Naked woman thearte.
what is so wrong with naked women in jack boots and kaiser helmets?

Damn, These guys got a sweeeeeeeeet deal from the NBA,1,1510967.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews The TV Deal the NBA Wishes It Had Not Made The Silnas of the ABA's St. ...

Happy Charles J. Whitman Day!!!
Which RSPW Poster would you pick off with a high powered rifle if you could and why? You can't choose me since I'd be the cop who would take you down. lol

Top Yahoo Stock Message Board feuds..
... 1. XMSR (XM Sat. Radio) vs Siri (Sirius 2. INTC (Intel) vs AMD 3. Liberal nutjobs vs XOM (Exxon) and HAL (Haliburton) 4. Shorts vs Longs on any message board of a sto...

Raw-ten Thoughts, 7/31
Results: 1. Intercontinental title: Johnny Nitro def. Carlito Colon & Shelton Benjamin 2. Trish Stratus & Candice Michelle def. Mickie James & Victoria 3. Rory McAllister def...

The Heel Should Have a Point
I think that's what's really missing in wrestling angles these days. The angles that really entertain are the ones in which the heel can be sympathized with. The heel makes a good point......

The jobbers of August 1st
30 BC: Egypt jobs to Octavian. 1834: The good ol' days job as England bans slavery. 1843: A jobber is born - Robert Todd Lincoln. 1876: A jobber state enters the Union...

Next time Flair calls Foley fat
... since they're semi shooting, Foley should bring up the time that Flair almost got himself killed because he couldn't do a damn sit-up. Taker shoulda just pulled a Nash o...

RSPW Brahs that put over Flair
Must never have saw him when he was anything near his prime. C'mon, Foley squashed him. Flair's promo didn't even make sense... he botched his own name (imagine if Randy <...

Danica Patrick, Volume II
Even her hissy-fit looks robotic. Definate cyborg or idiot savant or interplanetary species.

Latest Powerslam
An interesting article about Kurt this month - does anyone know of any other reason Kurts away, other than his neck? Is there any talk of retirement yet?

John Cena
When the flip are they gonna turn him heel?!?

If you were a wrestler....(14)
...would you be a troublemaker(HBK, Scott Hall) or a company man(Tommy Dreamer, Kurt Angle)?

Um, Flair fans?
You do realize your hero was three seconds away from having a heart attack, right? Or that Foley had to use all of his acting skills to make a broken down 56 year old man with over tanned...

Flair still rules it
Enough said -- & And as always

should ACTIVIST JUDGES allow JUNK SCIENCE??? Libby wants memory expert testimony in CIA leak case Mon Jul 31, 6:34 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lawyers for forme...

Flair/Foley promo
Not only was it a shining light of Raw It might be the best promo of the last 5-10 years

[RSPWI] Welcome to!
Welcome to! (RSPWI) came into being April, 1996 as a low-volume alternative to its parent, (r.s.p-w). ...

Slow news day
This fruitloop is mentioned Plus, this crap doesn't happen to the Amish!!

Undertaker/Khali match @ SS
Last man standing!!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

(Archives) Final Post Count For July 2006 This month's top posters 1079 829 flyhighfreeeb...@aol.compost Favra has been...

WWE RAW Results - 7/31/06
WWE RAW Opener: The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of the show as Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross welcome us to Monday Night RAW at the sold out Continental Airline...

(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown! Taping Results 7/31/06
Dark Match: - Hardcore Holly pinned Simon Dean with the Alabama Slam. Smackdown Spoilers: *The open the show announcing WWE World champ King Booker vs. Unde...

(Spoilers) TNA iMPACT! Taping Results (2 Weeks)
- The show started with A1 coming out and talking about his match with Ron Killings and how he lost focus because of Killings' rapping. This led to a singles match between the two, which A1 ...

Best Thumb Move
Umaga's Thumb Spike? HBK's Thumb up the ass? Flair's Thumb to the eye?

(OT) Fidel Castro Relinquishes Power Before Surgery
HAVANA Fidel Castro temporarily relinquished his presidential powers to his brother Raul on Monday night and told Cubans he underwent surgery. The Cuban leader said he had suff...

You gota LOVE HHH!!
Letting HBK do all the heavy lifting in this feud!!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

David E. Powell's new favourite YTMND -- Rockboy I don't care what you say I'm tired of fucking you anyway

Edge and his shemale Lita...
Oh joy, well it'll end @ SS I hope.... -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

take that cactus jack and shove it.
Flair is the best

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