Theve got a hindu hot or not site
i wonder if they have one for gail kims too.... one two meets me out meet me outside meet me outside...

Mt St Helens ready to climax
this is the big load you know like when you havent knocked one out for a while and then cant believe how much comes out..... Wrestling is professional

Hot or not site for gail kims!!! LOL The hindu hot or not one is

Top 3 rspwers you would give high hollas to

I invented posting to RSPW
and the blow-away diet. ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

George W.Bush is the best
He has the physique of a wrestler and the intellect of Einstein, I can truly say that George W.Bush is the best president on this planet. But not John Kerry, he is evil and ugly and a...

friday night and the lights are low
looking out for a place to go... anyone could be that guuuuy. night is young and the musics hiiiiigh

[Politix] What I'd mark for
If Kerry got elected, and within the first few weeks in office he nabbed Bin Laden. It would be like Reagan getting the hostages back after Carter didn't for several years. ...

ATTN: Tape Traders
Looking for anyone willing to trade the following: NwO: Back in Black (VHS for DVD) Triple H: The Game (DVD for VHS) WWF Summerslam 88 (Coliseum Video Original) WWF Survivor ...

All short asian guys drive rice burners
FACT: If you know a younger, short asian guy with spiky hair, you can guarandamntee he is driving either a honda accord or toyota civic with a fin and those big mufflers. If ...

RSPW....It's time for a prayer......
Dearly beloved We are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life Electric word life It means forever and that's a mighty long time But I'm here 2 tell u

(OT) Hey L.Anomaly...
Have ya noticed that all the libs have left is "Bush is a dumbass" and "get your head out of his ass"? Sad time to be a Kerry fan. LG -- v I* * * * *=========...

My take of the debates (short and sweet)
It seems to me that the two had v. different strategies. Bush was in pretty much screw-the-middle-energize-the-base mode and Kerry was making the play for the center. I found it to be an i...

Hello friends.
How are we tonight?

Trust the kids ROFLLMFSAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poll: Obercapo of RSPW?
name this person.

Ever been to the Sybaris back in the day?
you know how them strippers was we were all ghetto fabulous...all at the rooms at the sybarus

I want to get cut and lean like Rock D'Wayne Johnson
Rock was a fat samoan at first but now with his Hollywood workout regimen by Billy Banks hes cut and lean and looks awesome. I am trying to do the same. I am not fat but have chubby cheeks ...

Eddie Guerrero will be dead by 2006
he is of weak stock and cant handle stress without the help of chemical assistance.

More wrestlers need to do steroids
if they dont care about their physical appearance and look flabby then why show we care about them? Roid up you dumb uneducated jocks

Ever get a girl drunk (or try) in order to get in her pants?
post good stories. if you say you never did this then you my friend are a liar!

Bush clearly won the debate
if winning = maintaining status quo and filibuster rope a dope strategy then Bush is doing a great job during this campaign so far

More on aggy Lance Armstrong yellow bracelets
i want one now I think it works to impress dumb chicks its a good conversation starter

Shaq and Kobe are the greatest sports enemies ever This is what I expect to hear next: Kobe Bryant accuses Shaquille O'Neal of taking steroids. Shaq fires back that he has a video of Kobe ...

[A Visitation] DoubleT
A small palaver if you will DoubleT. Across the multiverse I have search for one such as you to uphold the magic of RSPW. Ye have not forgotten the face of your father and I would glad...

[no] Sharon Bush on 20/20

Classic Undertaker Matches Available Online
CLASSIC UNDERTAKER MATCHES AVAILABLE ONLINE by Buck Woodward @ 8:45:00 PM on 10/1/2004 has updated their Jukebox, with a new list of matches for October, as well as ...

WWe.Com - The Quest To Be The Best...Of Five
The quest to be the best ... of five by Anthony Cali WICHITA, Kan. - Just over six years ago while competing for WCW, Booker T was entrenched in a best-of-seven series with ...

WWe.Com - Can Kidman Walk Alone
Can Kidman walk alone? by Keith Elliot Greenberg I was about 15 feet from Shawn Michaels when he paraded onto the set of The Barber Shop, the interview segment then hosted b...

WWe News: Flair In Great Pain, RVD Autograph Session, Title Match Added To No Mercy
Friends of Ric Flair observe that he is really, really feeling the effects of his years in the ring and is in extreme discomfort most of the time, but masks it as best he can once he gets to...

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