Do you have the passion?
Something that you live for? That you Sacrifice for? That you give everything to without blinking an eye? RSPW! That's my passion! The Thing you dream about...

Calling all Web Guru geeky types who like making web pages
I have a need for one or more people with some free time on their hands. It involves helping me create and making it possible for me to easily update and maintain my life's work calling:

I would like to follow up my post on staying in school
by telling all high school students everywhere to please dropout of high school. My wallet thanks you. --- Scott sure hates us. He must be homophobic But we're not...

[OT] Kids...stay in school.
Damn, I always knew that the more schooling you had, the better off you were financially, but sweet jeebus: A high school graduate makes $100K more in his lifetime than a dropout. ...

Update Your AOL Billing Damn they almost got me.

WWE lemmiggs need not apply...
Survey For Possible New Wrestling Channel Posted By Widro on 02.22.04 Let's see if we can help.. A startup groups has expressed recent interest in creating a Pro Wrestling, ...

I thought WWIII just started.
I've been typing away on my paper for my politics class and all of the sudden, the little MSNBC update box popped up with the headline "Car Bomb Explodes outside Iraqi police station". I tho...

[MEMPHIS] Memphis wrestling 2/21/04
----- Original Message ----- From: Gregory White To: Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2004 07:51 PM Subject: Memphis Wrestling Opening round of Southe...

[INDY] Upcoming MI wrestling show's
Saturday Feb 28,2004 Independent Wrestling Revolution presents Code Red At the Warren YMCA, Warren,MI. Sunday February 29,2004 Xtreme Intense Champion...

[WWE] The Rap Sheet - WWE RAW 2/21/2K4 Springfield, IL
The Rap Sheet - from the Crimefighter WWE [RAW] Wrestling 2/21/2K4 - Springfield, IL The infamous Crimefighter is riding in style in a stretch limo to the show... ...

[MEDIA] Motley Fool 2.18.04 WWE Keeps Scrapping OUR TAKE WWE Keeps Scrapping By Seth Jayson February 18, 2004 A screaming World Wrestling Entertai...

The Coolest Thing I've Ever Done
Well, not really, but it's pretty DAMNED cool anyway. Check this out: The new musicBase. Go look. Keep a tray in front of your ...

Dave Chappelle Bulge He be half baked, but I fuck it like gay man would. "I am superior to you and that upsets you"

People say Jeff and Dragan same person
but its Jason and Mr Pothead who blow your mind. "I am superior to you and that upsets you"

Ivan Koloff made good match
against gay Dusty Rhodes. It was slobber knocker yo. I be down with the holmes like a slice of white bread with mold. "I am superior to you and that upsets you"

rick james ep on at 1am easter tonight
chapeeeeeeellele rules Rspw sucks "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Victoria Interview: She Reads RSPW ?????? Victoria lets (most of) it all hang out on RAW by Phil Speer Feb. 20, 2004 A lyric from “All The Things She Said” by T.A.T.U....

Drop The Bombshell
MCMAHON TO DROP A BOMBSHELL, REKINDLE MONDAY NIGHT WAR Feb. 23, 2004 The Monday Night War may have ended several years ago, but it seems that one battle never did. On RAW, that battle w...

I miss malenko's "James Bond" gimmick
Actually, i just miss the music, but still it was a great angle

Gay Lvubun2004
one of best day in RSPW history. ***** gimmick. Brilliant comments Dragan

I like blogs....... KW!

Wayne & Garth enter the ring first, to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" As they stand in the ring, musing about their show and how Wayne i going to bag that Hot Asian Babe, out of the...

Tom Brady Shirtless(For Jeffh) Jeff needs new wallpaper so i thought i would help him out. Ya know I would love for him to lead me to a game...

Ty Law's Butt Damn he can intercept my balls on 1st, 2nd or 3rd down.

This is the most disturbing day in RSPW history..
..simply an embarrassment. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes throug...

[Milhouse-related] how do Canadians pronounce "gout"?

Tim Mcgraw Bulge He's a little bit country, i'm a little bit Rock n Roll, his dog died, I like Snoop Dogg think its time for us to do a C...

ya know what's fun?
spending half an hour strolling thru 8 weeks of posts, removing all PUSA Dusty's 1-day sockpuppets.

Justin Timerlake Shirtless and Huge Bulge Nigga, i'm gonna have u naked by the end of this post. When i'm done working you with my 9 inch Teletubby you will be the crying a r...

Ravishing Rick Rude Pube Shot You can stick my wife on your tights if u want, but I'm ripping 'em off......

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