Now if ANGLE Goes to TNA.....
This I could really see happening now. If it was strictly personal issues and not very serious physical issues that came between him and WWE, TNA has a shot at Angle and really starting anot...

Vida fans will enjoy this I'm suddenly craving biscuits and gravy... --rafiki Thank you drive through.

why did those stupid fireman climb up the towers when they were on fire?
i have always wondered why those stupid fireman climbed up the twin towers while they were on fire. now if a freaking airplane carrying hundreds of gallons of fuel crashes into a building an...

Kurt was fired~!
Will this makes Kurts death slower or faster?

did the u.s. government know about 9/11 before it happened?
i always see people on tv claiming that the u.s. government knew about 9/11 happening well in advance and did nothing about it. is this true? if so, why would the government do something lik...

why did KAngle really retire?
1. scared of Sylvester Terkay. 2. Boogieman kept bogarting his worms. 3. Mikey James is a horse. 4. [other?}

People with two first names
go: Ricky Bobby Jeff George

( Kurt Angle Released Angle released Aug. 25, 2006 Due to personal issues, Kurt Angle has been granted an early release from his c...

Number of rooms in your house?

I saw myself in BEERFEST today
I was great.

another political cartoon based on RSPW!{450EEDE4-57FB-4354-8719-E0452206BEDE}

WWE still sucks but at least there is no global warming...where da
I thought that the gulf coast would be blow away by now. I mean global warming was responsible for Katrina wasn't it. I was told it was the evil Republicans and Big Business (and anybody e...

(YouTube) America, as predicted 23 years ago

what was the worst day of your life?
i was at the dmv a few blocks away from the wtc on nine eleven when the shit hit the fan. i then got a call from a good friend scared shitless and crying because his dad worked in the wtc so...

who is the most racist poster in rspw?
i'd really like to know who you guys think is the most racist poster in rspw? my vote is for farva since he openly hates black people. i am sure he hates japanese, chinese, and jews as well....

Children , Entertainment, Books , Investments ,TV, Future!!!!!
INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! Fork It Over! a Ground Floor Unique Dimension & Concept In the Children's Entertainment Market... For More information http://www.kidse...

(YouTube) America, as predicted 60 years ago -- Chad Bryant RSPW Hall Of Fame (Class Of 2005) "Americans are at war. Right now, somewhere. They a...

META) This group fuckin sucks
Jesus christ, When are a majority of you gonna stop being such lame asses and start getting entertaining again. You mindless drone marks sit here and bitch about the WWE all the time but you...

no, W wouldnt politicize Katrina at all. August 23, 2006 Meet Rockey Vaccarella Posted 2:43 pm With the anniversary of the Katrina disaster quickly appro...

Thunder in Paradise is coming to DVD!! This will sell more than family guy and firefly combined!
Hulk Hogan's 1990 TV series called Thunder In Paradise will be released in a three DVD set on September 26. source:LOP Thunder in paradise>>>>>>>>>...

who the FUCK does Chad Bryant think he is?
someone needs to shut this niggerloving fatass up for good and I think I know just the thing to do it HAHAHAHAHAHA TruthCrusader Owning Chad Bryant's Fat Ass On Wikipedia Si...

the crackers will win survivor! Survivor Cook Islands: Whites the race favored to win Jeff Probst confirmed rumors on Wednesday's "The Early Sho...

If anyone ever doubted that you can find anything on the internet...
here's a site devoted to pictures of rainbows throwing up rainbows: -Froggy

Why the hell is everybody talking about "Bringing sexy back"?
Is this from some stupid movie/song all the high school sluts are watching/singing these days?

[planning ahead] how will you celebrate Hurricane Ernesto next week?
I'm gonna get drunk.

My damn DVR fucked me and TNA wont show up!
I goto play it and it's completely dark.. God damn it

What was the greatest day of posting RSPW History?
And "the day [insert yourself here] started posting" or "the day [insert troll here] stopped posting" will not be acceptable answers. I'll get the ball rolling : November 2 (and wee ho...

Also, I think Roe v. Wade *should* be overturned...
It's not an "abortion" issue, morons. It's a states' rights issue. It absolutely should be overturned and the federal government should have nothing to do with laws that should be enforced o...

The RSPW "Top Day of the Week" Contest:
You guys know the drill. Vote once for each bracket, the last day standing wins. Here are YOUR RSPW "Top Day of the Week" Brackets: #1: Friday #8: Monday #4: Blurnsda...

Even though it's dated as all hell...
If the Tag Team Formerly Known as The New Age Outlaws ever returned to the WWE, reteam with Haitch and HBK as DX AND feud with the Spirit Squad. It could, COULD I say, bring me back to WWE....

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