ECW In Major Trouble
The title situation and ECW show tonight is most likely a complete mess. There is no doubt that WWE did not plan on RVD losing his title(s) last night. While he still held onto the ECW Champ...

Velocity Gone
Under the 'Web Shows' section of, it now lists Heat as the only web show and any trace of Velocity is now gone. Inviato da X-Privat.Org - R...

HBK Unhappy Over DX
According to reports, Shawn Michaels is not excited about the current D-Generation X reunion storyline on WWE TV at the moment. Despite this, those close to the situation have stated that Mi...

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Tapings (2 Weeks)
Here are the results for the Impact and Xplosion Tapings for the Impact episodes on July 6, 2006 and July 13, 2006 as well as the next two weeks of Xplosion from Soundstage 21 at Universal S...

No Vin Diesel in F4 2 One rumour that has been making its way around the Internet in recent weeks is this one about Vin Diesel pos...

They should have kept the Triple Threat tag match...
but somehow made it for the belt (or both)... have Edge/Cena pin Sabu/RVD at the same time... that way they could have unified or undisputed teh title at SNME. That said.. a...

(BB7) What's on the feeds right now?
It should be all the glorious "But first" montage from the Best of Julie Chen. Here's a tiny spoiler

I enjoyed RAW
EOM -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....NEVER SHIT A SHITTER! ******...

RVD pisses me off...
... so does Sabu. These guys are getting the biggest pushes of their lives right now, and they screw it up. It's very frusterating, because I'm a huge fan of both, but they have noone but ...

Maria Sharapova: Would You?
I'd climb that tree like it was going out of style, brahs. -- Spreading the gospel of Kennedy one post at a time. MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....KENNEDY........KENNEDY!

remember: Kenny [Doane] "is the Lebron James of the group".
nope, no favoritism there...........

Australian PM Calls for 'Big Brother' Axe After Alleged Sexual Assualt
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has called for reality TV show Big Brother to be axed after a female contestant was allegedly sexually assaulted by two male house members. In the early...

Johnathan Coachman was right...
Everyone took the night off last night, especially the writers. That show had me thinking how many drinks they had before writing the show on the cocktail napkins. I admit there were a few...

what is Fat Steph's due date?
HHH can't get off my tv fast enough.

Warren Ellis's Thought For the Day
Bar staff support banning smoking in pubs/bars, complaining that passive smoking poses a health risk to them. So your job is to cajole people to buy tasty poison, break up fights,

My Independence Day is April 12th
HAIL FORT SUMTER! -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....NEVER SHIT A SHITTE...

Know what pisses me off about WWE more than anything right now?
It's so easy to fix it all. SO EASY. Next week, you let Vince go even more nuts, with even dumber skits. While Vince is in the ring, making another phlegm-filled reference to bodily functi...

Crazy idea... Why not use RVD/Sabu's arrest as a storyline???
Instead of jobbing RVD out and having him lose the title, Vince just strips it off of him... Why NOT do this instead of the boring, predictable "let's just job him out for all ete...

7-4 births deserving a push
SID! Calvin Coolidge Ron Kovic, but only for the irony -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW histor...

The jobbers of July 4th
1636: A jobber city is founded - Providence. 1776: England starts jobbing its American colonies. 1802: A jobber academy is founded - West Point. 1826: Thomas Jefferson...

Our heroes, part 4823, and just in time for the 4th of July...
OOH-RAH! A former U.S. Army soldier was charged yesterday with the rape and murder of

APWW and RSPW should merge
EOM -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....NEVER SHIT A SHITTER! ******...

RVD Simply Blew It !
Rob Van Dam had it all....the WWE World Title (not many can accomplish that feat). His fairytale ride came to a crashing halt over the weekend when he was caught with controlled narcotics by...

am i the only one...
who enjoyed the highlanders?? come on..old-school style gimmick tag-team.. ************************ Mr. Lifto Jim Rose Circus www...

Want a muslim match?Want a muslim brother/sister?why not join our site and start your searching?
Want a muslim match?Want a muslim brother/sister?why not join our site and start your searching?

a link to the confidential episode where hbk admits to screwing hart. i can't believe some of the crap you hear from hbk, brisco, and vince. at the end brisco say...

The funniest comedy(ies) movies of all time
Hit me with your suggestions....looking to explore new options.

OT: Ted Stevens: Internet is a series of tubes
And other wacky quotes. :-) On a related note, I designed some buttons and t-shirts based on this story and had my friend upload them to his Cafe Press store:

Fox Should Bring Back Married With Children
They brought back Family Guy, why not bring back Married Wih Children? I'd watch it, you'd watch it, more people would watch it than watched the last episode of MASH.

More APWW gold...
below is a genuine post from apww.... "I really like DX So that means I now like HHH Please help me, but I do feel sorry for his lost love Hammer! I mean since <...

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