I'm Really Pissed I Don't Get MSG Classics
I'm gonna burn this motha fucka down!!! Seriously though, I'd watch that shit every week. Damn you Comcast! -The Flying Fuck *Red Bones Jones*

Brutal Bearhug PIC of Day: Muscled guys with Bearhug- Amateur Wrestling
Brutal Bearhug PIC of Day: Muscled guys with Bearhug- Amateur Wrestling 1 PIC, Aug. 23, 2006 ...Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view PIC go to following link (Copy/paste link into brow...

I love being a doctor
Although I frequently have to stick my fingers into places that would give the rest of you nightmares it's still the greatest job in the world. I save lives. That's just something to be...

Nerds react to Raw coming to sci fi
http://mboard.scifi.com/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=2072560&an=0&page=2#2072560 My favourite: "If this is the way it will be from now on, Sci Fi will be a wresslemania chanel" ...

Steamboat, JYD & Piper v. Adonis, Savage & Race on WWE Classics
Holy shit! I didn't realize how goddamn fat Adonis was, no wonder VinnieMac stuck him with that "Adorable" gimmick. -- rwa2play, The Northern Lariat "The world is a ...

Let's be honest about: Katrina
Warren Ellis wrote it in Transmetropolitan years before it happened IRL. -- Stefan:

Sorry Inc...
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2006/08/23/wh-begins-katrina-anniver_n_27861.html As next week's anniversary of Hurricane Katrina triggers recollections of rooftop refugees and massive d...

This C.M. Punk guy, wasn't he in the original ECW...
I don't understand everyone talking like he's some young newcomer, 'cause I could have sworn I remember seeing him on at least one ECW PPV where he teamed with Chris (I think that's his fi...

Holy dear God no!
Old and busted: Subway passengers having an anthrax scare when a powdered donut spills. New hotness: Passengers freaking out when someone leaves their half-empty bottle of iced tea on the ...

Burger King=douchebags?????????????
http://www2.townonline.com/newton/localRegional/view.bg?articleid=560579 -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

Deer CM Punk:
O--VER--RA--TED! *clap* *clap*=20 *clap* *clap* *clap* O--VER--RA--TED! *clap* *clap*=20 *clap* *clap* *clap* O--VER--RA--TED! *clap*...

Review: 'Madden' can use some refinement
By MATT SLAGLE, AP Technology Writer Football video game junkies have been anxiously waiting for this week's release of "Madden NFL 07" by Electronic Arts Inc. The annual release ...

1979 Hulk Hogan on MSG
That was a long time ago.

[360] See? Now *THIS* is a flying game!
Real missions, real planes, real targets (carriers to dive bomb) and a real backdrop (The Battle of Midway) Please oh please, video game gods, let this be the one...let this be TH...

Hey, ever wanted to own your own Cray Supercomputer?
These things were used for everything from weather prediction algortihms to nuclear weapon simulations...It would RULE to have room to put this someplace in your house... http://w...

gimmick idea: Arthur Ittis.
he works stiff.

I remember watching this with my dad at 7 years old
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DUQsHQ6Az6U0&mode=3Drelated&search=3D I didn't get half the jokes on SNL but I remember this quite clearly. This ranks right up there with Magnum ...

poll. is bret hart a ninja turtle. well.
he seems very bulky. the answer is yes.

poll. could merlin beat gandalf.
merlin and gandalf were both wizard men. if they fought i think they both would die.

poll. is badminton fun. the answer is no.
badminton is not fun. no reason to ask you.

poll. is beef tasty. yes or no.
do you enjoy the taste of beef. answer yes please.

poll. street sharks. could you beat up one.
could you beat up a street shark. doubtful.

Rap Cat!
LOL. The Left side drive thru, indeed! That Rally's commercial is the funniest since that geico one with the squirrels running that dumb shit that tried to avoid them off the road. Rap Cat s...

Man sets porn store on fire, sends customers running for their lives
http://cbs4.com/local/local_story_235115005.html Arsonist Apologizes, Then Torches Adult Book Store Caught On Camera: Arsonist Setting The Fire (CBS4 News) MIAMI Police want...

RSPW should be changed to rec.WAAAAAHHHHH
WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH The Dems are ruining the country WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Katrina was Bush's fault WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH My mom took my birthday away WAAAAAAAHHHHHH HHH is pushed t...

MMA is fucked up
"This is the most horrible thing I've ever heard. According to an article on Ultimate Fighter, "Jeremy Jackson has a son Nicholas, a name chosen by an embittered ex-wife after Jackson was be...

BTW brahs...MSG WWE Classics is 0n TONIGHT!
Just a friendly reminder to those who didn't happen to see the earlier post: 8 PM EDT/7 CDT on MSG.

Well, I get the 2nd Pick in one Fantasy Football league I am in...
I'm in 3 total while one is just for fun and I already drafted. I just found out I drew 2nd for my family one that pays around 500 if I win. The guy who drew first already said he's ta...

scrubs is the gayest show ever?
http://www.afterelton.com/TV/2006/8/scrubs.html For the past few years, the gayest show on network television wasn't Will & Grace, but rather its neighboring NBC medical sitcom, Scrubs...

[snl] goodbye sanz, kenan, and parnell
By Scott Collins, Times Staff Writer http://www.calendarlive.com/tv/cl-et-channel23aug23,0,7973211.story?coll=cl-tv-features NBC's "Saturday Night Live" will return for its 32nd season...

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