Last Night's RAW = My Last Date
It took a girl getting on her knees to keep my interest. -- The Man. The Myth. The Master.

What would you give to have been Mickie last night?
I would give both legs, and half my liver. If I could stay down there for an extra five minutes you could take the other half...

Mickie's plan: Force Trish's "Boyfriend" To Step His Game up...
....or down as it were.....

Is HHH transforming into Lemmy??

Soccer Trade: Cioara for Angus
Seattle Post-Intelligencer February 28, 2006 What's worse, being the player who got traded for meat, or being the team that traded the meat and got ripped off? UT Arad...

The problem with this HHH-Cena buildup..............
.....Now its been obvious I'm no fan of all. Or HHH for that matter. But Cena's entire character was founded on promos...he obviously sucks in the ring. But against HHH...he does...

Masterlock Interuption
Does this mean that Marty will still get his contract or was this one of those pay-by-apperance deals?

The thing about The thing about Brokeback Mountain and American culture
I can't believe people couldn't tell that my original post was a joke. I mean, seriously.. weren't all the signs there? Not doing about half a second of research into a director? The w...

TNA questions
Is Jeff Jarrett in charge or is Eric Young in charge? Has Jackie Gayda always had that dent in her stomach? I missed the beginning of The Daily Show, so whom stole the Thailand ...

After watching RAW tonight...
I can officially say I will prefer having Triple H as champ to Cena. -- "The Tactician" Luke Michaels Outsmarting the wiliest wrestling legends since 2000 RoboJesus: S...

Somebody PLEASE tell Cena that...
... nobody says "homey" anymore.. ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!!! Goddamn, how can you NOT like HHH right now??? - I really really REALLY hate professional wrest...

Michael Bay's live-action Transformers: the Movie? Is this some sort of fucking joke?

HHH got cheered against Cena..
he's not a good heel.

First RAW in a while I enjoyed thoroughly...
When RAW is good, I admit it and it was entertaining tonight... The only segment that was a waste of time was the BigShow/Kane title defense... Besides that every segment kept my interest an...

Mr. McMahon's got a pretty nice ass.
I wouldn't say "magnificent," and I wouldn't say "kissable," but as asses go, it's pretty good, especially for an old dude.

Anyone listening to Coast to Coast AM?
You should be.

The best part of RAW tonight:
Hearing the Rockers theme peep peep!

[RETRO] Dave Barry 7.18.99 column - Wrestling's first rule -- cover your 'region'
Dave Barry Wrestling's first rule -- cover your 'region' IF THERE'S ONE QUESTION that troubles every thinking person, it's this: Does cheating go on in professional wrestlin...

it's a Fuzzy-Squid Mardi Gras!

The Unlimited Report
THE UNLIMITED REPORT by Brian Richey @ 11:49:00 PM on 2/27/2006 After Lillian finishes up the National Anthem, she then announces the announce team. King comes out first, f...

Samoa Joe Ultimate X Backstage News
TNA is promoting the following matches for iMPACT! next Saturday night on Spike TV. This will be taped on Tuesday along with the following week's airing (the day before the Destination X P...

8 minutes of TNA = already more exciting than all of Raw combined...
TNA is on a nice hot streak.

The first HHH Burial I've come to like
God, that was awesome tonight and the fans helped immensely. BEST BURIAL EVER!

Squady has no money
Squady is homeless. Squady is unemployed. Vote APE. -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several in 2005. --- 3rd Highes...

I bet Marty would be all in his ass...
if there was an 8 ball lodged between his cheeks.

TNA time!!!

Jack Bauer > Chuck Norris
Tonight's 24 proves it!

The burial of the nWo continues... Orton's next shopzone shirt...I guess hes going to the Wolfpac

Does Vince hope Hulk will overshadow..
Eddy and Bret? -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- Proud loser of TWO 2004 RSPW Poster Awards and several in 2005. --- 3rd Highest Vote-Getter in KORSPW 2005 --- In the Final Fo...

You're the biggest name in the history of the sport, your WM plans fall through... so what does WWE Creative come up for you?
Apparently inducting Mean Gene into the Hall of Fame. Damn, if FunkyM was Chavo Guerrero he'd start praying right about now! peep peep!

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