Chink person in american idol commercial
Guy sing bad "she bangs" and bad teeth...this guy need to be manager of Yakuza in WWE Dragan

Let hope Rock next movie is big failure
So Rock return full time and cut great promo on Raw every and each week! /retard voice on "MY NAME IS KANE"--Rock Dragan

I am going be pimp now
Like WWE Godfather Snoop and JeffH I sick of be nice to girls. I ready to be pimp and make love to different woman every night. Dragan

Can someone explain again........ is Mike Martz a genius? ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

Deer Mike Martz
Too bad you didn't go for the TD instead of the FG you fucking idiot. Enjoy watching the rest of the postseason from home.

The Mets are so pathetic.......
.....they had a conference call to announce they HAD NOT signed Vladimir Guerrero......... ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

Tony Siragusa is to football announcers...
...what Art Donovan was to wrestling announcers.

(Stl/Car)This is like the immovable object and the irresistable force.....
Except it's the idiotic coach versus the inept team....... ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

Rams = Dumb
play for the win at home, the tie on the road. ******************** This bird you cannot change.

OT: New KazaaLite URL
Really cool program and AD free!

Missy Hyatt on Keen Fuckin' Awesome...I haven't called but... ;) --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free...

Best Covers
What covers, re-makes and/or samples are very good? In some cases almost as good as the original? Def Squad's remake of "Rappers Delight" is damn good. Also, I much prefer L...

Why was Harley Race a star?
even when he was young he looked old, and i don't remember any real powerful promos. doesn't look like a badass either. i'd not fight him at a bar out of sympathy. ***...

Harley Race on the St. Louis Rams' sideline
now is the time! put in kurt warner! NOW IS THE TIME! after all, he was the star of the missouri territory. ******************** This bird you cannot change.

Tell me he did not just say that
He's really religious and he discovered he can talk about it and is doing so because he's heartened to find out that "people in the south are very open about religion?" Holy Shit, that's bad...

(News) Jesse Ventura as Harvard Visiting Fellow
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The Body is heading to Harvard. Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, known as Jesse "The Body" during his pro wrestling career, will join Harvard's Institute of P...

(Report) Jericho on Off The Record
Intro is highlights from Jericho's last appearance on the show. Jericho does the typical Landsberg intro, he shaved for the appearance. They did a new image for the show, and had...

(INFO) Hidden interviews on Flair DVD
Two hidden interviews on the Ric Flair DVD set. On disc two, highlight the title "A Day in the lie of the Horsemen" and press left on your remote. The screen cuts to the old Horseman Chess g...

(poll) Favorite NFL ref?
a) The black guy b) That big dude c) Alfred Hitchcock d) Other

*POULE* Your newspaper obituary.......
We check the obits at work and score them for creativity in announcing that someone has died. People seem to be getting more and more creative, with stuff like... "A golden chario...

biggest markout in The Scorpion King?
??? I vote for The Rock's quartz-and-bamboo telescope

what I learned from rewatching The Scorpion King:
It's not the size of the hump--it's the motion of the camel.

How much is in your wallet right now sucka?
Ha... 23 bucks "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

Prayer for The 14 - 2 Patrioooos
Please defeat McNair and his nasty crew of Titans like you did earlier in the season. Tom Brady, Please don't throw any interceptions today. Deion Branch please catch the bombs Brady will se...

Jason v Freddy dvd Tuesday~
That movie kicked ass.. "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

I think Bret Hart would return to ref Benoit's first title win
With WM20 getting closer and this rumor of Benoit winning it all this year makes me think Bret Hart might just return for such an event. Damn that would be the most markworthy thing WM20 wis...

Benoit getting the WMXX push rules
Bring Bret Hart in to ref a match with him and HHH. Benoit/Hart move to RAW and start the new hart foundation with Jericho/Trish but as faces. HHH ends up going to Smackdown to make up for ...

social distortion is playing in Orlando this Sunday
They are pretty good imo "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

Jon Faverau at the daredevil premiere on madtv
haha mad tv is actually really underrated. I hardly hear anyone talk about it but their impersonations are 100x better then snL and their skits too. "I am better then you and that make...

[RACE] Post to every newsgroup on Usenet
go! ******************** This bird you cannot change.

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