Stealing Paper With The School Logo On It
Click the image below to make it larger so you can actually read the words and stuff. I'll give you a little backround information. I was in the principals office for some reason, I was wait...

Imagine making thousands of dollars in days with automated programs.
What would you do with $3,000 extra every month? With the programs at: you can do just that. With only a few short steps to start you in motion,...

Fox News' Rumsfeld Why He Fights special.
Really, really well done. It is worth a look, and very deep into the history and motivations he has. Yeah, the RSPW etc. will have trolls here, but seriously, it is worth a look. ...

DDP announces new Warrior workout!
Just Want One? Want to try YRG, but don't think you needed the whole set? The original 3 DVD set is now available as single DVDs for $23.95 each. Choose from the 20 minute "Break A Swea...

Louisiana Tech No Match For Tigers
CLEMSON - Tommy Bowden's concerns about a poor practice early in the week might have been an indicator of trouble in years past. Not this time. Clemson eclipsed the 50-point...

Difference Day Grants Awarded
WARREN - After raising nearly $30,000 for charity in 2005, members of the seven Trumbull County 4-H Saddlehorse clubs have received some charity of their own. The Trumbull County ...

(Katrina) Springsteen Season
It's no accident that three Springsteen coffeetable books are being released now, with the holiday gift-giving season just around the corner. And it's no accident that Springsteen, too, will...

Fast Food And Kids Spitting In Your Food
The KFC by me has a bunch of wiggers that work at it, so I won't go there, I don't trust them wiggers, I used to hang out with a wigger in high school. He used to work at Taco Bell, he woul...

Ssh ssh ssh ssh ahh ahh ahh ahh....
Ssh ssh ssh ssh ahh ahh ahh ahh.... We are looking for Senor Goldberg DEP

The Killers totally rocked on saturday night live tonight
Great band and an overall fantastic episode. Water sketch was hilarious.

Top 5 SNL Sketches of the last ten years
1. Cowbell 2. Lazy Sunday 3. Schweaty Balls 4. Jingelheimer Junction 5. Strategery/Lockbox

Listening to DDP's music right now....
How did //C// avoid being sued? I guess Kurt and Courtney both had problems around the time they used it... heh. I miss seeing DDP, hope he is doing well, might drop by his site later just t...

Wow, the Al Pacino bank account sketch was actually kind of funny
Along with the security check thing, I've gotten maybe two or three chuckles from SNL tonight.

Did Congressman Foley (R) really want to suck that kid off????
Those republicans sure love to have sex with dudes and kids. Did he ever convince the page to take the boxers off? <...

SNL or RAW? Which will happen first
either a funny SNL or a good RAW? -- "a slap to the face is humilation, a slap to the back of the head is a wake up call." -NCIS Agent Jethro Gibbs <...

"a colon effffff 6" "a colonnnn effff 6" rock on youtube!

BB's Will and The Mizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
How can awesome be cancelled out by suckiness? -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards ...

TRVTH!!!!!! "I got you a peppermint." -- "a slap to the face is humilation, a slap to the back of the head is a wake up call." -NCIS Agent Jethr...

Your Relationships with John Cena Analyze your relationships with John Cena, and find out what types of relationships work best for you two.

You are all negative, negative people if you don't like Dane's monologue
Don't BS him. He can catch you.

Amount of time it took for Dane Cook to annoy the fuck out of you?
3.5 seconds for me.

SNL Opening sketch and monologue: HILARIOUS
I'm laughing so hard I think I just blew a nad!! AHAHAHAHA SNL RULEZ!

0MG, 5 minutes to Dane Cook!
somewhere, Corey's panties are wet.

Best SNL Ever!!!
Just in case. (hey, its a new season, you never know)

Top 5 Haircut 100 songs.
1.Love Plus One. 2.Favourite Shirts. 3.Fantastic Day. 4.Love has got me in Triangles. 5.Lemon Fire BrigaDE.

Jimmy Wang Yang
Wow - he's really looking different from back in WCW: <> His hair is longer, has darker skin, and he's got bre...

ex-Rep. Foley's favorite song

Ever been to the Islets of Langerhans?
If so, how was your trip?

Greta Van Sustern from Fox News.
What kind of sexual position do you think shes into? I imagine shes like the old doggy.

Rep. "pedo" Mark Foley on AMW (lol)

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