Deer Raiders
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha P.S. Bwahahahahahaha

Billy Kidman/TNA
Billy Kidman was backstage at this past week's tapings as well. He was trying hard to get a job with TNA and was told that when they get two hours they will give him a call.

Too Cold Scorpio
WWE recently signed Charles Skaggs aka Too Cold Scorpio to a three-year contract. Booker T had been pushing WWE to sign him in the past few months and he did well in his tryout match. There ...

TNA To Form An All Black Group?
There has been some talk of putting Elix Skipper, Monty Brown and Ron Killings together as a faction called BET. This is Terry Terry Taylor's idea, not Vince Russo's.

Deer Miami Dolphinses
Here's a deal, You send us back Nick Saban to coach LSU, and we'll send you an authentic autographed picture of Drew Brees. GregoryD

I'm Passing the Offering Plate Around RSPW For Bill Becker's Woes!
I expect all of you to put at least 20 bucks in the plate. Let's get Becker's drunken deer-hitting ass back on the road!! -The Flying Fuck *Red Bones Jones*

(Ye Olde Polle) What would your wrestling theme music be?
Ah, but here's the twist! Face theme: Heel theme: FunkyM's picks: Face theme: "Funk #49" by the James Gang Heel theme: "Save You" by Pearl...

Deer Detroit Tigers

Make Kurt Angle a coach on a TNA copycat of UFC TUF..
..put a bunch of guys in a house competing for a wrestling gig. Have Angle as a coach..that would rule. Shelley, Christian and Nash would be entertaining in some form. If Spike is...

Wow, the Wii launch titles suck.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Red Steel, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and Pokémon Battle Revolution are the only ones I'm even remotely interested in...

I thought I was a goner
True shit. I was on my home from the Great American Beer Festival(sat afternoon session) Sunday morning and got about 25 miles north of Cheyenne. There was an SUV in the right la...

Tennesee goon squaddery today
Hope that Cowboy dude has a good Dr. - That isn't what's supposed to go on out there. Linemen shoving away between the whistles = the way to go. From an Eagle fan that wasn't right.

All those 1st Round picks on WRs...
and some 5'11" white guy from Northern Iowa has 2 TDs for the Lions today???

One month left...
until the RSPDub Awards. Just remember... if it ain't Japanese, it ain't shit. And fuck you to anyone who thinks anyone in the WWE deserves any Wrestler of the Year award... in a...

I love how RSPW is rallying around...
a cop killer. Priceless... and telling.

Chabba Says I'm Gary Schuyler; Jawn Henery Begs to Differ
So either: (1) Jawny is a fool; or (2) Chabba has been worked. Either way, it works out purdy good for the ol' Hook-Nosed Poseur!

Big Update On TNA's Surprise, Dixie Carter Not Backstage
Source: According to reports, TNA announcer Mike Tenay pushed hard to find out what TNA's big surprise was in a production meeting the afternoon of the No Surrender P...

Cryme Tyme To Be Babyfaces
Cryme Tyme is expected to debut as a babyface team, believe it or not. Gary Davis, WWE's Vice President of communications, commented in The Durham Herald Sun, "The audience knows we're prese...

Trish Stratus Update: Yesterday’s Wedding, WWE Return, & More
-- Congratulations to Trish Stratus who got married yesterday. -- Several current and former WWE Divas were in attendance at the wedding, including Victoria, Ivory, Ashley Massaro, To...

TNA's Jackass Storyline, Senshi Upset Backstage, More
Says one TNA wrestler about the current "Jackass" storyline in the X Division, "The guys hate it. Nobody seems to like the idea at this point." The TNA fans in Orlando have even started to g...

Just a reminder....
that you guys are all losers.. i love it how all of you losers stay home for SNL and cream your pants over it. When are you losers gonna get lives?

(On-Topic) Best non-docu movie about Wrestling
Go. -- rwa2play, The Northern Lariat I mark for joshi puroresu. "To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President...

(NFL) Dear Setz...
Falcons D a nice play today. 187 yards against, 10 points, 2 picks, 2 fumble recoveries, 4 sacks and a touchdown = 30 big points. Thanks! -- TMS Falcon...

Best movie or show in or about Space
? --The Mott

World of Warcraft South Park this week!
I can't _wait_ to see how Matt and Trey lambaste those despicable MMORPG nerds.

Which dead celeb is your perfect match? --The Mott

Cops shoot cop killer 68 times. Did the cops overdo it?
I just read this this morning and it made me ask myself, 'is it really necceassary to shoot somebody that many times?' I understand the cops were upset because one of their 'fellow officers'...

[X360 Cabal] Anyone getting Gears of War sight unseen?
Trusting the reviews? (Halo killer, best FPS yet, etc) I will admit that the hype has me considering getting it sight unseen just because I *know* that about 95% of the people who own ...

The Killers last night...verdict?
I thought they were actually great live. I was pleasantly surprised.

(OT) Deer San Francisco 49ers...
HOLY FUCK YOU SUCK. Sincerely, The Kansas City Chiefs -- Chad Bryant RSPW Hall Of Fame (Class Of 2005) "Every word I said is wh...

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