Witness Our Power rob
http://groups.google.com/group/rec.sport.pro-wrestling/about Top posters This month 815 flyhighfreeeb...@aol.compost 635 r...@chadbryant.com 600 rjs2...@aol.com ...

(9/30/07) The Chameleon Project Issues A Warning To RSPW And 'rob'
We at The Chameleon Project have told you that we control this group. We at The Chameleon Project agree that Google does the official post counts. Google does not add together multiple ema...

{RSPoliticsW} Here, in my humble MS town,
a group of folks have Ron Paul fever. Signs in their yards. Passing out pamphlets at intersections. I haven't quite caught the fever yet, since I have an abundance of cowbell. ...

Deer Virgin Idiot rob
I have a few simple questions for you. Knowing you're not very bright I will explain how to answer them. A simple yes or no answer is all you need to say. No crying, complaining, or whinin...

Kanye West, Babbling Blogger
Now that awards show crybaby Kanye West is giving MTV the silent treatment, he won't shut up on his new blog. The hip hop artist swore off MTV after losing out yet again at the ...

When Will Al Sharpton And The NAACP Scream Racism Over THIS?
Jamaican reggae and dancehall artists Sizzla (left) and Elephant Man (right) have been given the boot by at least one Toronto venue, after Canadian advocacy groups cited the pair for anti-...

Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon to Wed?
Former "Baywatch" beauty Pamela Anderson and beau Rick Salomon applied for a marriage license yesterday, according to KVBC in Las Vegas. Here we go down the aisle again! Sources...

"Hepatitis Cowboy" Bob Orton Returning?
WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton has come up as being asked for a cameo in the Cena vs. Orton feud. If he does come back, he probably won't be doing anything physical due to concerns a...

Holly/Rhodes Tag Team?
Hardcore Holly moved to Raw last week. He defeated Cody Rhodes in his first night back. The plan is to build towards a Holly & Rhodes tag team. They will then feud with Lance Cade and Trev...

Rock's "The Game Plan" #1
The Rock's newest movie "The Game Plan" has opened #1 at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo. The movie did $6.25 million on opening night. -- Chad Bryant www.cha...

Florida Championship Wrestling's New Website
WWE developmental organization Florida Championship Wrestling has launched it's official website at: www.fcwwrestling.com. -- Chad Bryant www.chadbryant.net If y...

Plans For Teddy Long Angle, Vicky Guerrero's Heel Turn
Source: Wrestling Observer - Michael Hayes is the main man behind the Viagra angle on Smackdown, where Teddy Long ended up having a heart attack at his wedding. Hayes has been p...

Boyd Anthony Thompson Is the Dan Deacon of RSPW
Obviously, Boyd Anthony doesn't share the musical talent, but they're both pudgy, whimsical geektards with ambiguous sexual orientations. Also, I could imagine Boyd Anthony fashioning hims...

Big Update On The Current WWE Suspensions
WWE announced the suspensions of eleven wrestlers on Thursday, August 30. If the suspensions started on the very same day of the announcement, then the 30-day suspensions should have ended...

Deer Teams That SKipped on Adrian Peterson in the Draft

how the heck can undefeated hawaii only be ranked 16th?
AP Top 25 1. LSU (33) 5-0 1,593 2. USC (32) 4-0 1,591 3. California 5-0 1,475 4. Ohio State 5-0 1,420 5. Wisconsin 5-0 1,271 6. South Florida 4-0 1,203 7. Bos...

Ever claimed some unclaimed freight?
your best deal ever?

RIP Moneypenny
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21062555/ You held out until the end. U2 -- 17:56:20 up 5 days, 12:07, 1 user, load average: 3.70, 3.24, 3.36 Linux 2.6.17-15

Robby still leading farva by 110 posts with 1 day to go!
only 1 day left in september and i am still leading farva in this months' post count war by 110 posts. i have 913, he has 803. my rjs2084 account has 596 posts now, my rjs2085 one has 318. t...

Antediluvian Boyd Anthony Thompson
Much different than postdiluvian Boyd Anthony? His enablers would most likely answer in the affirmative in order to assuage their own recreant feelings. The tough love fact...

Has posting youtube links jumped the shark?

With all of the Top 25 losses this weekend...
will slippery rock get some AP votes?

(O/T) Oops!

Robby has not once posted google links
showing his multiple addresses and their respective counts.....he never posted proof, so he has therefore retracted.

If Lvubun lived in Nebraska....
would he post Cr0n passwords?

Just saw the Family Guy Star Wars Episode
Very good. Obscenely wrong in places but generally excellent and I normally hate Family Guy. How the heck did US tv audiences cope with an episode that long? There must have been 2 or ...

[morning pole] Howdy Doody Time or The Bozo Show?

FARVA refuses to discuss flowers
mums the word.

(Gimmick Idea) The E-Harmony Guy
Matches up two jobbers as tag team partners that will have great chemistry.

Waiting on the Man.
As certain individuals look to the TOS for 'salvation' of RSPW. Give it up, man. there ain't no 'golden Age' going to return. the 'good old days' are now and we of the farvic crew are the ne...

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