Ever fished with a bamboo pole?
i have

Rebook "Team America: World Police"
using posters i make dance.

Farm Aid '86 acts deserving a push
alabama steve earle fabulous thunderbirds waylon jennings vince neil

Reason Notre Dame lost
Witnesses say that whenever he's not on camera Charlie Weis is constantly eating pizza and donuts and drinking beer and not paying attention to the game. The players and other coac...

Rebook "The Fifth Element"
using all wrestlers, not just zeus.

There is no scam all are free programs
I am very happy to say that helping those who are not able to do their works and earn some extra money without spending single penny, but i had saw here every body wants to earn money eithe...

ne1 here mark for malt-o-meal with butter and sugar
in it?

hey rob is that target 24 hours?
what hours u work?

Bigger fraud: Enron's accounting, or BC's #2 ranking?

So, when chris masters returns from his suspension...
...will he be smaller than Funaki? I was gonna say Rey Mysterio, but It's only a matter of time the Wellness Policy gets him (right after Vince is through sucking his cock). ...

does farva keep a few spare nuises hanging around his house...
you know, just in case??

does farva hand wash his Klan outfit?
or is it tough enough to be put in the regular laundry? you dont want that outfit getting damaged or faded!

Chris Masters has the slowest metabolism known to man?
Or maybe he didn't think they'd spring a test on him again so soon? Bets on the latter.

has farva ever called a black guy the n word?
or is he just saying he has to make himself look like a badass?

what if farva got a kidney transplant..
and when he woke up he found out it was from a black guy. would he refuse it and order the doc to take it out?

which rspwers's like mcribs?
i saw mcdonalds have them back now. they are so yummy! as long as you take off the onions and pickles. so, which ones of you guys like them?

has killfile victim been killfiled alot?
or did he come up with another reason for picking that username?

if farva was alive in germany in the 1940s...
would he have joined the nazi party?

Hey robbie...
Why the hell are you up so damned early? 5 in the morning EST? WTF???

who was farva's favorite black athlete?
so which one is it? which black athlete was your all time favorite?

has s0183616 ever been to an ohio state game?
if so, when? against who?

'Vladolf' 'RatPutin' - The Free Press catches on (Vadimir Putin) {HRI Note 20071103}
'Vladolf' 'RatPutin' - The Free Press catches on (Vadimir Putin) 3 November 2007 ...

Schon Michael Came Back
Wowwww http://zubair.jhara.googlepages.com/jobs.html

(POLL) Is Perkoff The Only Person With Any Talent Here?
Are you all just pretending to be dull?

G.I. Joe will no longer be a "real *American* hero" in upcoming movie...
(In a related note, I've been hearing rumors that they may be filming it here in Toronto, which, if true, would mean there's a chance I could play either a GI Joe or COBRA soldier in it...) ...

(Video) Got My Stolen Car Back
http://perkoff.com/2007/10/got-my-stolen-car-back.html I can jump pretty high.

funny how perkoff has to use dummies in his videos, cause he
has no friends...

Oh, rob, FYI...
I went to the bar, I had a good number of beers, the bartender drove me home, and now I'm going to celebrate FALL BACK with a lot more beers. Probably around 25-30 when it's all said and d...

Should TNA Hire Dog The Bounty Hunter?
Should TNA hire him? I think he'd show up for even less than $25,000 a show and in my opinion Dog The Bounty Hunter is a much huger star than Pacman Jones. They should bring...

Weis has 6 years on his contract?
If it's that long, I agree, cut him now, pay the penalty, and move on. ND is a complete fucking embarrassment this year. Huge. And the dumbass doesn't even know how old college ...

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