ridiculous! getting killfiled for talking about wrestling!
i came here today and found out some no name guy was putting me on killfile because i was talking about wrestling. all i did was ask if edge was well liked backstage and he puts me on ignore...

ridiculous! getting killfiled for talking about wrestling!
i came here today and found out some no name guy was putting me on killfile because i was talking about wrestling. all i did was ask if edge was well liked backstage and he puts me on ignore...

gosh dang it! its going to be hbk vs. all 5 members of spirit squad again!
i just read on wwe.com where once again hbk will take on all 5 members of the spirit squad on raw, due to hhh hitting shane in the head with the sledgehammer. i've had it! we are going to ha...

[OT] Translate This Emoticon
101 Rx = + /_ First person to do so earns my respect. -- The Citizen "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

The SNL Falconer's sketch would have been funnier if...
they had 32 falconers instead of 16. 16 wasn't enough and it didn't quite make the sketch funny. 32 would have been a laugh riot

Nelly Furtado Comes Out of Hiding, World Asks "Who?" (complete with "nN")
Bad news: she forgot how to sing. Good news: she learned how to skank out!

that horse that got crippled in the Preakness.
I blame Kurt Angle.

chocolatetown reelects boob
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Mayor Ray Nagin, whose shoot-from-the-hip style (read: didn't have a fucking clue) was both praised and scorned after Hurricane Katrina, narrowly won re-election over Lt....

Rhyno: School Of Rock, The Sequel
Looks just like Jack Black. _____________________________________________ The Wheel's Spinn...

A gay hook-up line.. a mid 20's guy says... "I was new to the area and didn't know anyone.. so I tried Interactive male and found the right guy.." Meh.. ...

(OVW) MISSSSter KENEDY>>KENNEDY taps out to C.M.Punk..
MK...K went for the swanton.. missed.. c.m.p. put the anaconda vice on and it was all over but the tapping.. mk...k tried to get the ropes but couldnt and tapped.. match time 23 minutes......

OVW brah's.....
who is the fat lard on the pizza commercial with Mark Henry and Beth Phoenix?. That fat bastard looks like he's twice the size of Henry.. and looks like he weighs 700 pounds. He has a blac...

(OVW) C.M.Punk vs.Missssterrrr Kennedy....
Kennedy!!! For the Hvywt belt!! 30 minute time limit.

(TNA) Gail Kim looks better than ever..
and now.. Sting is in the rafters!!!

Burnt Rubber Bulletin #28, 5/20
Heat results: 1. Hacksaw Jim Duggan def. Rob Conway 2. Carlito Colon def. Russell Simpson 3. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch def. Charlie Haas & Viscera Analysis:

Samoa Joe's Backstage TNA Satus
Wade Keller of the Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that Samoa Joe is universally admired and well liked among wrestlers on the TNA roster. Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and Sting are all ve...

About MNM
Once Melina is taken off TV there goes Nitro and Mercury's push. Their TV time will be taken away. It's a shame that the only reason that tag team was formed was to showcase Melina and shov...

Poll :Best TV death this year
Palmer? Leo? Marrisa? Billy? Tony?

Angle Idea: "Tommy Hilfiger just kept smacking me"

Suck my Cock
Looking for anyone (m/f) for sex (prefer submissive person). I want you to suck my cock! Tonight prefered!

Yelling at Child!/Uncooperative Manager
Here's what happened: I visited Chuck E Cheese #074 in Antioch, TN tonight. My son was approached by an employee (the cook) and she stated, "Don't you ever do that again." I asked my son wha...

you can tell if a racer is gay by whether he has an effiminate breed of dog
you can tell if a racer is gay by whether he has a dog that is gay favorite breed example: Greg Biffle has Boxers (definitely NOT gay) Kevin Harvick has a Ge...

I have one thing to say...I like the Money Pit. LMAO...best scene of the season too bad the rest of the episode is the worst FG ever.

The latest on ECW is SciFi!!!
Update On ECW/Sci-Fi Deal Posted by Ashish on 05.20.2006 The latest... The Sci-Fi Channel is expected to release a press release on Tuesday officially announcing a 12 ...

Season finales body count...
The reasons are...(according to an artcile i read...) The MTV generation wants contiual changes on their shows and also it keeps stars from potneially exhibiting diva like behavior......

Khali Should Be a Face
He'd be over just as much as he is huge. Why are all giants introduced as heels anyway?

BONNAROO 2006 line-up
Radiohead Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Phil Lesh & Friends Beck Elvis Costello & the Imposters feat. Allen Toussaint Oysterhead Bonnie Raitt Death C...

[WWW] Mike Moneyham 4.30.06 Holly Battling Life-Threatening Infection
http://www.mikemooneyham.com Holly Battling Life-Threatening Infection By Mike Mooneyham April 30, 2006 Bob "Hardcore" Holly, whose hard-edged persona has made hi...

[WWW] Lance Storm 5.8.06 Q&A
http://www.stormwrestling.com/050806.html Q and A May 8, 2006 Q: I would like to know what do you think of the people who never saw ECW and labled it as ultra hardcore ...

[WWW] Lance Storm 4.26.06 Q&A
http://www.stormwrestling.com/042606.html Q and A April 26, 2006 Q: You've often talked about the best and worst cities to perform in from the standpoint of fan interac...

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