Let's Face It: Let's Face It
A horrible idea for a flood, and probably a bunch of shit everyone already figured out.

Let's Face It: RSPW Trolls
Overstretch their gimmicks way, way beyond the point of still being funny. Even a guy like Farva who basically sucks can find a way to be markworthy with a changeup like MAN OF THE HOUR, but...

Let's Face It: Jeff Hardy
Only good for being willing to do insane spots, but that makes him no less than Shane Mcmahon.

Let's Face It: Kurt Angle
The best ever, but overdid it way too much. If he'd known his limits he could've lasted a lot longer, but he had to be the best all the time or nothing. The total package. There probably wil...

Let's Face It: Vince Russo
Created entertaining and exciting shows but wasn't willing to stay within the bounds of what was acceptable in the wrestling universe. When working with a guy like Vince Mcmahon who vetos th...

Let's Face It: WWECW
Was dead the second that Mike Knox appeared on the show.

Let's Face It: TNA
Booked even worse than the WWE, but the talent therein is so much better that they stay afloat. Could be a real threat if they got real writers.

Let's Face It: Samoa Joe
Our generation's Steiner. Gets over on his attitude and his promos, but his wrestling is overrated.

Let's Face It: Chad Bryant
Not worth kooking out over.

Let's Face It: YouTube
It's keeping RSPW alive.

JBL Needs to "Tone It Down"
In other words: "Listen, Bradshaw, Cole is a big pussy and he can't hold his own in a verbal battle with you to save his life. You need to quit showing him up and making him look ...

Re: who is the biggest hypocrit in rspw?
In article <1156657519.758103.300330@m73g2000cwd.googlegroups.com> "rob" <rjs2084@aol.com> wrote: > > and in Message-ID: > <1156629524.487803.26...

Re: who is the most racist poster in rspw?
In article <1156660991.876276.241260@h48g2000cwc.googlegroups.com> rjs2085@yahoo.com wrote: > > When you see their name as the author of a post just don't read it ...

was farva at this rally?
Hundreds Jeer Neo-Nazis at Wisconsin Rally By TODD RICHMOND AP MADISON, Wis. (Aug. 26) - Hundreds of people jeered and taunted a group of neo-Nazis who rallied against immigration ...

Why Are You Guys So Mean To Me?
Just cause I like to provide entertainment and am trying to become famous?

[OT: Strange Feeling] This means something...

(BB7) George was WHAT??
Struck by lightning? I guess that explains his behaviour and his fashion choices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgNct1qUBEU -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of T...

(BB7) I <3 Janey
She talks about Gummi Bears, He-Man and WOYAH! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BnXh32JwMI -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several m...

comedy gold
Funny #1: http://pornotube.com/media.php?m=19693 Funny #2: http://pornotube.com/media.php?m=24466 #2 is funnier if it wasn't scripted. I keep going back and forth abo...

"WWE.com will continue to follow up on Kurt Angle over the next several weeks."
"Then we'll pretend he never existed, because we suck like that."

Breaking News: Earth isn't a planet
It's a house of god now. -- --------------------------------- http://www.myspace.com/araxen

For Auction: a $1,000 bill
Highest bidder in RSPW gets it, but both the highest bidder and second highest bidder have to pay me what they bid. GO! -- Markie Post

L'animale contre l'ex président youtube
Stupid Frenchies.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6YtxSNW-f4&NR The Animal vs. The Ex President... hahahahahha

Lash Larue on Wrestle Birmingham...
Half as fat as Adonis.. he looks 345... sad

watch a new vedio clip of gijju college girl
watch a new vedio clip of gijju college girl click on the site and see now...yammmmmiiiiii http://www.typeinternational.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=5988_43_3_77

BEARHUG - PIC of Day: Big PRO Bear in Europe applies crushing Hug- EWA
BEARHUG - PIC of Day: Big PRO Bear in Europe applies crushing Hug- EWA 1 PIC, Aug. 27, 2006 ...Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view PIC go to following link (Copy/paste link into brows...

Co Workers Say Angle's Release May Have Saved Life
Several people who worked in WWE closely with Angle have said the decision to let him go may have actually saved his life. Kurt has been more and more dependent on prescription medicat...

Foley/Vince Match At Wrestlemania 23
The Raw angle this week involving Mick Foley joining Vince McMahon's "Kiss My Ass" club should lead to a Mr. McMahon vs. Foley match at Wrestlemania 23, according to the Pro Wrestling Inside...

Kurt Angle Comments On Release From WWE
The following is from WWE.com: “My body is so beat up and run down, I can’t even think straight,” Kurt Angle tells WWE.com in an exclusive interview Saturday concerning his early ...

More On Monty Brown/Ron Killings Quitting TNA
It appears Monty Brown and Ron "The Truth" Killings are done with TNA for the time being. Both Brown and Killings reportedly informed TNA officials at the iMPACT! tapings last Monday night a...

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