Backlund and the Piledriver
Just about Backlund match I've seen from WWE Classics or from YouTube he executes a wicked looking piledriver (right out of Paul Orndorff. Just wondering this equation: Backlund -...

(Godwin) Hitler Restaurant in Bombay Irks Jews
BOMBAY, India - When a restaurant called "Hitler's Cross" opened four days ago in a Bombay suburb, the city's small Jewish community was outraged, but there were few other objections. ...

Milwaukee Is Named 'Drunkest City'
This explains how Perkoff was conceived MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee has been ranked by as "America's Drunkest City" on a list of 35 major metropolitan areas ranked for their ...

Oxygen Changing its name..... Carbon Dioxide.

Other ways SPIKE could go MMA/Wrestling etc?
...Spike is supposedly the "network for men", yet the CSI reruns (if memory serves) are slanting female, and the other shows SpikeTV has tried are mostly crap/haven't worked. That show befor...

Mick Foley's fave sexual position?
I'd imagine he likes to do his old lady doggy.

How many times has Samuel Jackson called you about Snakes on a Plane?
I think I've gotten about half a dozen of those fucking phone calls. Funny the first time. Not so funny the sixth...

I will still call Pluto a Planet
Who the fuck will try and stop me?

Joy Giovanni coming back to WWE?
There are plans to bring back Joy Giovanni as The Pitbulls manager. For those who can't remember, Joy Giovanni was the 3rd placer on the 1st Diva Search held by the WWE. fr...

Survivor' draws fire for playing race card By Lauren Beckham Falcone Thursday, August 24, 2006 - Updated: 01:29 AM EST Is "Survivor" trying to start a r...

Survivor Plays Race Card >From the Oh No They Didn't! fi...

Horatio Sanz Not Fired From SNL? 'SNL' sans Sanz? Not this fall, actor says August 24, 2006 BY DAREL JEVENS Staff Reporter <...

(BB7) Gretchen and Bunky pwn James -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vote-Getter in KOR...

Sci fi network changing name
SCI FI Channel to Change Name to SurgeTV Effective November 1, 2006, the SCI FI Channel will change their name to SurgeTV, to reflect the changing demographic thrust of the succes...

(BB7) Jack and Monica on James and Veto situation
IT'S AWN James Jack's Blog Boys shouldn't play with dolls. They're likely to get hurt. If Jam...

24-Aug-2006: *75* Days & Counting!
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Or 74 days, depending on your timezone and whether you observe the common "Midnight-to-Midnight" calendric convention, or the liturgical "Sundow...

Cheney is a Pee Wee's Playhouse fan!

Patriots release Automatica
Thank God. We got the GHOST~kicking for us now. Eat that Adam V

Underoath is the baddest Christian band i've ever heard
They fuckin rule

Just watched a trailer for the movie "Bug"
WTF? That movie looks horrible

What a great roast that was for Shatner
Hilarious. That Jeffrey Ross is a funny son of a bitch. Was Andy Dick legit pissed at Shatner or something ?

robby makes the news... "gosh dang it, i pumped it up to 2 inches. i can tear that vagina apart, now."

Farva is a bus driver in Louisiana? /608240332/1002/NEWS Black students ordered to give up seats to white children Status of Red River Par...

RSPW Topics I Don't Give A Fuck About... Vol. 1...
- The cast of SNL next season... A show even more stale and played out than RAW... I dont see why anybody is even watching this show anymore, let alone talking about it... - Pluto...

Behold, MEGATRON -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vote-Getter in...

Your comedic video of the day - Kevin Federline Rapping jesus christ if he ends up becoming a star and sells a million albums i'll be convinced the record industry is a work... Not that I already ...

What are Bush's approval ratings in...
Pluto? -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vote-Getter in KORSPW 2005 (I got screwed in 2006)

Navy fraud Jeff Smalls
spends a lot of time online yapping about his Xbox lifestyle, too much for someone who supposedly is married with a busy career. Youre owned Klown-tard, deal with it bitch. ...

Open spot on RSPW Yahoo Fantasy Football League #2
If you aren't already in one of the Fantasy Football leagues, let me know, I'll email you the information on how to join. The live Drafts are coming up soon! - Chris H. from ...

Is it O.K. to teabag?
I do it after I kill a particularly nasty sniper. I hate those fuckers and as soon as I kill them, I run over and teabag their sorry asses. Is that O.K.?

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