01 Mar 2004 04:48:17
sue t
Hypothermia / safety articles

Further to the discussion about flipping in cold water ...

The Albany Rowing Center has an excellent article about rowing and
Two interesting "Rules of 50" from this article:
1. An average adult has a 50/50 chance of surviving a 50 yard swim in 50
degree water.
2. A 50 year old in 50 degree water has a 50/50 chance of surviving for 50

Rowing Canada also has a good safety article at

And, a side note, my favourite PFD, from Mustang Survival:
Very easy to wear while rowing. Canadian Coast Guard approved for use by
only rowers and kayakers. I wear mine every outing and haven't yet had to
use it. I couple of my friends have had occasion to use theirs however, and
highly recommend it. Apparently when turned to your backside (which is how
you need to wear the "hipsack") and inflated, it keeps your ahead afloat
even if you haven't slipped it over your head yet.

FYI, the Canadian Coast Guard has approved only a couple of inflatable PFDs,
this being one of them. The Stormy Seas inflatable vest, which is in common
use in clubs in this area, is NOT approved.