You gotta LOVE Philadelphia!!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

Bigun loves Booker T
You want that hand round your tiny maggot-spandex man

Old-school heel turn~!
From 1991 Portland Wrestling. Indy-riffic! Old Don Owens ruled... ;)

Hurricane Benoit/Jericho forming in the Gulf!!!! comes Chris!

"Survivor" - The band from the "Rocky" film.
Did they do anything other than "Eye of the Tiger"? Limewire is throwing out *nothing*.

Whats the point of Paul McCartney?
I must admit the soundtrack to "Give My Regards to Broad Street" was kinda good. "No More Lonely Nights (They'll never be another)" was a great song from the soundtrack, and probably the las...

They don't make 'em like this anymore... :(
Today's stand-up artists... crap. THIS is a true comedian at work! You're welcome. ...

What type of car do you drive, a white one?
Get classified at the skadi forum:

Holy Shit! Kurt Loder is older than Peter Gammons?
Amazing what useless bits of trivia you come across everyday... Grativo

Why is Kurt back so soon?
Last time I checked, it took longer than a month to recover from a painkiller addiction. Not too mention all his other physical problems he has.

Star Jones about to call it quits with Big Gay Al They've been dogged by divorce rumors for weeks now, and despite dismissal of such tal...

(VIDEO) Elisabeth Hasselbeck Loses Her Shit on Live TV It's rare that The View's resident pretty-but-dumb blonde Elisabeth Hasselbeck says more than 3 seconds ...

Mel Gibson arrest video

today's Merrie Melodies querstion I axe u:
which Road Runner cartoon was it where Wile E. Coyote pulls out a diagram of a road runner's body and explains how different parts of it taste like succotash, pistaccio, etc.????? ...

Did you watch The View this morning??? Elezabitch went bananas!! They were talking about how the FDA will be releasing "the

Gulf Coast Hurricane Peeps
Looks like some of us might be meeting Chris sometime next week

CumfaceWalls, he sucks jizz on his knees
but only for "african americans", of course he is after all, a politcially correct little sleazebag midget

Miriam Cohen and Susan Cohen (
Re Miriam Cohen and Susan Cohen ( These two must be rabid anti-Semites out to make Jews look bad and stir up anti-Jewish hatred.

NWA 1989 all over again....
Funk with a piledriver on Flair @ WCW SuperBrawl 2k.

CW Anderson's New Smackdown! Name
CW Anderson will now be known as Christopher W. Anderson. This was done in part to separate him from the new CW Network which will air Smackdown but also to separate him from CM Punk.

Dupree/Boogyman ECW Bound
Credit: PWInsider There is talk of putting Rene Dupree into the ECW brand full time. He wrestled in a dark match last night and come off well. There are also discussions of ...

ECW newz There is talk of putting Rene Dupree, who worked a dark match last night against Balls Mahoney, in the ECW brand full time. Dupre...

(BB7) The War has begun -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. ...

Rock Star Supernova thoughts
Patrice, Higher Ground --Tommy Lee plays drums. She probably couldn't go wrong with the energy of Tommy Lee behind her. I may find him personally tiresome but no one plays harder drums. Over...

Todd Martin has a great point on Cena
I don't get the Cena backlash in general. Yeah, he's not a particularly good wrestler. But it isn't like work is being emphasized in WWE these days, and there are plenty of guys just as bad ...

Prepare for the same-old same-old...
Zogby is about to come out with the latest poll numbers. If the elections were held now instead of November... the Senate and House would maintain the status quo. God, we de...

(OT) Time Warner reports 2Q profit
NEW YORK - Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company, reported a $1 billion (euro0.78 billion) profit for its second quarter Wednesday and said it would revamp its AOL business to ...

(OT) AOL Makes More Services Free
NEW YORK - Stepping up the chase for online advertising dollars, AOL will give away e-mail accounts and software now available only to its paying customers in a strategy shift likely to acce...

CumfaceWalls, he sucks on his knees
but only for "african americans", of course he is after all, a politcially correct little sleazebag midget

DVD releases for August 1, 2006
a.. 25 Years of Improv Comedy a.. Afternoons With Max & Ruby a.. Alice in Wonderland (1985) a.. The American Experience: Jesse James: PBS a.. Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge C...

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