Paradise Poker $1,000,000.00 Freeroll details...... 1. How do I enter? There is NO Direct entry into the $1,000,000 main event. Players MUST win their seat into the main event through...

Candice Michelle
Thank goodness the WWE had the good sense to trade her to Smackdown. I felt her character was getting quite stale on Raw. Now perhaps this change will freshen her up with the fans and give h...

[WWE] 6/30/05 Smackdown Report
Smackdown Report By Eric Bell--PWToday Jun 30, 2005, 19:58 Anaheim, CA In the shadows of Raw Is War's John Cena/Hulk Hogan, what will Teddy Long do to counter the...

The STAR Calculation System Civics-minded RSPWers, you may be graded using this system the next time you contribute to the prisoner treatment disc...

Poll:what is Reys secret?

Eddie/Rey's Secret = Fingercuffs
Mrs. Rey, I'm looking at YOU. -curious And you were looking at the garnish around a "churro."

Melina's Boob Was Exposed on SD
Leftie was exposed during the dressing room bit with her and M and N. FOR SHAME, RSPW, for not immediately noticing it and making a zillion posts aboot it. -curious

I was going to watch SD...
...because this is the first time I'll be home on a Thursday night (yeah, kinda depressing) but Toy Story is on. Sorry Vince, Woody vs Buzz > Angry Arab vs B show jobber

whitney houston
is a drugged out krazy beeoch, bobby brown is lucky --rafiki

MY way to debut Christian..
Right before Undertaker came out.. have Teddy come out and say that there will be another member of the match, replacing Big Show will be the latest Smackdown superstar.. he's not here yet...

How pathetic is it....
...... when a poster here has nothing more to add to a post than to say "archived"? For christ's sakes...get a life.

Pic of Abby and Tiger

Bede averaged 29 posts a day in June
in 30 days. i did 37 a day in 20. me = workrate. -- Never shit a shitter. --------------

Maybe we're too hard on HGH
He's a wrestler looking for job security, trying to earn as much as he can in an industry that has its limits. If there's a problem with the product, Vince is at fault for following a worke...

"If you see a Shane O'Mac and a Grizzly get into a fight
you better help the Grizzly..." -- --- "Damn dirty fleas..." --- "Ever notice that at the start of a cartoon, Casper has no friends, and by the end, he has some. Yet, in the next...

Does RAW air live out west?
do they get it at 6pm? -- Never shit a shitter. --------------

Since the audience hates JBL...
...He'll win. (Also because he's Vince's butt-buddy.)

Has anyone seen the SD title belt yet?
Please tell me they aren't going to use the old WWE Champ belt.

Who should be on "Hit Me Baby One More Time"?
Here are my choices: - Simple Minds - Men at Work - Survivor - Peter Cetera - Sir Mix Alot - Huey Lewis and the News - Rick Sprinfield -- --- "Damn dirty ...

I think the Smackdown Championship has set a record...
for most commercial interruptions. I'm not sure even a televised Iron Man match has had this many damn commercials during it.

I will always mark out for Benoit VS Booker T...
1998, baby!!! - "Life's a bitch but god forbid the bitch divorce me..."

My favourite question on CNN today
'If someone came to you that was hearing voices - their radiator is talking to them - you'd suggest that they talk to their dog?' I don't think that's an exact quote because I was cha...

Mr Wrestling II mask for sale
If N E one wants to purchase a Mr Wrestling II mask go to my store I will be adding TONS of masks soon!

Paradise Poker $1,000,000.00 Freeroll details...... 1. How do I enter? There is NO Direct entry into the $1,000,000 main event. Players MUST win their seat into the main event through...

RSPW posters as your pallbearers
1 2 3 4 5 6 -- Never shit a shitter. --------------

I'm sorry, but if the Druids could carry 'Taker away I'd be happy
Just not feeling him in this match

There's only ONE reason Christian is on Smackdown:

The Universal Peep Network
I'd watch it. What other shows would it have? "Touched by a Christian"? "The Captain Charisma Funtime Comedy Hour"? "Star Trek: Peep Space Nine"?

Best WWE DVD Ever???
Which one is the best??? (And this is coming from a guy that never saw Flair or Benoit's DVD)... - "Life's a bitch but god forbid the bitch divorce me..."

"Kristen" drafted to Smackdown!

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