WOW!!!! Your favorite Thunder or Heat or Saturday Night from 1996-1998 for $.99

WOW!!!! Your favorite RAW or Nitro or PPV from 1996-1998 for $.99

Best albums with a female lead singer?
FunkyM was listening to the remaster of Little Queen by Heart and he needs some more hard rocking chicks in his collection.

For you lovers of Umaga and hater of Samoa JOe
Do you honestly think that Umaga can carry a LOAD like Scott Steiner to decent match!!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --...

Read this... -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

Ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder ...

8-11 births deserving a push
HULK HOGAN David Rice Atchison Jerry Falwell

(META) Stop talking about Kurgan
Oh wait, you're not. As you were then. -- . . . -----------------------------------------------------------

I love the WWE braintrust
They finally figured out that the Great Khali SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! More WWE News: Undertaker/Khali Match, DX Interview Posted by Ashish on 08.10.2006 Some Thursday night ...

(BB7) HoH winner revealed!
Janie wins it! Fuck yeah!!! Suck it Erika and Dani (who both complained that she shouldn't participate in the redo) -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO ...

The jobbers of August 11th
1519: Johann Tetzel jobs to lying. 1919: Andrew Carnegie jobs to old age. 1921: A jobber is born - Alex Haley. 1934: Jailbirds start jobbing to Alcatraz. 19...

TNA iMPACT Results - August 10, 2006
TNA Impact on Spike TV August 10, 2006 Taped July 31 in Orlando, Florida - We start with clips from last week including LAX right off the bat. That's how you start a show. Th...

Brooke Hogan's Song Hits The VSpot Top 20
Credit: It's been quite the rollercoaster week for Hulk Hogan. First, the torment of trying to figure out whether the partial meniscus tear in his knee would keep him out ...

TNA Makes Offer To Goldberg
Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter Goldberg recently got an official money offer from TNA, but turned it down. Right now, with the recent birth of his son, it would be hard to ...

Cyb Wrestle Pic of Day: Olympic Gold Medalist- Cael Sanderson Wrestling
Cyb Wrestle Pic of Day: Olympic Gold Medalist- Cael Sanderson Wrestling 1 PIC, Aug. 11, 2006 ...Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view PIC go to following link (Copy/paste link int...

(OT) Jokers Return 6-40 Gallon Bags of Taco Sauce to Taco Bell
MARION, Ind. - Ten to 15 people wearing masks left six 40-gallon trash bags full of taco sauce packets at a Taco Bell restaurant in what police described as a prank. A note attach...

Feds Order BP to Do More Pipeline Tests
PRUDHOE BAY, Alaska - Federal regulators ordered BP PLC to conduct more rigorous tests of oil pipelines Thursday as the company said it might keep nearly half of the nation's largest oil fie...

Friday k00k0ut: Butters vs. Butters
Now THIS is a great k00k0ut. Like the time the bad Magneto faught the good Magneto who was his clone. Just withoiut the sucking, though. -- $$$$$$$...

Please help Stephen Colbert get a bridge named after him in Hungary! (no joke)
If you saw the episode then you know what I'm talking about. The site in Hungary has been slashdotted but should be up early Friday morning so give Stephen your vote and name a bridge after ...

(BB7) HoH Competation To Be Re-Done Tonight
Apparently there was a lot of complaints from House Guests as well as emails and posts on the BB boards about the game either being rigged or malfunctioning

Jack Thompson on G4
Jack Thompson was on Attack of the Show on G4, debating with some gamer-defenders. The geeky one just went off on him like crazy but was spewing a lot of nonsense. Thompson actually came o...

I LIke Monkeys
Since some folks were talking about monkeys, I pulled this blast from the past: I like monkeys As posted by brian...

Man..TNA needs to dump West and put Cornette on Color Commentary.
....what a difference.

Cornette Hates Eric Young's Gifts!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
... those were kewl.

How about you *stop* talking about me, Butters?
You kook!

It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.
We Care A Lot About The Garbage Pail Kidz, they never lie We Care A Lot About Transformers 'cause there's more than meets the eye We Care A Lot ...

This Week in Wrestling History
August 9th, 1980. A bunch of guys in their underwear rolled around on the ground touching each other. :-) I realise that's not entirely fair. It's just, out of the normal context,...

No Honky Tonk Man?
And Raw was in Memphis, TN?

This thread is for my appreciation of Amy Smart
She is beautiful!

Make up fake meanings behind songs
"Pour Some Sugar On Me" is actually about the lead singer of Def Lepard's rampant homosexuality and addiction to cumshots, true story.

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