Best song with no rhyme scheme? verse.... -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....NEVER SHIT A S...

Show/Paul era ECW = nWo era WCW?
Yeah, right at the start... where the fans booed and threw garbage but tuned in in droves every week? It could be... if Paul plays this right, this can be *massive.*

How are you celebrating the Fifth of July?
? -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....NEVER SHIT A SHITTER! ********...

I hated ECW last night...
It was no different than RAW or Smackdown. I mean, sure, you could argue that none of the shows have really been, but at least prior shows gave us SOMETHING... a match involving Sabu, that ...

The cigar bitches are blaming themselves for our invasion!
they say that their members have drawn us in by being OT sometimes. -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW his...

Topic for debate: The WWWF's location, location, location.
Affirmative Thesis: If Vince "Jr." had inherited any territory other than the one headquartered in New York City, we would still have a flourishing territorial system today.

Since ECW 2006 is not ECW....
give it new wrestling fed initials. -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW history.... .....N...

that Food Network thread makes me angry.
WHERE is the love for Two Fat Ladies???

Paging Mr. Bigun...
...your advertising account with Sony has been picked up: - bill, moving on

Can't believe nobody brought up the big story from ECW last night
Panama Hat Guy and his bearded pal were back!!!!!

Big Show with the ECW title...
Not a bad thing arbitrarily, but way too soon... waaay too soon.

{ECW} Can anyone explain Vince's logic?
did he think the name ECW was the lone reason for the fed's magic? -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ---Scott Hall #1 ranked poster in RSPW hist...

Lots Of ECW News & Notes
Here's an interesting tidbit. With his "ECW" title victory last night, The Big Show is now the only wrestler to have held the WWE, WCW, and ECW versions of a World championship. I...

RVD and Sabu mugshots on SmokingGun?
Do any of you know when SmokingGun will post the mugshots of RVD and Sabu anytime soon? I checked out their site and did a search on their site and found nothing about their arrest yet. Smok...

Further Update On RVD & Sabu Arrests
Credit: WWE had little choice when it came to Rob Van Dam and his title belts, he had to lose them both. Considering the company has just recently implemented ...

Risky Kelly Photos Posted
WWE is really selling the Kelly angle, by posting backstage photos this morning of her with another parental warning. These photos are of her backstage, with the blue & red paint over her ch...

Saturday Night Main Event Update
With RVD suspended, it is apparent that WWE will not go forward with the Edge vs Cena vs RVD Triple Threat match at Saturday Night Main Event, however they are still advertising the match on...

the real raeson for RVD's suspension:
he killed Dumbledore.

Un Aired Buffy Pilot -- Spreading the gospel of Kennedy one post at a time. MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....KENNEDY........KENNEDY! ...

Kim jong 2.
Or the "L'il Kim" of the world leader set. Wishes he was up to his daddy's standard. You might also equate him with perkoff. A little fish making a big noise. But little else.

by Dave Scherer @ 11:26:00 AM on 7/5/2006 For those of you who wonder why Rob Van Dam lost both of his belts so quickly, WWE didn't have much choice. The New York Post ran an a...

TNA continues to improve in ratings The 6/29 edition of TNA Impact scored another 1.1 rating. The series continued to deliver male demographics for Spike TV with a 1...

Spidey 3 Plot Twist
Holy Plot Twist! Big Big Spoiler from SPIDER-MAN 3! Read at your own peril!! Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Some of you will not want to know this. It could be something small, but ...

I loved how Orton got no crowd reaction
He can't get any heat even when talking smack about the almighty Hulk Hogan? If they go ahead with Hogan/Orton, does anyone expect that match to be any good? At Hogan's age he needs someone ...

(BB7) Here are your 14 contestants Tomorrow night is the premiere of Big Brother 7 All Stars. We were promised that on tomorrow night's show ...

The thing that keeps your food cold
refrigerator fridge fridgedaire icebox ice chest pond glacier hole in the ground other -- "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." ...

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Rush Hour 3 Here is a big scoop for you, Harry! Jean Claude Van Damme has signed on to play the main villain in "Rush Hour 3"(set to film in August)...

Happy Birthday, ya old bastard
On Steinbrenner's birthday... Indians 19 Yankees 1 HAHAHA

My late RAW thoughts
Every segment fell flat and was terrible. I hated this show and wanted to throw shit at my TV. Every single wrestler was off. Even Trish Stratus, who always entertains me just seemed lik...

TNA iMpact! Does Best Ratings To Date On Spike TV
TNA IMPACT DOES BEST RATINGS TO DATE ON SPIKE TV, YET AGAIN by Mike Johnson @ 11:05:00 AM on 7/5/2006 The 6/29 edition of TNA Impact scored another 1.1 rating. The series c...

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