J.Lo's Night in Jail
J.LO'S NIGHT IN JAIL By Rick Egusquiza A distraught Jennifer Lopez was handcuffed to her cell door and crying during her 1999 night in the slammer. Details about...

Amusement parks are not amusing
just for the record.

I just read Perkoffs blog for the first time
*now* I get it. People need to stop hating on him. He's actually pretty damn funny.

When I wake up in the morning....
i piss excellence.

Does Dixie Carter have more money than Vince?
Says on wikipedia (so, of course it's true) that panda energy, which her dad owns, has an annual turnover of 219 million a year. Is she the true billion dollar princess?

BREAKING NEWS: HBK signs 90 day "holding deal" with HHH.....
....Stephanie is said to be upset.

Rey/Chavo match
What should be the match stipulation? Eddie's-Soul-on-a-Pole match? -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- ...

Scott Peterson's new best friend is gay serial killer
Scott Peterson has a new best friend: a gay sex maniac on San Quentin's death row convicted of 16 murders! The fertilizer salesman who killed his wife Laci and their unborn son Co...

Eddie's still the biggest star on smackdown
In Eddie's Name By Craig Tello August 12, 2006 WWE.com has learned that after weeks of bitter fighting and argument, the emotional war between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Gu...

Just watched WWECW for the first time and...
While it's a little better than RAW and Smackdown, it wasn't great or anything. FunkyM liked this week's TNA Impact a lot better. The good stuff: - CM Punk does kinda have the old...

So who does Mckooky blame for her loss???

(TOS SENT) I'm Netcopping YOU !!!
http://perkoff.com/samethingoverandover.jpg Here's a screen capture. Just type "Tos Sent" into the google groups search engine and you'll see this guy's been netcopping and having no ...

(BB7) Erika and Booger - Romance or showmance?
http://realitytvcalendar.com/recaps/bb7/commentary/bs/bs-bb7-8-12-06-2-p1.html Last night in the Big Brother 7 All Star house Dr. Will let go with another one of his rants against al...

GIMMICK IDEA: The Violator
the scourge of rules and women's orifices everywhere.

Best (-STER) other than Hulkster?

(BB7) Food Comp SPOILERS
Apparently Jun, Nicole and MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHvin are guest judges this week. I can't wait! -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and sev...

8-12 births deserving a push
Buck Owens George Hamilton Michael Ian Black COACH

The jobbers of August 12th
30 BC: Cleopatra jobs to an asp. 1848: George Stephenson jobs to old age. 1898: Spain jobs to the USA, ending the war. 1898: Hawaii jobs to US sovereignty. ...

Musical Crisis Averted:
When I heard that Dashboard frikin Confessional had the balls to do a cover of "In a Big Country," the hairs ON the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight. But it's actually ...

I miss Farva.
I'm just sitting here reading Google Groups, and it occurs to me how long it's been since Farva left RSPW. A shame. He entertained me sometimes. -- ...

TRADE IDEA: Tit for Tat
i'll bring the tat.

19,000 posts for FARVA

(Kook Thread) Bush administration accused of politicizing terror threat
http://www.canada.com/topics/news/world/story.html?id=694b1b64-420a-4dbc-9c64-3302e7c64f18 WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration is under fire for trying to make political gains from t...

Bret Hart dvd: further musings...
What the fuck was going on with Ted DiBiase back then? All I can hear during this match is him wheezing exorbitantly. -- NiGHTS [mWo] In the event of turbulence due to snak...

Jack Black To Host MTV Video Music Awards
The last time Jack Black hosted a major event in New York, he was upstaged by a giant ape. When it was announced Thursday that he will host the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards from Radio City Mu...

Future jobs for Khali once he's released for being such a shit wrestler?
Window cleaner.

Breaking News: Goldberg Signs 90-Day Holding-Deal With Spike TV
Goldberg confirmed in an email to members of his official Team Goldberg fan club on his official website that he has signed a 90-day holding-deal with Spike TV and is meeting with executives...

So the NCAA is boycotting South Carolina
guess that means i'm boycotting the ncaa. i'll be going to the palmetto state soon to spend my dollars on caucasian things like maurice bessemer bbq sauce.

is the saying " its not the size that counts, its how you use it", true?
i'd like to know if women really think this is true, or do they care if the man is big or small? can't a guy be to big? i really want to know this! robby

do women actually like getting peed on?
i've heard that some women in porn actually like to be peed on. ewww! how in the world could any human being possibly find someone shooting human waste on another sexy? robby ...

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