[Media] Ottawa Sun 7.9.06 Carlito's got Canadian blood ... now that's cool!
http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2006/07/09/1675782.html Carlito's got Canadian blood ... now that's cool! By TIM BAINES - Ottawa Sun Carlos Colon Jr. is a cool guy...

[WWW] Mike Moneyham 7.9.06 The very worst wrestling had to offer
http://www.mikemooneyham.com/pages/columns.cfm The very worst wrestling had to offer BY MIKE MOONEYHAM The Post and Courier This year's Academy Awards are in the ...

"There is no greater joy than a big-butted boy or a clean old man"*
The upcoming conference of La Raza (Our Race) the militant hispanic organization will be blessed with two outstanding Americans. From the GOP, Karl "Rump Ranger" Rove, recently "outed", not ...

Atheists voting for George W. Bush
Don't say no. i would suspect that many neocons are former liberatarians. the shift to the right in american politics over the last few years is as close to libertarian dominance as we may e...

Which posters have violated the RSPW wellness program?
JeffH Krusty ?? peep peep, bitches!

Alex Cain owning Chad Bryant
is always entertaining. Cain should make a comeback just so he can reply to every one of Chad's posts like he used to do a couple of years ago. Daily Chad pwning would make RSPW i...

Is this Gay?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6ujDRCi3Ig -- Egbert Souse - The ORIGINAL Mark Marklar

(BB7) Will wants to bang Howie's sister
And so does Howie! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ljb7_xXG1k -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several in 2005. --- 3rd Highest...

[World Cup] Good Luck to the Mother Country
With God on our side, we will defeat Le Frogs.

Happy Birthdays 7/9
Happy Birthday To You if today's your birthday! These people, among many others, share it with you: Earl Hagen (1919) - Composer, wrote the theme songs to "The Andy Griffith Show...

Six time WCW champ?
When Booker wins Smackdown's World title from Misterio, he should rename the title the WCW World title. Back are the days of the WWE, WCW and ECW World titles.

Which RSPWer is Scott Steinberg?
We chart the ups and downs from the house that Mario built. BY SCOTT STEINBERG, AOL GAMES Give Nintendo props: Between the 'New Super Mario Bros.' big launch, reams of posit...

What happened to him?

The stabbed tennis player
I know it was a woman. Some tennis player was stabbed on court years ago. What was the chicks name and where did it happen. Thank you. "I like to dri...

why can't robby get any replies?
i keep starting new topics all about wwe and hardly anyone is responding. i dont understand. i've been nothing but nice to almost all of you in here, except for the trolls who call me names....

Evolution was supposed to unite the past, present and future. After Armageddon, evolution was supposed to control everything. But where is evolution now? It went on the decline, and now it...

Who would win in a wrestling match?
Lemmy or God? - I am not a sock.

who was all in the clique?
can anyone tell me what wrestlers were all in the clique, when it formed, when it broke up, etc? any details would be appreciated! robby

"I want to fock, er fight Chuck"

[Poal] Best Cold Slither songs?
1. "Cold Slither" 2-5 ??? -Froggy

RAW was much better than UFC
Damn, what a shitty PPV. The Ortiz-Shamrock match was worse than any McMahon segment. The championship match had worse workrate than Friday Night Sissy Fights. I spent $15 + t...

BEARHUG CLIP Pic of Day: Death of SUPERMAN in Bearhug
BEARHUG CLIP Pic of Day: Death of SUPERMAN in Bearhug 1 Photo, July 9, 2006 .....Safe pic for all ages, as always! To view photo go to following link (Copy and paste link into browser if <...

Best RSPW fad/reference/in-joke ever?
Vader's path of devastation Who is Jim Neidhart Demolition Sid plays softball Any use of "What" means Raven, Austin, or both Kevin Nash is a bird Kelly's boy friend has w...

tonights SNL was the best one of all time.
Seriously. All Robert Smigel = ubergoodness. -Froggy

Stacy Keibler Wins US Weekly Poll
Stacy Keibler came out a winner in US Weekly. Keibler, Minnie Driver and Rhonda Mitra were shown in photos all wearing the same dress and people in New York were polled on who looked best in...

Batista Seperates From Wife
WWE's website is featuring an article on Batista's thoughts on him being on the coverage of the new WWE Magazine. - In the new WWE magazine, Batista mentioned that he is seperated from...

Spirit Squad's Kenny w/Mickie James Assults Fan ???
A Chesapeake man told Hampton Roads NewsChannel 3 that WWE wrestler Ken "Kenny" Doane is responsible for injuring his arm. Following a WWE RAW house show last Sunday, James Wilson, 27,...

(UFC) Ortiz Defeats Shamrock In Controversial 1st Round
http://www.1wrestling.com/news/newsline.asp?news=26306 UFC: SHAMROCK VS ORTIZ By: PPV Results 7/8/2006 11:29:46 PM Tito Ortiz defeated Ken Shamrock on a controversial...

Deer atheists
What do you think about the simian God, who bestwoed upon the very wise and all-knowing Lawgiver the Sacred Scrolls? Within said Scrolls, it stated that God created apes in his image. ...

Hey, good lookin'!
We'll be back to pick you up later! http://youtube.com/watch?v=Bcvk8atVCCk&search=mr%20microphone

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