Does Bush believe this also???? The Grand Canyon was carved by Noah's flood. Also, cars run on magic, Native Americans come from Israel, and, no, seriously baby, you don't look fat beg...

I Mark for the Way Snitsky Says "Taboo Tuesday"
Taboooooooooooo Toooooooosdaaaaaaaaay

psycho Coulter's rant this week....
How can someone so HOT be such a c**t?...oh wait....cause she's Ann Coulter!!!!! Inmates 'Have A Plan' To Run The Asylum October 20, 2004 While...

Joe Biden: "Bush is brain dead"
GASP! Biden: Bush 'brain dead' on drug bill Del. GOP says senator's remark went too far By MIKE BILLINGTON / The News Journal 10/20/2004Sen. Joe Biden rallied supporte...

Google SPIES!! according to article...
GASP! Google search tool a privacy risk Users could unwittingly let others see sensitive information NEW YORK (AP) -- People who use public or workplace co...

red sox defeat the pinstriped team from the city of Western greed and commerce
The city that postured as the victim of 2001 -- ignoring the thousands of people of color murdered by the Pentagon -- has seen its beloved baseball team ousted by the traditional also-rans! ...

More posts about Yankees/Sox than wwe's Thatblew tuesday..
hahahaha take that vince.

Red sox vs. Astros = Kery vs. Bush
mASSachusetts vs. Texas.

[conan] Triumph on Spin Alley at Debate #3
"Thank you for your time, and have a nice trip back to Stepford." the Bede /:-)> plus he said "Christian Coalition" so it's all On Topic

Britney Spears does not appear in this post.
Really, what IS up with that tagline in the Chucky trailer?

Deer C the Shocker
Start rooting against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now. Right now. We need all the help we can get. No need to wait until March! >>>>>>>>>>>>>&g...

Deer Bill Simmons
Alcohol Poisoning should be avoided. -- C The Shocker Hit Pay Dirt with K-Dirt!

Deer Red Sox Nation
My anti-rooting for you gave you this victory. Please to be forwarding me my share of the winnings. Thanks. -- C The Shocker Hit Pay Dirt with K-Dirt!

The Bambino has bigger plans
What would hurt the Red Sox more than losing to the Yankees in the ALCS again? Losing to roger clemens in the World Series. Then the Sox will bitch about how he was supposed to retire and ...

I'd mark if the Tom Brady showed up at a Sox rally.........
.........acted all cool, praised the guys, let them rub the Lombardi Trophy for luck.........then BEAT THE HOLY HELL OUT OF MILLAR, all the while screaming "WE'VE WON 20 FUCKING GAMES IN A R...

Start Spreading the News!
The Yanks suck! Wonder if the Red Sox are still pissed they didn't get A-Rod?

Need Help
As only RSPW can. I need some good one liners to give my friend some crap about his beloved Yankees. Please post some good ones as I will see him tomorrow afternoon (if he shows u...

Managers in baseball mean NOTHING
Francona is an was Jack McKeon last year.... it all about great GM's getting the right players (Theo) with the right money.

The 'Burbs is on HBO Family right now!
I await the flaming regarding this classic "You either love it or you hate it" movie. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "The only th...

God let the Sox win because their fans booed John Kerry
Red Sox fans are wholesome conservatives. Everyone else in Massachusetts is an evil LIEbral. Zodiac69 the future of RSPW 864's most promising blue chipper ...

AoGLP congratulates the Boston Red Sox.
After all, it's only fair that Massachusets gets to have ONE winner this year.

Carlito Caribbean Cool doing voiceover work for Papi Ortiz
Keepin the faith = BILLY JOEL LOL

How will the Red Sox lose the WS to the Cards/Astros?
Most likely get piss drunk and forget they have to play, leading to a forfeit sweep. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "The only thi...

The Red Sox are what this country is all about....
The little guy....always getting bullied by the alpha male types. Depressed...but still believe in themselves....even when the odds are against them....they dont quit....just keep fighting....

If You Were Able To Enter The Yankees Locker Room And Insult Them
What would you say?

Boston Red Sox=HHH
They totally squashed the Yanks.

TOA loves Johnny Damon
(half japanese)

Deeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr New York Yankees... three words for you

(OT)Come on some drunk Yankee fan has to run out and start swinging
at some Red Sox.

Deer Zodiac is Naked
Post pics! Or are you a lying liar?

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