ROH PPV.. Are the Briscoes supposed to be Hillbilly Retards?
They look like the older brother from "Mothers Day"!!!! "Queenies out there!!!"

Ha ha Kristal pointing out that Vickie is single
Somebody tap dat.

How come Krystal doesn't have any female friends
from RAW or ECW? -- --- 8th Funniest Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 5th in 2006. --- 5th Most Improved Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 3rd in 2006. --- Winner of 2006's Worst Feu...

Need a guitar?
Free guitars here!!!!!!

Travel in Pattaya City handmade Products Made gifts to order information to Travel in Pattaya City Manufacturing made Machinery to order <...

Are new people made to feel unwelcome in RSPW?
When I go to a group called, I want to be talking about wrestling. Period. There's 80,000 odd newsgroups on Usenet, there's absolutely no need to be off-t...

Next time they make a dollar coin they should put George W. Bush on it
Everybody hates dollar coins.

[leave britney alone] FoxNews v. Chris Crocker
caption: "Why Is Freak TV So Hot?"

(U-Tube) Shatner brings Goodness

How the South almost destroyed America??!!
The remarkable death of Dixie America Gerard Baker Few parts of the world are as loved and loathed with the intensity that is felt for the American South. Thanks to a long line of cont...

Mattel grovels to China
Mattel doesn't want to lose China, since they'll have to charge more if they move to ???? -- ...

Youtube CAVES IN to Creationists
YouTube Bans Anti-Creationist Group Following DMCA Claim By Rob Beschizza September 16, 2007 | 9:34:17 AMCategories: Evolution YouTube has banned a group called the Rational Response Squad ...


An Idea To Get Zach From Big Brother Famous
He should try to yell at a doorman everynight. Soon he'll become konwn as the guy that yells at doormen. He'll be a pretty big star if he can keep this act going.

Check out the best wrestling group on the internet
Check out the best wrestling group on the internet at You don't have to be a member to post or read the topics.

Calif Poll Shows Clinton, Giuliani Ahead
Calif Poll Shows Clinton, Giuliani Ahead AP Posted: 2007-09-21 11:16:25 THE RACE: The presidential race for Democrats, Republicans in California. THE NUMBERS - DEMOCRATS...

The Original HHH
SPECIALIST - The Original Triple H By Jason Combs, Specialist Contributor Sep 20, 2007 - 10:50:19 PM There has been an abundance of negative feedback this week regardi...

Farva falling to chad level.
posting snipped celeb gossip trash to pad his post count. for shame, farva.

Molly Holly Backstage At WWE Show, Nowinski, More
Molly Holly Backstage At WWE Show, Nowinski, More 09/21/2007 by Ryan Clark The wrestler formerly known as Molly Holly, Nora Greenwald, was backstage at the 9/9 Smackdown tapings i...

hey, some Arabs made the Bush family richer
I am shocked--SHOCKED!--that this happened. Abu Dhabi takes ownership stake in Carlyle Group United Arab...

another RSPWite in Londonium Man urinates on dying woman, declaring it 'YouTube material' From the "Annals of Modern Depravity" comes this so...

Update On King Booker; His Gimmick, More
Source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter We still do not have an official word on what is going on with King Booker. Unless he did so the week before he was suspended, Booker has still ...

[pole poll] fav Billy Mays product?
OxiClean Orange Clean Orange Glo Kaboom! Hercules Hook Ding King automotive Gopher Zorbeez Lint-B-Gone Samurai Shark Liquid Diamond AwesomeAuger ...

(BB8) Amber Got Fired For Hating Hooked Nose Jews -- Chad Bryant If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

can you believe those bitches on the view
they cancelled the greatest singer of all time, barry manilow. what the heck were they thinking

Google DELETES my posts here! Go to >>>
Google DELETES my posts here! Go to >>>

Hall & Nash Reuniting
Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will team up to face Sid and a mystery man at "Malice in the Palace" on 10/19 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. The show starts at 7:30PM and appare...

(BB*) Wrap Party Photos......ED & Janelle???

Spears Set for Sitcom Role?
Britney Spears' acting career has been given a boost - she's among studio favorites to land a role opposite former Friends star Matthew Perry in a new sitcom. In a new NBC sitcom in develo...

Sheen's Anger at Richards' Child Protection Request
Charlie Sheen is furious with ex-wife Denise Richards, after she filed a court order requesting legal protection for her children against their actor father. The former Bond girl, 36, file...

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