TNA disappoints me yet again
The #1 TNA Moment isn't Rocky Blackboa????? -- --- 8th Funniest Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 5th in 2006. --- 5th Most Improved Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 3rd in 2006. ---...

TNA .. "Shut your damn mouth ..I'm the champ!!!"
"Tenay.. I'm not gonna let some guy in some two bit tuxedo stand in my ring.."

TNA tapings spoilers Impact: *NWA Tag Team champions LAX defeated Shark Boy and Norman Smiley. Team 3D appeared on the screens and challeng...

RSPW ..Thoughts about tonights TNA??
Pretty good choice of matches so far..

(SPOILER) Jack's dad.....
1. I think they may have gone with Cromwell because he has that kindly guy appearance to him. Donald Sutherland just looks twisted (Sorry) it suits him as good guys with a humor streak or as...

Top Five Most Well Known Names In RSPW
What are your TOP 5 names? We won't count Fat Chad cause he sucks. Mine are' Perkoff Mottola Farva Butters Stefen/Lord Hatred(nice guy really)

(The Real Inc) A Message To My Friends In RSPW & APWW
As you know a few kooks are hanging on my nuts and posting using my nick non stop Well a fake Incubus has posted that he was leaving, I wish it were true. I the real Incubus am n...

"What About Brian" GEICO Caveman sighting?
Was that the dude from the GEICO caveman commercials as the male nanny?

Is it just me...
... or does a brunette Stacy Kiebler look like a tall, small breasted Krista Allen? Even the voice is about right. LG -- The most charismatic and entertaining of...

FOX NEWS-- Anna Nicole's friend said Anna told her the baby's daddy is....
... drum roll please... Photographer Larry Burkette (or whatever his last name is)... She also said Howard K Stern is a controlling peice of...

Dusty to HoF During tonight's Raw taping in Portland, Oregon former NWA World champion Dusty Rhodes was officially announced as being inducted...

Trump is not going to shave his head
What a stupid and predictable stipulation pretty much giving away Vince is going to job to the Donald.

Deer USA & WWE, I don't understand tonight's RAW
Are these dogs actually wrestlers gimmicked-up as dogs? Or are they dogs symbolizing wrestlers? This shit is way too avant garde. I'm mean I kinda of get it, Junkyard themed RA...

Match stipulation for WrestleMania 23
Gee, I wonder who will win At the Raw taping currently ongoing in Portland, Oregon, the stipulation for the Donald Trump vs. Vince...

Trial of the Century --

"Hi, I'm Wade Boggs" -- --- 8th Funniest Poster of 2004, 6th in 2005 and 5th in 2006. --- 5th Most Improved Poster of 2004, 6th...

I Accept The Truce
If the truce offer is legit I accept it, you will see no more of the activity you don't want to see from me if you promise not to post on my nick any longer

Re: A Truce With The Real Incubus
On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 20:34:42 -0600, in ~u~ <> wrote: >I'll stop posting using your stupid name if you agree to stop trolling

I warned all of you
I warned you to pay attention to me while you were ignoring me, and you didn't listen. Now I'm already coming up with a video to show you just how unfunny I am in response to you. Please, pa...

Wait... the little troll Dixie Chick is married to...
Nathan Petrelli??? WTF???

A Truce With The Real Incubus
I'll stop posting using your stupid name if you agree to stop trolling people on this group No more horse jokes No more sexual god bullshit No more Motrolla No more obs...

[Pole] Is Howard K. Stern responsible for ANS's death?
Well........? -T.H.H. Wants to know what you think.... ;)

Hot chick responds to "Dick In A Box"
"My Box In A Box"

(OT) Yup, we're screwed... Vietnam to build high-speed rail line February 7, 2007 HANOI, Vietnam - You know the United States is lagging behind other...

TNA (listen up Vince)
I am really excited about TNA tonight -- they have this cool gimmick match to open up the show. I mark out for "TNA Film" shot... I am looking forward to watching good pro wrestling. ...

Motrolla On A Dominos Comercial
Anyone see him/it ?

The Circle Jerks
Where mah dawgz at? --

Re: The Confederation
On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 18:56:07 -0700, in "Butters" <> wrote: > >"~u~" <> wrote in message <...

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Re: The Confederation
On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:29:44 -0600, in ~u~ <> wrote: >On Mon, 12 Feb 2007 20:25:44 -0500, in >"...

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