Only took 48 hours...

attn: Steve
okay, we get it, you want attention today.

Sell your wisdom Online
Every one has wisdom that the others are willing to pay money to learn it. As we live in the information age, more and more people have realized that knowledge and ideas are worthy much mor...

What RSPW'er hasn't been heard from for a few days? Firefighters use forklift to move 900-lb. man LANSING, Michigan (AP) -- Firefighters cut a hole in the side of a ...

(Poll) Greatest Angle (n. Kurt, Eric) EVAH?
My vote: I give love to the Road Warriors turning heel and destroying Sting, then nearly blinding Dusty Rhodes. Made the Warriors bad-ass again and more over than they were already. <...

(OT, NBA) D33r David Stern...
We, the New York Knicks fans, beg and plead of you to find any possible way to oust that fucking dirtbag Jim Dolan as well as that arrogant assclown Isiah "You bitch, you ho" Thomas ASAP. Y...

Is Louisiana The New Mississippi Or Jaw-juh?
I'm sure Jaw-juh residents like Noel totally supports what's happening in Jena in Timmy Stinkubus glorious Louisiana. -- Chad Bryant If you're...

is farva?
Is farva a jughead?

gomers, goobers and jugheads deserving a push.
aside fo the pyle guys, jughead jones or farva, that is.

RSPW blacks deserving a push.
there is no such beastie.

(RSPoliticsW) The world stops. Hell Freezes Over. Cats and Dogs are Playing Together.
I am siding with Barack Obama. Saying that Obama is "acting like he's white" is irresponsible and reprehensible on the race baiter Jackson's part. This is worse than McNabb's moronic "we h...

The Jimmy Kimmel "I Love Famous People"
At the OJ Simpson news conference is markout worthy. Actually made me watch the whole thing.
Hello ELKING Trade Co.,LTD greets and desires of success and wishes you happy times. This is professional export company from china who carry PAYPAL payment and DROPSHIP ...

RIP Fiddy Cent's Career
You were my (and millions of suburban 13-year olds) favorite mumble- mouth Faux-Gangster. Jason "Bought five copies of Graduation just to be sure" Todd ******** ...

O.J. Victim on Tape -- I Set Up Offshore Accounts
TMZ has obtained an audiotape recorded one hour after O.J.Simpson and his crew allegedly robbed two men in a Las Vegas hotel room. An hour after the incident, Bruce Fromong, a sports ...

O'J's Bail Set At $125,000
In a scene reminiscent of 1995, a tired looking O.J. Simpson-- in a full prison jumpsuit, handcuffs and shackles oh my!-- walked into a Clark County Courthouse for his first appearance on ...

[WWW] Wrestling Babylon 9.18.07 Did Randy Orton Attempt Suicide? Did Randy Orton Attempt Suicide? A rumor is swirling that World Wrestling Entertainment star Randy Or...

[WWW] Lance Storm 9.6.07 Death and Drugs Death and Drugs September 6, 2007 I wrote the following for my "Storm Front" article for "Fighting Spirit" Magazine, bac...

[WWW] Lance Storm 9.17.07 Illigitimate Illigitimate September 17, 2007 After last week's revelation that Hornswaggle is Vince McMahon illegitimate son, I thoug...

[MEDIA] Miami Herald 9.17.07 Former wrestler finally finds her niche Former wrestler finally finds her niche Mon, Sep. 17, 2007 BY ROCHELLE KOFF Ann-...

[MEDIA] Winnipeg Sun 9.17.07 Former Winnipeg wrestler Radocaj's death ruled a homicide Former Winnipeg wrestler Radocaj's death ruled a homicide Wrestler Ivan Radocaj is shown in this undated handout photo...

[MEDIA] Mike Mooneyham Charleston Post and Courier 9.16.07 Code May Leave Mero Standing Alone Code May Leave Mero Standing Alone By Mike Mooneyham Sept. 16, 2007 Fifth in a series Marc Mero, who worked for both the n...

[MEDIA] Mike Mooneyham Charleston Post and Courier 9.9.07 The Life And Times Of Don Arnold The Life And Times Of Don Arnold By Mike Mooneyham Sept. 9, 2007 Don Arnold spent more than three decades in the wrestling business. ...

Randy Orton Not Punished For Third Strike?
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter It is being reported that Randy Orton wasn't suspended being linked to the Signature Pharmacy since he admitted to purchasing steroids from an o...

RIP Scott H's productivity
After a year of my workplace blocking Google Groups, it mysteriously became unblocked again a couple days I'm back to being able to post to RSPW from work. Woohoo!

Update On Randy Orton's Alleged Attempted Suicide Brian Stull invited me onto his “Stranglehold” show Tuesday night on KFNS radio in St. Louis to discuss the blo...

TNA/Spike TV's Deal
- The new contract between TNA and Spike TV is a two year deal which expires in the fall of 2009. -- Chad Bryant If you're not outraged, you'r...

Rob Van Dam Speaks on His Future; WWE or TNA? More
Rob Van Dam appeared on Between The Ropes radio the other night and spoke on his future in professional wrestling. You can check out the full interview at When asked a...

Justin Talks Britney!
Justin Timberlake is on the Oprah Winfrey show today and on the episode the Queen of Daytime and the music darling talk about Britney. Here’s a little excerpt: Oprah: What ...

Britney: Screw "The Man," I'm Ready to Party!!
Just hours after a judge warned the Britster about her problem with drug and alcohol abuse, Spears reacted like any irrepressible gal would -- and got her party on! TMZ caught t...

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