Poll: Best Specific Facial Expression?
1. Rock's eyebrow 2. Vince McMahon's "evil look" aka when the higher power was announced and WM19 when he rose from the ring with a lead pipe. 3. Undertaker's rolling eyes <...

Last names with an S on the end

Did anyone see Mind of Mencia last night? (ON TOPIC)
Carlos hosted a "Royal Religious Rumble" with Moses, Shiva, Buddha and Jesus with the winner being THE religion for the next 1000 years. He did play-by-play with Edge as his color guy. Fo...

Goddamn you, MADDEN'07 COMMERCIALS!!!
I... MUST... BUY... A... 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They even got Daunte's "Get Your Roll On" taunt!!! - http://img124.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc262&image=68700_...

Crappiest Raw Evah!
Just in case. ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- http://www.newsfeeds.com The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World! 120,00...

Colin Cowherd will never be on Monday Night Football
ESPN should fire that piece of crap.

I forgot Kornheiser starts on MNF tonight..

angle idea: The Hive Mind
a wrestler makes fun of the fans for being stupid, and uses lots of insider Sc!nt0l0gy lingo to do it. (he would be a cruiserweight, of course.)

your challenge: write a limerick about tonight's Raw.
not just Raw in general-----you must be specific or you will die. the Bede in Exile /;-)> bonus points if you work "teabag" in as a verb

New Social Network Site For Wrestlers to post their profiles...
I found this Social Network site for Pro-Wrestling Sports fans http://www.Zorpia.com /wrestling

(Meta) Pickles Barred From PETCO
Pickles + Cocker Spaniel = Little dog scared so badly he shits and pisses all over Petco today It wasn't Pickles fault someone let their dog run loose in the store. Pickles doesn'...

Maybe I do...
..wanna be a french fry. lol. That shit rules. ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- http://www.newsfeeds.com The #1 Newsgroup S...

Miami Herald Covers TNA Fire
The Monday 8/14 issue of the Miami Herald newspaper featured the following story in regards to last night's fire during the TNA Hard Justice PPV: "ORLANDO - A small fire interrupted the open...

ECW Makes Batista Lose His Cool, Colleagues Upset
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Batista receieved negative feedback from many of his colleagues for how he handled the booing at the 8/1 ECW show. He was told ahead of time by...

Big Show Spits In Fans Face
The Big Show seemed to be legitimately angry at Saturday's ECW house show in Elmira, NY. He came over to a few ringside fans and started screaming at them, asking them if they were tough eno...

TNA has officially signed So Cal Val
Credit: PWInsider, Wrestling Observer -- TNA has officially signed So Cal Val to a deal. She has been working at ringside during TNA shows for a while now at Orlando, and will be ...

Kate Hudson and Rocker-Husband Separate
NEW YORK - Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson are splitting up after nearly six years of marriage, said her publicist, Brad Cafarelli. "Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson have confirmed that they ar...

(Katrina) Victims Blamed for Houston Crime
HOUSTON - A letter to inmate No. 1352951 and a cell phone bill for $76.63, both found in a soggy New Orleans duplex ruined by Hurricane Katrina, led Louisiana bounty hunter James Martin to T...

The Jobber of Google for August 14, 2006
Fartva -- --------------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/araxen

When you tire of old-school...
it's time to hit the treadmill.

What Terry Taylor is doing now

RAW tonight or Preseason MNF w/ Randy Moss returning to Minnesota and Kornheiser commentating...
What will YOU be watching??? - http://img124.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc262&image=68700_vida05_lrg.jpg

How many toes do you have?

Kurt Angle pulled his groin last week.
But here he is, jumpin' around!

yet more DSW wackiness
1. A remote skit! The Freakin' Deacon is living in a sewer beneath the dumpsters behind a commercial building. He is disturbed by the passing of a crazy shopping-cart lady. He falls in l...

TAG TEAM IDEA: Scylla and Charybdis
charybdis would suck but scylla would be a monster heel.

Angle injured, plus Edge/Cena
Kurt Angle Injured At ECW Show Posted by Ashish on 08.14.2006 Is it serious? Kurt Angle suffered a pulled groin at the ECW house show in White Plains, NY over the week...

Pregnant Woman gives birth while trapped in mangled car
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14345360/ Pregnant woman crashes car, gives birth alone Mother, newborn rescued from partially submerged vehicle after accident Updated: 12:55 a....

American Gladiators deserving a push
Laser Dallas Rebel

If You Think This Is Funny
You are mean http://www.chrisburke.org/music/08_CrazyInLove.mp3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aJFSpkxjtY

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