Ken Yasuda
WWE has signed bodybuilder Ken Yasuda.

Why is Lindsay Lohan so over on RSPW?

Thats the way you get heel heat
at the St Louis Cardinals game, that jobber fan stole the foul ball from that punk little kid and his mom got all mad. He didnt have to stand up and bust a 'heil hitler' the guy just took th...

The 411 on this weekeends flicks..
NEW YORK - "The Stepford Wives," "The Chronicles of Riddick" and "Garfield" hit theaters this weekend in today's Foxlight. First, the good news. "The Stepford Wives" is not as bad as you've...

Potter tops the box-office.. Vin Who?
LOS ANGELES - The boy wizard held off an interstellar fugitive, robotic wives and a talking cat to maintain his sway at movie theaters. "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" was the top...

20 years of file-sharing.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Warez. Where did the word originate? Since the start of the Internet boom, "warez" has been one of the top terms searched for on search engines. In the early 80's, the word "warez" became t...

"We can play with this team," insisted O'Neal. "We haven't played well yet or shown it yet. "It's a big challenge for us, and the stage is set," O'Neal said. "The pressure is on t...

Well one good thing about Bad Blood this year...
No "Redneck Triathlon" and certainly no "Pie Eating Contest" with Mae Young. "Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl that's dumb." - Al Bundy

healthy Griffey Jr >>> healthy non-roided Bonds 2.0
oh it's's truevy.

Brandy, My Runaway Prison Bride
You never call anymore, Brandy! Why is that? We used to have such, sweet long conversations on the phone, talking for hours! Now, you never call me. I'll always have fond rememberances of yo...

(OT) Nicole Kidman has gone nuts,,2-2004271117,00.html

Bad Blood was AWESOME! of the Best ABC songs ever!

Bad Blood
FIRST BATCH OF READER FEEDBACK FOR BAD BLOOD By: 6/14/2004 12:00:32 AM Page [1] [2] From David I ordered the WWE Bad Blood 2004 on pa...

Bad Blood
First batch of Bad Blood feedback Thumbs: Thumbs definatly up as far as 2004-Late 2003 PPV's are concerned. Best Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H Hell in a Cell

WWE House Show Report 6-13 St. Louis
WWE house show report 6-13 St. Louis by Lee Hamilton Crowd was pretty disappointing. The crowd that was there was pretty hot. Kidman and Paul London defeat...

The Lakers are good sports for making this dramatic
They'll win it all, watch...

(OT NBA) LMAO at the Lakers Group....
An actual quotation: "I won't be watching Game 5. This is worse than the Black Sox scandal with Shoeless Joe Jackson. F**k you, Stern!" -- "Th...

I cant root for Detroit..
But I can root against Karl Malone. Tre D - Stockton knew when to retire #109, #68, #38, #29, #34 on Lvubuns various 5 RSPW poster list "We're here to...

Living in Detroit....
... totally rules right now...

That PPV sucked.

[NBA] Lakers lead 3-1
Oh wait, that would be the PISTONS leading 3-1! C is marking in his pants. B'ele dat sucka.

un-made-on-RSPW point aboot Reagan's funerals.
Ron Reagan Joonyur couldn't even land a decent-looking lesbian to be his "date".

Detroit... come on baby!!
we need 3-1!!

Irish to Africans & Eastern Europeans - GET OUT NOW!!
'The government put out false figures about black women giving birth in Dublin's hospitals,' she said.,6903,1237672,00.html <...

Re: [WWE] Bad Blood Results
Christopher Robin Zimmerman wrote: > Official Theme Song: "Sold Me" by Seether >From the sound of it, NOBODY was sold on it.

[WWE] Bad Blood Results
Results courtesy Scott Christ - visit ! Longer reports are encouraged - send to RSPWI! Raw and Subway present WWE Bad Blood Nationwide Arena Columbus, O...

HBK's Last Match....
I'm seriously concerned about HBK. That match was painfull to watch. It was like the match against Austin where he was in lots of pain. This guy put it all on the line tonite. I wouldn...

So...did ANYBODY watch Bad Blood?
No posts at all.

Re: (OT Porn) Teagan Presley...
Damn, I'm impressed. Elvis managed to have another kid YEARS after he died.

Lindsay Lohan was nude on my TV tonight
"The Parent Trap" was on the Hallmark Channel and in the first 20 minutes of the movie, she has to jump into a lake naked after losing a poker game to herself.

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