fairness of...

Anyboby understand Blood Glucose levels and rowing
So I've been monitoring my blood gucose (BG) levels the last few months and see an anomoly when I've been rowing in the mornings and was hoping someone out there knows of studies that migh...

Newbies fixing a vintage single
Hello. I was given an old, damaged single by another rowing club. My intention is to repair it with a few other persons from my club. None of us is experienced in such activity,...

GB squad for Gifu Interesting to see that the 8 and 2- have not been formally named. Is Juergen going to do one of his famous shake-u...

sculling oarlock height
I am currently setting sliding seat unit with outriggers and oarlocks from Gary Piantedosi for my home built recreational rowing shell (by CLC of Annapolis, MA). Piantedosi instructions su...

Another load of (bendy) balls
I am reliably informed that for this weekend's National Championships (UK) the Control Commission has been instructed to allow "Bendy Bowballs" to pass. Thus at the very moment ...

re - wanted - racing VIIIs
Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us. We really appreciate all your help and support! I was specifically asked to look for reasonably complete shells by MCBC's President. T...

Wanted - Racing VIIIs
Mansfield College Boat Club are looking to purchase two good condition second hand boats - one men's VIII (possibly lightwight men's) and one women's VIII. We are willing to spend in the r...

Gjessing rowing ergometer
What is a Gjessing rowing ergometer? Anyone have a link to pics, specs, etc.? Thanks. Is this what is also called a "gamut erg"? -Kieran

Strokemeter repaired!
I did it. Drilled the sensor's plastic cage. Bought a reed switch for less then 2 euros at a shop near home. Soldered it on the StrokeCoach wires. Tested. Put it in the plastic cage with tef...

Rate watch
Hello everyone, I'm not a coach, rather a nosey rower who wants to know what rates crews are hitting at domestic regattas. Can someone recommend a decent piece of kit that I can u...

US Nationals
I will be coaching a Men's hwt 2- at US Nationals next week in Indianapolis. Anyone (JD?) who'd like to get together at some point, let me know. We arrive Wednesday, since the heats for ...

Weather Protocol
I just noted on Rowing Canada's website, a document titled, "Weather Protocol". Thought others might be interested in it as well. Visit

And you thought bumps racing was a daft idea
Our next-door club is organising, next month, a bungee-rowing competition. Yes, it's what it says on the packet, they tie a bungee cord to the sterns of the boats and the crews row off like...

Peachy Force curves did anyone check this out at Lucerne? If not I guess I'll have to wait until the 18th. :o(

BOAT WANTED; Novice rower in the northwest USA
Looking for a super stable, rough water rowing boat - maybe an Alden, Virus, Little Marine or rowing cat. I am in the Portland Oregon area. Konnie mail@thirdreef...

Feet out
Watching the Lucerne coverage it's become almost de rigeur these days to get your feet out ASAP after the race and dunk them over the sides. I've hardly every seen this done at UK regattas...

Nuts and bolts guide to rigging
What does the collective think of the info presented in this book? Is it accurate? Thanks.

FS: Concept2 Ergometer Model D
For sale: Barely used Concept2 Ergometer Model D. I'm in the Houston, TX area and prefer local pick-up. Bought this rower new from Concept2 when I had a leg injury and didn't use ...

M4- in Lucerne
The commentators called it "arguably a controlled race but perhaps a little bit more close than they'd hoped" (or words to that effect). I don't know, I don't think GBR would have let NED cl...

rowdata connectors
Anyone know where can I get the headset connectors for rowdata cox boxes? The small plastic one on the end of headsets with 4 pins in, I don't really want to spend =A320-=A330 on ...

Two electronics related questions
Two questions. Firstly, is it possible with a Strokecoach (red) to have it display a time whilst not moving? ie, time the rest time between pieces? It just seems rather silly that we have to...

erging a 100k?
My 17 yo son wants to do a 100k this weekend. He did a marathon last December; but while he has trained hard for crew, hasn't done any distance training in the that time. I thi...

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