Funny "airline" web site.
I saw this one on alt.books.tom-clancy Check it out....

I hate the theme of 'The Simple Life' almost as much as I hate...
Tubby H. -- Damn dirty fleas...

WWE GIMMICK IDEA: Bite the Curb guy
dusty rhodes eye spike < biting the curb damage. ******************** This bird you cannot change.

Zero is impossible to demonstrate
show me zero things. ******************** This bird you cannot change.

[O/T] Hindsight...
"This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us." -Western Union internal memo, 1876.

How about this gimmick
Man changes name to Bubba Bubba Bubba - - - - - - - - - - - - Dec. 1, 2003 | SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- What's in a name? If you're the former Raymond Allen Gray Jr., only...

What Happend To The Booker T "I Remember" Angle
For those wondering what happened to the Booker T "I Remember" note storyline, WWE officially dropped plans to continue the angle. I have it confirmed Goldust was set to be the author ...

LowGenius.Com site redesign complete
ten days later. I've still got some little shit to do, but it's mostly finished - just some spellchecking in the databases, and for some reason the database connection behind the quotebas...

Horatio Hornblower Yapapi strap match on A&E.
OK, not the movie they have tonight, but the one they did last night, I was expecting that guy to start yelling "YAPAPI! YAPAPI! YAPAIPI!" a la Hulk Hogan when he was whipping that traitor g...

(OT)The Allen Comes story

Even Tiger Woods...
isn't immune to the Black Kryptonite! At least he did it the legit way unlike Kobe..

Bye Bye Bonzi
Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Bahahaha -- C The Shocker Blog: RSPW World Cyber-Weight Champion "Liberal...

I'll wager you 25 cents
When I saw Christian & Jericho make their bet, I thought I was watching Trading Places again.

Dear UK/London, England RSPWers......
Hey, I'll be in London for two weeks next month and want to know of some good Chinese restaurants (favorite food). What part of London? By what tube station? Your other favorite restaurants ...

Maybe Jericho put the kibosh on the trish storyline
You never know,,maybe he pulled a marc mero '96 (Not wanting to be involved in a romantic storyline with someone who isnt his wife). Remember, he IS very religious.

Trish will STILL sleep with Jericho.
Cause she's a ho......HO! She's a ho......HO! She's a ho.......I said that she's a ho.....HO!

"Inept clod"?
When was the last time you heard anyone use that phrase? 411 quotes PWTorch quoting wrestlers backstage saying that about John Thirdreich. Which wrestler would actually say something like t...

Official SmackDown! Preview for the 4th December 2003 - John Cena or Chris Benoit?
The following is from JOHN CENA OR CHRIS BENOIT? Dec. 4, 2003 Last week on SmackDown!, Paul Heyman gave 20 SmackDown! Superstars the opportunity of a lifetime....

WWE Storyline Plans, Brock Lesnar, Shannon Moore
WWE is trying to promote Brock Lesnar as the 'greatest WWE champion of all-time'. He is expected to promote himself as that in upcoming promos. It has also been added to his ring entrance. <...

Foley's TV Show
EX-WRESTLER LANDING TV ROLE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- December 3, 2003 -- BELOVED pro-wrestler turned best-sell...

Sylvan Genier's Severe Back & Neck Problems
a.. Sylvan Grenier of La Resistance remains very banged up with severe back and neck problems. Grenier had too much swelling in his back for an MRI to reveal his condition, but is set to und...

Savage Returning To The Ring
a.. Randy Savage has been hinting in interviews that he may be working for NWA TNA or WWE in the near future. Some sources say that some major fence-mending has taken place between Savage an...

Foley, Chris Jericho, Trish
-Three of the biggest subjects being talking about coming out of Monday's Raw are (a) Mick Foley's return; (b) the Chris Jericho-Trish-Christian-Lita storyline; and (c) Matt Hardy not gettin...

For Nathan Jones, A Homecoming
by Phil Speer SAN JOSE, Calif. - Dec. 2, 2003 - Many of the SmackDown! Superstars are taking part in their first international tour this week, the Passport to SmackDown! Tou...

(OT) Anybody seen Story of Ricky ?
My mate and I are hiring it over Xmas - looks good - is it? Any other ultra sicko vids that are so ott that you'd reccommend? *Mark Darrah*

Damn that was fast...I just got my ICW VCD from Ashmedia...
Great VCD. This fucking thing is actually *fun* to watch! Are there any plans for these fuckers to come down into South Carolina?

Simple Episode? Re: Paris
So ... the first episode of the "Simple Life" was shown on FOX last night. Here are some ongoing thoughts regarding Paris, at least: ...

Clarification On RAW Firings
I've gotten a few emails asking why Scott Steiner, Test and the other wrestlers who were "fired" on Raw by Mick Foley this week didn't show up on the Smackdown tapings yesterday. For those ...

Nicole Ritchie

John Heidenreich An "Inept Clod"
Wrestlers feel he is an inept clod... Many wrestlers are very upset that John Heidenreich was signed to a long term contract last week. Most feel that he is a nice guy but an inept clo...

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