[ot] Make your own "Chuck Norris Fact"
Here's mine: Seasons don't fear the reaper; they fear Chuck Norris. :)

[ot] Make your own "Chuck Norris Fact"
Here's mine: Seasons don't fear the reaper; they fear Chuck Norris. :)

Spears popped anti-depressants before VMAs
Spears popped anti-depressants before VMAs Britney Spears was fed anti-depressant drugs minutes prior to her lacklustre performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday after a

Tommy Lee vs Kid Rock Fight Winner Gets $1 Million
The battle is brewing between Robert "Kid Rock" Richie and Tommy "Guns" Lee, who are preparing to settle their beef in true tattooed rock star style -- with a freak show fight ! ...

Savior Oden to crap all over Portland's Christmas
http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news;_ylt=AjDsT4S2g6XU1ZkxiFnYmwk5nYcB?slug=ap- trailblazers-oden&prov=ap&type=lgns Top draft pick Greg Oden likely to miss rookie season with Trail Blazers...

Kid Rock Speaks on Tommy Lee/Britney
The testy rocker is talking about his VMA fight with Tommy Lee, his ex Pamela Anderson and he even shares his thoughts on Britney and Kanye. Kid Rock was on The Mikey Morning Show on ...

Chria Masters Misses Super Important Flight
When the Signature Pharmacy drug scandal story broke out, all of the wrestlers that came up on the list from the media were ordered to report to Titan Towers in Stamford, CT to talk about ...

No Current TNA Stars On Signature Pharmacy List
TNA wrestler Kurt Angle's name turned up in the wrestling drug scandal because Sports Illustrated writer Luis Fernando Llosa told ESPN that Angle was a part of his investigation. However, ...

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Jim Powers on MySpace
Former WWF stars Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Jim Powers now have pages on MySpace. You can find Beefcake's page at myspace.com/brutusbeefcake21 and Powers' page at myspace.com/m...

Fake Sandman On MySpace
Source - PWInsider There is a Sandman impersonator roaming MySpace. Please do not sent this person money for bookings, because he is not associated with the former ECW champion....

ESPN Shoots On Drugs In Wrestling
Partial Source - PWInsider ESPN.com's current top stories are dealing with drug usage in professional wrestling. Once article talks about Michael "Johnny Grunge" Durham's relati...

Hair Care top 10 ways to get better hair http://www.teenwag.com/showpage/150
Hair Care top 10 ways to get better hair http://www.teenwag.com/showpage/150

Heathen Kathy Griffin update
she's doing a show here (in Nashville, not on Usenet) on Saturday night. it's DOLLARS 2 DONUTS that there will be picketing.

[MEDIA] San Francisco Chronicle 9.13.07 WWE Death-O-Mania!
http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/WWE_Death_O_Mania__4909.html WWE Death-O-Mania! by Irvin Muchnick, Sep. 13, 2007 Two committees of the House of Representatives are...

Uh Oh: Fred Thompson May Not Be the White Knight of the Right After All
"Almost immediately following the launch of Fred Thompson's long- anticipated presidential candidacy, important neutral Republicans decreed privately that it had crashed and burned on takeof...

Boogey Man Brining In Vader To Fight Big Daddy V
Source: PWTorch Reports from multiple sources confirm that WWE/ECW is considering bringing in Vader to work a program with Big Daddy V. More on this as it develops.

growing up. what tv sitcom daughter did u have the biggest crush on?
id have to say the daughter on ALF!!!

My Oakland Raiders May Stink On Ice...
...But at least we ain't CHEATERS. . . . . . . . . (OK, fans may shank a few innocent people every now and then after a loss, ...

Buona sera a tutti.. Cercher=F2 di essere il pi=F9 conciso e allo stesso tempo esauriente possibile.. Sto promuovendo l'investimento in un settore in costante ascesa, mi

gimmick idea for Bill DeMott's return
"Gen. Hugh B. Trayus"

[OT] With the first pick in the 2007 NBA draft
the Portland Trailblazers pick Sam Bowie II. Someone show me that clip of Portland's fans going nuts again inside that sportsbar.

Quick, check out the Drugde Report and tell me...
Look at the two pictures... Norman Hsu and Zeno the Artificial Boy are the same person? The forehead, the eyes, the mouth, the overall expression... IDENTICAL~! ----== ...

Must See TV
for you Michael Moore "Sicko" phants - John Stossel on 20/20 tomorrow night; takes on Moore, and the alleged 'greatness' that is socialized healthcare. -- TMS Hopes Edw...

(BB8) The Jessica Hughbanks Show
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kejeOjasfI Freaking awesome! And note how this "episode" is from week 3 and everybody is getting along and stuff. Time, clock of the heart.

wots going on up on farva mountain?
except coon lynchings, minstrel shows and bullwhips cracking?

curious, is there an indian gaming place within 100 miles of where u live?
???? vegas check, mooapa tribal enterprises, although they are known more for fireworks...30 miles north of town..

Sandman Comments On Firing From WWE
Hey people, this is The Sandman. I think now that all of you have heard about World Wrestling Entertainment releasing me from my contract. Please, I have received emails and comments with ...

Latest Jim Ross Blog: Khali Is No Andre, Flair, Sabu HoF, Booker T Hasn't Quit
Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on jrsbarbq.com. Below are a few of the highlights: - I am currently in negotiations with the WWE to remain with the company for the fo...

New Interview: Vader and Slick
http://www.bigvancrush.com/news.htm There is a link there to at new interview, with Slick in the first hour and Vader coming on around 1:10 in the second hour. RealAudio format. O...

Follow Up On Shelly "Ariel" Martinez Wrestling Scam
This is from Shelley "Ariel" Martinez's Myspace. Wrestling.... No, it is NOT true, you CANNOT pay a fee to wrestle me or my boobs. I am NOT taking 'personal' sessions. Just wanted to clear...

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