cat heaven is a beautiful place
but you can't go there if you're euthanized :(

TNA's Women's Division, Gail Kim Backstage News & More
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter TNA ended up not making a play towards women's wrestler Sarah Stock aka Dark Angel from CMLL. They were just looking for five bodies to fill ...

Signature Pharmacy - Still Operational?
- Amy Tingley, the lead attorney for Signature Pharmacy in Orlando, is claiming the top four company officials arrested will be exonerated. - Signature Pharmacy is still operational, ...

More Lawsuits Coming For Benoits Doctor?
Penny Durham, the widow of Johnny Grunge, is considering filing a wrongful death suit against Dr. Phil Astin. - Records have shown that 11 doctors wrote prescriptions for Mike Durham,...

Why Aren't Presidential Candidates Asked
Do you believe in extraterrestial life? Do you believe the US has crashed/captured UFO's kept in secret? Would you be willing to go to Area 51/Wright-Patterson unannounced with...

(TOS update) 27 TOS reports dispatched as of this morning
On track for 100 today if I can keep my stamina up. Wish me well, RSPW. Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this non corrisponde ad un utente |message is...

OT: Itunes music transfer question
I have Itunes installed on my C drive, which is only 30 gig. I recently installed a 300 gig Hd and wanted to keep my Itunes music on that drive as the C drive does not have enough space to h...

Whatever HAPPENED to this guy? You need no further proof that Bince McMahon takes guys with true talent, pussifies them with retarded gimmicks & ruins their ch...

Online live Concert at mike Nesmith's videoranch
ep 28, 2007 9:03 AM Subject: Videoranch Upcoming Events Body: Videoranch Upcoming Events ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello From Videoranch3D!

11 in a row!!!

(Meta) Serious Questions For RSPW African Americans
Why do Africian Americans name their kids such strange names? Ex: Tranika, Yolonda, Latawanda, Shamekia, Chandelate, etc. Where do Africian Americans come up with this? Is just letters...

your Friday k00kout Political Post of the week...
So, will Bill Maher rip on the Democrat presidential frontrunners for essentially backtracking and not committing to pull all of the troops out of Iraq by 2013??? -- TMS Why ...

Forbes Top 20 Wealthy TV Celebs
1. Oprah Winfrey, $260 million 2. Jerry Seinfeld, $60 million 3. Simon Cowell, $45 million 4. David Letterman, $40 million 6. Jay Leno, $32 million 7. Dr. Phil McGraw, ...

Wanna See Natalie Portmanís Ass??? -- Chad Bryant If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

The Hart Foundation Heading To SmackDown
Source - PWInsider It now appears that The New Hart Foundation will be brought up to the main WWE roster under the SmackDown brand. They are currently being advertised locally f...

The Hart Foundation to Reunite
THE HART FOUNDATION REUNITES IN NYC: RINGSIDE FEST 2007! NEW YORK , NY -- Ringside Collectibles presents the fourth annual RINGSIDE FEST, scheduled for Saturday, November 10th at Caro...

Government Trie to Block Abu Ghraib News Report
When he learned that CBS was planning to broadcast photographs documenting charges of torture at the Abu Ghraib prison in 2004, America's top military officer personally attempted to preve...

Legal DVD Movie Burning at Home?
Novato, CA-based Sonic Solutions is expected to announce today (Thursday) that the DVD Copy Control Association has approved its technology, dubbed Qflix, that allows consumers to burn dow...

MIchael Jackson Claims rwa Is Not His Wife
New real estate documents suggesting Michael Jackson has wed his children's nanny are fake, according to the pop star's publicist. Editors at U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer have printe...

Check it out:Very good online resources,tons of cool men and beautiful women eager for lovers....:
Check it out:Very good online resources,tons of cool men and beautiful women eager for lovers....: 1.Very good online resources:

Guess who just scored awesome tickets for Ozzy?
Hell yeah, floor seats, dead center of the court at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee 12/13 for Ozzy and Rob Zombie. $73/each after all the stupid Ticketmaster fees and crap.

Run DEP Off RSPW for the weekend
Go... (Speed racer, go Speed racer..)

(POLL) Best powerbomb?
? (Didn't Mike Awesome powerbomb Kidman once?) DEP

maxdaaxe and i are joining scientology 2gether!
Anyone else up for a spiritual adventure? Meet us at the center.

so im watching west side story this fruity movie..
corney also... but its entertaining the over the top characters and cinimetagraphy is great...

DiGiorno pizza = for shut-ins

any rspwers from othen then uk or canada or usa??
how is the local wrestling scene where u live?

The stigma against TOSing is like the ebonics issue.
A depressed community has imprinted the idea that acting civilized is somehow improper, and has developed their own primitive code. Piggy does not have the conch. You don't have to tol...

Why is RSPW acting like an abused wife?
You can't just sit there and take it and happily wait for more. That's crazy! That's how it was in the caveman days, when women were powerless. In modern times you women have rule...

RSPW could be what it was in 1993 again, if only you'd chip in.
RSPW is a virtual neighborhood. Would you treat any real property this way, with neglect? Would you ignore graffiti and vandalism if it were happening in your physical neighborhood?

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