The atheism invasion:
you guys should send in robby.

it is wrong of Umaga to be in two feds at once.
and TNA shouldn't make him cover up his tribal tattoos.

(UFC)Silva vs Liddell in November
Holy Shit brah's!

DAMN!! That WAS a great Impact...

Somoa Joe promo
He still doesn't have the voice to cut them in front of a live audience; but those studio shots where he can be the calm-but-intense assassin issuing his threats... awesome. ...

A 2 hour Impact..LIVE against WWE Raw...
... TNA would bury WWE... no doubt..

Best Electric Light Orchestra Songs?
? 'When you close your eyes is it hell you see?"-Ghost telling brigitte-ginger snaps 2 unleashed. ''Wrists are for girls,im slitting my throat''-Ginger telling brigitte...

(RSPWEntertainment) 40 Year Old Virgin Judged. Found...
Not really that funny. Shoulda suspected it, because the critics loved it. But it was just 3/4 of a scene to 3/4 of a scene... which felt like it was written by potheads. Some of the part...

Best The Police Song/s?
? 'When you close your eyes is it hell you see?"-Ghost telling brigitte-ginger snaps 2 unleashed. ''Wrists are for girls,im slitting my throat''-Ginger telling brigitte...

Question for atheists...
Do you say goodbye? With it evolving from "god be with you" and all... -Vin

The Venture Bros DVD set IS bleeped
According to this webpage Oh well. Maybe one of these days, but I doubt it. Anthrax442 - Really, it's not like kids are going to...

Hmmm...No Shocker and no JeffH...this place is kind of quiet Shocker? Then who in the hell am I supposed to fight with about Kobe? Anthrax442 - Somewhat dissapointed P.S. Oh, and the rest of RSPW should look out...

UFC 61 Tonight Get your asses on #talk!
Be there brah's for the beating of a lifetime!

Hey Joe
where you goin with that gun in your hand? - I am not a sock.

Best Allan Parson's Project song
I go with "Sirius". Whats yours?

The problem with saying "Bless you"
"Bless you" somebody said to me when I sneezed at the grocery store earlier this afternoon. And it got my mind rolling. Bless me. Bless me? On the surface, it seem...

Ken Doane is EVIL
"Wilson says Women's Champion Mickie James gave him an autograph, but "Kenny" ripped his sign, and gave him a shoulder strain. "I always got autographs by male and female wrestlers. An...

JC looks at: The State of Raw, Summer 2006
In a word, chaotic. And it may not get any better any time soon. WWE title: Current champion: Edge. Is it safe not to call him a transitional champion this time? Nothi...

(UFC) Tito defeats Ken!
Wow, Tito Ortiz crushed Ken Shamrock.

who(?) is Roy L. Fuchs?
also, why won't he shut the hell up?

UFC tonight? When?
I checked the usual channel, and it doesn't show it as coming on until 10. Does that sound right? Seems kind of late. Anthrax442 - Yeah, McMahon's not getting another dime out of me ...

FunkyM should record a prog-rock album.
if only RSPW had some guitarists and drummers to help him!

Rockboy v. the atheists.
this is a squash of Sid v. The WCW Cruiserweights proportions.

Your GAB card
Following is the updated line-up for Smackdown's Great American Bash, on PPV July 23 from Indianapolis, Indiana: World Heavyweight Championship Champion Rey Mysterio vs. King Boo...

Memphis Wrestling on youtube

[O/T] Adventures of Greg with a Roller Derby girls team
The half-sister of a guy I know owns a bar in downtown LA. Sadly, because I don't hang out with the guy often, and he barely hangs out with his half-sister, and because I absolutely hate ...

Father/son drunks!! -- I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel." --- Blackadder

Roses are red...
Sugar is cane. Who put snakes, On this motherfucking plane? -- NiGHTS [mWo]

All This Talk About RSPW Being Boring
It's boring the crap out of me! Things will pick up again when the next big hurricane hits. Then everyone will be kooking out like always. -The Flying Fuck *Red B...

Logical Anomaly's Impact thoughts......
..... I'll start with the cons. Monty Brown's renewed squash push. I touched on this in the other "Impact was pretty good thread" so I won't blather on. But either

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