Garfield With Muscles
Hogan's next flick. Hey, he's orange and does tricks. His daughter can sing the theme song, too "Annnd AI...AIEEE...AIEEEE... will always love you... ou... ou... AIEEE... AIEEE....

Rick Flair
Have you all noticed that wrestling on the wwe has gone downhill real bad since Rick Flair has been there?? He fucked the wcw now he has fucked the wwe. Sack rick and everything will pick...

Say your goodbyes to Ronnie with this tasteful memorial gift... -- Fat Harris, 333's biggest (sizewise) threat. Does not know what to say... http://www.fatharris.c...

6/8: Today in G-History
1893: ERNEST B. SCHOEDSACK, who co-directed, produced, and co-wrote "King Kong", and played the machine-gunner of the plane that killed Kong, is born in Council Bluffs, Iowa. 190...

Will The Woyah be at Reagan's Funeral?
I'm betting he will be there sitting between Jerry Falwell and Mikhail Gorbachev. -- Use our news server '' from anywhere. More details at: http://nnrp...

Buckeye Pro Wrestling results for Friday, June 4th, in Middletown, OH
Buckeye Pro Wrestling results Friday, June 4, 2004 C.C.'s Showcase in Middletown, OH Nigel McGuinness and Cody Hawk were both counted out by BPW owner Dean Baldwin, who appo...

jbl haters are two faced
wwe is more responsible for jbls actions than jbl and yet you people treat wwe like some kinda flower. its a stink weed damnit! all vince will do is make a i will not tolerate this cr...

all you jbl haters are just a bunch of marks
triple h made him do it before asking vince if it was ok

What band's/music is everybody into?
as for me,i mostly listen to underground music,i dont listen to the radio and i dont watch mtv because face it today's mainstream music suck's mostly,if you compare what was popular back the...

Ending the brand split wouldn't work
I saw Danger3210 posting earlier about ending the brand split because of the lack of talent depth on both brands' rosters. Well, I don't think that will work and here's why: ...

PING: John Henry ~~~~~ This is my SIG, and my SIG says EPAT End Post And Thread I SAID EPAT MUTHASUCKA!!

Should Bradshaw be fired for doing a Nazi salute?
If I were running the WWE, I would fire him and here's why: Free speech has nothing to do with it, what he did was something which makes the company he works for look bad. ...

Wait, so WHO is WHO?
WHAT? ~~~~~ This is my SIG, and my SIG says EPAT End Post And Thread I SAID EPAT MUTHASUCKA!!

Bradshaw was waving HI to his friend he saw
it just so happens that waving hi and getting a pic of it looks like he's doing a Nazi Salute. ~~~~~ This is my SIG, and my SIG says EPAT End Post And Thread ...

How to fix Smackdown (easy)
1) The presentation of the show is terrible. Everything is too blue. They need to replace the all-blue ropes with the oldschool red, white, and blue ropes. Get rid of those awful...

Michaels - Orton.

Spanish Fly's Raw Report
I was at the Pepsi Arena tonight. Overall, Raw was a letdown. No Christian, no Hardy. Eugene doing the JYD Headbutts was the high point of the night. Dark Match...

WWE RAW Results (6/7/04)
WWE RAW Results (6/7/04) Albany, NY (Pepsi Arena) Start of the Show: JR reminds us that this Sunday will be Bad Blood and tonight's main events will be Batista vs. Shelton ...

Deer A-Train
Body hair or body oil: PICK _ONE!_ -- My name is: ____ _ / ___| | | | |__ _ __ ___ ___ ...

Our First, And Maybe Last, GARFIELD Review!! Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab... I remain resolutely amazed that any adult with an IQ in the triple digits ...

What if JBL didn't do the Nazi Salute?
Do you think that JBL was just raising his hand to ask a question??? ~~~~~ This is my SIG, and my SIG says EPAT End Post And Thread I SAID EPAT MUTHASUCKA!!

[meta] these Jack Foley: Secret Jew rumors.....
LOL those could cost him a job with certain old-line firms, ya know

'Superstar USA'
- Briggs + Jamie=GOLD Jerry, GOLD. - Mario looks like a walking skeleton - Vitamin C: "I wouldn't do that (eat you up) because I'm not a cannibal, and I'm not gay." CLASSIC. - ...

I mark for Grandma Mille
She rules.

F U Tampa Bay!!!
I missed RAW for THAT? :( Awesome game though... especially the 3rd. Too bad the end result sucks. -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar BRO...

Deer Calgary Flames...
Despite your craftiness in somehow bribing the ref to call that bullshit "Interference" penalty, you still suck and the rest of Canada outside of Alberta still doesn't care. Go Li...

Batista should have gotten lost trying to leave the skybox
Silly Batista.

R.I.P. National Hockey League
You were my favorite sports league which played its games on ice. Hopefully the hockey league which replaces you (after the lockout which will put you out of business) will learn from ...

Little known Reagan-wrestling connection
It was Ronnie who started the catchphrase telling the air traffic controllers: Yourrrrrree Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that ECWJon is back....
can uswajon be far behind? ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

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