Headphones for erging
Hi RSR, I spend a lot of time on my rowperfect wearing headphones and listening to spoken word audio. I use the wireless. Made by Sony, about 40 and quite bulky. I ha...

So, what are good ways of improving flexibility for rowers? For me good is a) safe (easy to learn so you don't do it wrong, and with low risk of injury) b) free (doesn't req...

Bow loaders phased out by ARA?
>From ARA council meeting 16.04.05: "4. Competitions (i) In discussion with Safety Advisers, the Comps Comm are considering the phasing out of bow-loaded boats." ...

For Sale -AUS
For Sale, 1 X RowPerfect ergomenter with computer interface, good condition. $2000 1 x Dreher Apex sculling blades, suit heavyweight. $750 1 x set of Sykes double scull riggers (c...

Double needed for CPR
We are looking to borrow, or rent a double for the CPR. If there is anyone in the Oregon area that can help us at, please let us know. We are very hopeful that we can set a new record for ...

ARA Junior Inter Regionals UK -Results?
Does anyone have the results for last Sundays event please? Skye

Cracknels Marathon
Did James run in the end? How did he do? any news?

testosterone - ignore
unless you're a girl.

Rowing Australia Coaches Conference
Has anyone purchased the CD containing the proceedings from the 2004 conference? If so, how is it? Did you find it worth the cost? Thanks,

test - ignore

Collision between sculler & water-skier in NZ
Report of an accident on Lake Karapiro at http://xtramsn.co.nz/news/0,,11964-4295196,00.html Are there many places where rowers share the water with water-skiers? -- David ...

City of Oxford RC website & Bumps contacts
The long-standing URL for the City of Oxford RC, http://i.am/corc, seems not to be working at present so we've set up an alternative at www.oxfordrowing.net/corc. I mention this in case an...

Tub Fours
Hi Are there any boatbuilders, apart from Burgashell, who produce tub fours or similar? The kind of thing that an almost complete beginner can step into and get going...

Drive/Recover Ratio
What is a simple way to calculate drive/recovery ratio? What should it be on a 2k race? Thanks!

REMO magazine
Is anyone else here having a terrible trouble subscribing to Spain's REMO magazine? I subscribed in December. So far all I have received is last October's issue, and that was afte...

Small Boats Regatta
Can someone let me know if this is actually an event? Basically I have been told that there is a small boats regatta being held at Dorney on the sunday of the Notts city regatta (23rd/24th A...

GB trials results
Timetrial results now up on the BIRO site: http://www.ara-rowing.org/bbrns0220.htm

Stroke length
Managed to hook up the rowperfect to a beta version of the new software on my PC yesterday and had a look at my stroke length as well as profile. Not sure what my stroke length was showing...

Tideway Scullers Head
Does anyone know whether/when TSS will be putting the results from Saturday on line ?

rowing on Vistula/Poland
Hello! Are there any Polish rowers here? I'm planning a rowing tour on the Vistula River (Wisla) in Poland from Krakow to Warszawa for August 2005. I could need some help on findi...

ARA box-loader lifejacket rule changes
I notice that the lifejacket rules have changed for coxes in bow-loaders, so that they are now required to wear only the fully manual (the "jerk to inflate" kind) of lifejackets - i.e. nothi...

OARA costs
Does anyone know what cost to a regatta the Online ARA makes? I've heard it as 20p per seat.

Camera's capture Olympics best
Olaf Tufte, Elia Luini, Katarin Rutschow-Stomporouski and Peter Haining are just a few that have captured the unique talents of what some say the best training footage ever to come forward. ...

Search for missing sculler in Sydney, Australia
From http://www.thecouriermail.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5936,12771974%5E1702,00.html " Search for missing rower 06apr05 POLICE were searching a section of ...

Bad weather & rowing
See: http://www.rowingcanada.org/en/news/news_mar23-2005.html This opens as follows: "Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) has introduced its first Weather Protocol document to help r...

Dan Julian
Dan Julian died last Saturday. He's been away from rowing for a while, but I've been visiting with him now and again to have a beer and some laughs. He coxed the Amlong brothers in their p...

Club use of quads
The current policy at our club requires a coach to be on the water when a quad is on the water. The reasoning being that these are fast boats without a cox. I would like to know the policy...

Business Launch!
No, not the spring-loaded gates. Nor the parallelo-slides. Not even the bouncy rigger. I've spent the past six months preparing to launch a new business selling children's party...

Jaanson the hero
Last Sunday was the 'Skiffhead' on the river Amstel in Amsterdam, 8 km from Ouderkerk to central Amsterdam. About 3/4 into the race, at the head of the field, CD's boatyard pinup boy Rogier ...

GB Trials Next Week
Since anyone who wants to row (senior) for GB this year will be paying a courtesy visit to Belgium next week, the least I can do is to take a morning off and go along to Hazewinkel to watch ...

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