Evangelical Christians join the Looney Left!
http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060208/pl_nm/environment_evangelicals_dc WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A group of 85 evangelical Christian leaders on Wednesday backed legislation opposed by the ...

Post fixing...
Argh, it annoys the hell out of me when people take a post that makes a subtle joke or implication, and then change it to BEAT US OVER THE HEAD WITH IT, and think they're being clever. Also...

Make it happen at 2 Night Stand!
http://youtube.com/w/Pegasus-Kid-vs.-Dean-Malenko---Top-of-the-Super- Juniors-IV-1?v=vyiOQVH4Uag&search=AJPW -- "The Lansdellicious One" Chris Lansdell Founder of the Nation...

[OT: King Funeral] One thing I'll give Shawn Hannity:
I'm marking-out for him bringing up that it was Bobby Kennedy who = authorized the wiretaps on MLK Jr.

I hope CM Punk's backstage heat keeps him in OVW longer
Punk/Albright feud = goodness HitMan333

Hogan betrayed Savage.
ya can't leave your partner alone in the ring like that.

New Match, More Details On Thursday's MTV Wrestling Pilot Taping In Los Angeles
NEW MATCH, MORE DETAILS ON THURSDAY'S MTV WRESTLING PILOT TAPING IN LOS ANGELES by Mike Johnson @ 12:25:00 AM on 2/8/2006 According to his blog, Matt Sydal will be wrestlin...

Former WWE Star Andrew "Test" Martin Says WWE's Usage Of Eddie Guerrero In Storylines Makes HIm Want To Puke
FORMER WWE STAR SAYS WWE'S USAGE OF EDDIE GUERRERO IN STORYLINES MAKES HIM WANT TO PUKE by Mike Johnson @ 12:55:00 PM on 2/8/2006 Former WWE star Andrew "Test" Martin lashe...

Best of MSG Crowd
- Lesnar/Goldberg? - Booing Lita, chanting for Hardy and popping for Viscera against the biggest suck of all time Kane. more?

Kornheiser on Monday Night Football!
They should have gotten Wilbon too.

Wrestling Rivalries
Ok, Yankees::Red Sox, Meeshekan::OSU, Republicans::Democrats, etc etc. Now for wrestlers, how would it be? The only one I can do for certain is Bret Hart::HBK. Hogan:: ?

New Elm Street Movie
He spoke it - again and again - and seems they (in this case, New Line Cinema) decided to listen. Robert Englund, best known as razor-nailed Freddy Krueger in the assiduous "A Nightma...

Kanye West Doing Theme Song For TomKook's Movie
LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com)- Paramount, J.J. Abrams and Tom Cruise have entrusted one of the most familiar themes in film and television to Kanye West, signing the Grammy winner to deliver hi...

Austin and Angle in 2001...
...lots of awesomeness. However, when were they face/heels and which were part of "Team WCW" during the invasion? Seems blurry. WHAT? I said seems blur...

RIP Joey
LOS ANGELES (Feb. 8) - "Joey" co-star Andrea Anders is not waiting for the ax to fall on the NBC sitcom, which is on hiatus and not expected to return for a third season. Instea...

LOL at the fans fondling Miss Elizabeth.

Day Seven!! Locke Knocks!! The First LOST of Sweeps!! I am - Hercules!! So everybody loves Sawyer now? Because of his hoarding, or his insulting nicknames, or his self-loathing, o...

********Spoilers****** Smackdown! Tapings
Thanks to reader Adam Parker for sending in the following report: First off the arena was blocked off almost completely on the camera side, I think this will be the last televised eve...

Vince McMahon's Behavior
WWE News: Vince McMahon's Behavior, Hall Of Fame Tickets Submitted by Daniel Pena on Wednesday, February 8, 2006 at 12:49 PM EST a.. Vince McMahon w...

Test Speaks Out On WWE
Andrew "Test" Martin" has posted up his latest commentary on his official website, AndrewTestMartin.com. He criticizes WWE for using Eddie Guerrero in storylines. He praises Stacy Keibler'...

Bruce from Connecticut!!!!
http://youtube.com/w/Paul-Heymen-Calls-Into-LiveWire?v=-_vubq8Xr90&search=vince%20mcmahon Too bad Cornette wasn't allowed to go off..........it would have been off the charts!

Trish on Lita
http://www.youtube.com/w/Kane-Chokeslams-Trish-Stratus?v=qMs8lwjrvcU&search=trish%20stratus -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several in 2...

Trish + Lita + MSG=Priceless
How could you NOT vote for me? http://www.youtube.com/w/Crowd-Chants-For-Matt-Hardy?v=2IKcvDm-Mtk&search=trish%20stratus -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 R...

My Youtube requests, if anyone has them
Kurt & the Milk Truck - I found it listed on Youtube, but then when clicked on the file was no longer there Kurt sings Jimmy Crack Corn Kurt saying he tore his cruciate this...

Just watched "Crash" (n.the erotic Cronenberg movie)
What was all the damn fuss about? It was an ABC afterschool special with gunshots and explosions. I don't think the fans in the Rump Wrangler Movie camp have anything to worry about from t...

http://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1 ID# 51413 password: crush -- FIRST EVER RSPWTNA ~ DIVISION CHAMPION #37 RANKED POSTER IN RSPW <...

**SPOILERS** WWE Smackdown! Tapings 2/7/06
First off the arena was blocked off almost completely on the camera side, I think this will be the last televised event we'll see. Also there were around 2,000 outside waiting to get in whil...

JAPW Tag Champion Stabbed
Source: PWInsider Joel Maximo, one half of the JAPW Tag Team Champions along with his brother Jose Maximo was stabbed yesterday. The attack occurred during an attempted robbery in...

Britney Spears at Center of Child Welfare Probe
The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are to investigate Britney Spears after pictures were taken of her driving through Malibu, California with her ...

I have discovered the power of YouTube
And it has shown me this: http://youtube.com/w/AJPW-Kenta-Kobashi-vs.-Big-Bossman?v=7n2cs9FJ-4Q&search=AJPW -Vin

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