TodaY in 2000
Lance Storm becomes the first man in the history of WCW to hold 3 belts at the same time. Storm was the US, Cruiserweight and Hardcore champion. ----== Posted via Newsfeed...

Mel Gibson should rub his hairy forearms over my shaved biker legs
MMMMMM Mel you are dreamy! --

Looks like Incubus is kicking Farva's ass
Kudos to Incubus!

The best week on The Discovery Channel started on Sunday
Shark Week!

BeSt Raw evah!
Just in case. ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World! 120,000+ New...

ever spraypainted your logo on anything?

Vince needs to get beat
He could get beat if someone really rich decided to get their shit together. If WCW was happening now instead of a decade ago, the WWE would be totally fucked. -- "The Tac...

Run for cover girls...
Jimmy Snuka and Jim Duggan are both backstage at the RAW/Smackdown taping. No word yet on if they will be used on TV, in dark matches, or are just backstage for other reasons. As reported ea...

(META) So I'm meeting Terry Gordy tonight
I just bought a shovel and a crowbar at Home Depot, and Former Freebird Terry Gordy is going to allow me to interview him and I will consider asking him some questions from you if they are...

Deer Detroit Red Wings
WTF are you doing? Dominik Hasek? I like you guys (and I like Dominik), but damn, do you guys even want to win the Cup anymore? They lost Shanahan and added Danny Markov and...

(Meta) So I'm meeting Ed Leslie tonight
I'm taking the subway later. Anyone got any messages for Brother Bruti? -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several more in 2005. --- 3...

The gayest commercial ever that one where the old men are riding around in a sports car being all happy and fun-loving because they are taking this medication that helps them pee correctly. I think it'...

in re Paul Burchill's future:
now that Pirates o' teh Caribbean has made ANOTHER two hundred million dollars, think maybe Vince will get a clue?

WWE's Titan Towers Spraypainted With D-X Logo
From WWE: Mr. McMahon woke this morning to find WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT spray painted with a DX logo. Stamford Police are currently conducting an investigation.

(OT) Women over 18 may soon be able to get the morning-after pill without a prescription
WASHINGTON - Women over 18 may soon be able to get the morning-after pill without a prescription. In a surprise decision Monday, health officials revived a long-stalled application to allow ...

Abdullah the Butcher in ECW
What would people think of Abdullah the Butcher joining the New ECW? He's old, but so is Terry Funk and Abdullah is known to be hardcore himself. Would be nice to see the Big Show vs Abd...

How are you celebrating the 4th annual Paul Ruebens day? --The Mott

Anyone glad Rey Mysterio isn't World Heavyweight champ anymore?
It's about fucking time. Now that he's feuding with Chavo and not Booker, and Batista is back, it will be the last time Mysterio holds the heavy weight title unless Chavo dies or something....

Top 5 Wimpiest Singers
1. Christopher Cross 2. Barry Manilow 3. Kenny G 4. Nick Lachey 5. Hilary Duff Honorable Mentions: The fag lead singers from Blink 182, Good Charlotte, and AFI.

Big Matches & A Major Spoiler For RAW Tonight
Hulk Hogan has arrived at the arena and will be at the show tonight. Umaga vs. HBK and Johnny Nitro vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito are both confirmed. The debut of 'Orton ...

Official ECW On Sci Fi Preview (8/1/06)
From The Wrestling Machine will be in the house when ECW on Sci Fi returns to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City Tuesday night. Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Ang...

King Booker Finally #1
King Booker is ranked number one on the latest edition of the POWER 25.

Bobby Lashley Update
Bobby Lashley got another liver exam and his liver checked out to be within acceptable levels. He's been cleared to wrestle and will probably start back at television on Tuesday. Lashley's r...

Top 5 Wussiest Songs Of All Time
1. Hero-Enrique Englasias 2. Mr. Big-To Be With You 3. I'll Make Love To You-Boyz II Men 4. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You-NSYNC 5. With Arms Wide Open-Creed <...

POLL about Chad Bryant
Do you, in your honest opinion, think Chad Bryant ever did any or all of the following things in high school: Played sports? Excelled in academic endeavours? Felt up girls? <...

so tonight's the last time raw will be live canada and the last time it's on tsn. for how many canadian posters will this be the last night you watch raw for a long long time? peep peep, bitches!

Why does Chad Bryant keep making posts about ACW?
Did anyone demand to see Chad Bryant's fat ass puffing and preening, bragging about "almost being kicked off a television station" and giving us updates on his backyard fed?

Gene Simmons on the View Tomarrah.. Personally I could care less about Dr. Ego, who's finally going to be able to get over his Ozzy Envy by getting his own reality ...

CNN label CM Punk dangerous

(On-Topic) How to get local news anchors to laugh hysterically on live TV
Proclaim your protege as "one-half of the tag team more dangerous than letting your teenage daughter hang out with Warren Jeffs". I'm still shocked we didn't get kicked off the air. <...

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