All Your Snakes Are Belong to Us
It was bound to happen... But it still RULES. -Froggy

The Japanese are seriously fucked up
Japan has a new lads mag pin-up. Saaya Irie is part of a girl group called Sweet Kiss, and is selling thousands of DVDs and magazines, featuring her clad in no more than a bikini. Saaya, who...

Top 10 Party/Sober Schools
Party: 1. Texas 2. Penn State 3. West Virginia 4. Wisconsin (GO BADGERS!) 5. Ole Miss 6. Ohio 7. UMass 8. LSU 9. Iowa 10. UC-Santa Barbara ...

John Cena and Scotty 2 Hotty in a match, junior!

(Youtube) Permanently Disabled?
Anyone else get booted from Youtube, or is it just me? -- TMS *sniff sniff*

Drew Rosenhaus comments on TO's injury
Said Rosenhaus, to Bob Ley: "Terrell Owens has a serious injury. He has a pulled hamstring." So Terrell Owens = Ken Griffey Jr. ?

(Youtube) Dear World Wrestling Entertainment...
Thanks for making me remove my "Kanyon Cutters!" video from my Youtube. I used to think you sucked for your programming, but now everything about your wretched company sucks. I ex...

Comedy Central Roast: Hulk Hogan
Who would you put on that stage? (Besides Jim Neidhart?) My picks: Vince McMahon Roddy Piper Bret Hart Kevin Nash Madusa Booker T Chris Jericho ...

Hey Stefan
"Top Ten" Any good?

Box Office Results - 8/21/08
1. Snakes on a Plane $15.2M New Line execs: I wanna some MUTHAPHUCKIN dollars in the MUTHAPHUCKIN cash registers!! OK, so it didn't open up to "Titanic" numbers. It's a rated-...

(BB&) **Spoilers** Nominations and POV Winner
Janelle and James were nominated by Booger Janelle won the POV Look for Chicken George to be put up in place of Janelle

[HOLY CRAP] Farva = WillC = William Charles Morva???
no wonder he hasn't posted today or yesterday :((( Cops: Escaped Inmate Kills Two Cops A massive search is underway in ...

do you know all the lyrics to hair?
hey, take some of my HAIR quizzes to see how much of a hair fanatic you are! My Conviction: Once Upon a Loo...

DVD releases for Augist 22, 2006
a.. Angel of Vengeance (1993) a.. Berenstain Bears: Discover School! a.. Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) a.. A Bit of Fry & Laurie: Season One a.. A Bit of Fry & Laurie: Seaso...

Its time for TNA to build Shelley vs Senshi in the X division with..
..the same care and promos and the like they give the HVYWEIGHT DIV. Senshi needs more air time, and possibly a feud with Dutt or the like. Shelley needs to feud with Sabin, and Sabi...

Two Big Angles Planned For RAW
There are two big angles planned for RAW Tonight: - With RAW emanating from near the shore of the Long Island Sound, there are plans for Cena and Edge to do a live fight at one of the ...

How long before Vince signs him? -- Markie Post

(BB7) "I'll show you pictures of the guy who put a knife to Krista's throat"
I love Dr. Will. As a bonus, nobody loves Booger - he doesn't know who the people the pictures are.

Britney Spears On a Quest to Feed The World's Hungry Children Suddenly, I'm lactose intolerant. Jason "MUH GAW...

LOL, Snakes finishes in SECOND place
Deer New Line Cinema, Thursdays don't count as part of the weekend -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser ...

RAW spoilers WWE has two big angles planned for tonight's Raw, live from Bridgeport, CT. Tonight's show is at the Arena at Harbor Yard, w...

How was that PPV last night lemmings?
WWE sucks

Ah, Little League baseball
Where kids can aspire to be like their big league heroes, one curse word at a time. -- Andy Atkinson - it was only on...

Wait a minute, Heath Ledger is playing THE JOKER in next Batman?
What the hell? Are the casting directors drunk? Matthew Freaking McConaughey would make more sense than that....and THAT doesn't make much sense. Hell, Don Johnson makes more sense than tha...

HHH jealous of Hogan The word we are getting on Shawn Michaels was that his arm/shoulder injury seemed to be much better last night, later in the even...

RIP Umaga
His "starter's push" is over now that he's feuding with Kane. Welcome back to the midcard, Jamal -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards ...

Oh, by the way...
I'm still BIG TIME. /me is so much larger than life. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vot...

Things everyone should know...
1. How DNA works to pass on inheritance. 2. How molecules bind to each other (weak and strong nucleic forces) and their interactions. 3. Calculus (Integration and the Differential) ...

What's the deal with Andy Dick?
Is he gay, retarded, or what? He acts incredibly gay and retarded. Yet then I hear stories about him fucking all the women on that stupid reality show he had a few years ago. And what's wi...

A pretty good Spinal Tap tribute:

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