Rumor squashing
Any truth to the rumor that Vince got royally pissed at the guys who put together the "Rise and Downfall of WCW" DVD only to find a lot of current WWE stuff in the "Downfall" section? ...

Read this.
It is all at once the most disturbing, off-the-wall, and *accurate* portrayal of the wrestling business that I've ever seen, anywhere. Shoot fiction. Whoda thunk it? http://ww...

I'm gonna no-sell the winter storm
I'm sleeping in a tent in the yard tonight.

"Heel" Article at 411wrestling -curious O...k....

Gollum rap

Poll: If you Died Would Anyone Care?
Well? Jimbo Jones -Most respected RSPW poster (99-current)

The following NBA players need to retire (or get capped)
This is an e-mail my buddy sent out. If you're against vulgar or extremely politically incorrect language, then don't read it. Say what you may, but it had me rolling in laughter.

What Was The First DVD You Ever Bought?
For me it was "Blade Runner, The Director's Cut". Mark van Pelt A Fan "That's not right. That's not even wrong!"-Wolfgang Pauli

Johnny Fairplay
Color his hair black and make it longer and he = X-Pac It's true It's damn true

Smackdown Results From Singapore
Hello there, I am Chan Yin Seng. Not sure if anyone remember me, but I am the one who sent the results to the last time WWE come to Singapore.( early 2002) ...

Poll - What far fetched beliefs do you have?
and no flaming damnit!

Ace and Mallory dating in real life ... like Spike Dudley dating Natalie Portman. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the ...

Best Jimmy Snuka Promo ever

Hulk Hogan did inform NWA-TNA that his knee isn't recovering well after his surgery and all wrestling dates have been postponed for him until at least mid-2004. He has to cancel his Japan co...

Neck Injuries
They Still Haven't Learned Almost eight months ago I wrote a column that began with this paragraph: "There has been a very disturbing tre...

"Highspot" definition question for folks in the business...
John Demidgetparalegal Williams posted on TOA ( > I don't even think "risk" is needed. Flair in the headlock with Steambo...

[non-gay poll] biggest markout for out-of-nowhere band apperance in a movie?
ZZ Top - Back To The Future 3 The Circle Jerks - Repo Man Aerosmith - Wayne's World 2 Royal Crown Revue - The Mask There must be a ton more, but I know you'll think of them. ...

Wrestlemania Week Will Be A Frenzy In New York City
WrestleMania week will be a frenzy in New York City "WrestleMania Fan Frenzy" is the name applied to the exciting array of activities planned in New York City for the days leadin...

WWE Fate, Not Fake, For This Fan
Article Published December 5, 2003 WWE fate, not fake, for this fan Story by Nikolaus Olsen Ever since he was 4 years old, Darrin Collins has been a profes...

Buffy's little sister tryin to be a hottie...
... - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technolo...

WWE Picture of the day Eddie is so awesome. ___________________________________________________________________ Now that'll put asses in their seats! Jus...

(Poll) Fruitcake
Does anyone like Fruitcake ?

Mashed Moore For the second week in a row, Shannon Moore got obliterated by one of Heyman's gigantic thugs. The angle is really working out well; it's fairly obvious that Moore is...

Passport To Smackdown! Results Seoul, Korea
Passport To Smackdown! Results Seoul, Korea Seoul, Korea Chamsil Stadium Thursday, December 4, 2003 As the show started Ric Flair came out and told the crowd that wh...

Man, Heyman is sooooo much better than Steph
I'll enjoy her abscense as much as I can. And while I'm at it, Dawn Marie is the best looking woman on SD. She's easily better than Mrs. Kidman or Sable. -- Majiin - ...

Scott Steiner Injured
Scott Steiner missed the house shows last weekend and hasn't wrestled due to a deep thigh bruise, much like the one Triple H had recently. From what I heard, Steiner got the injury tak...

Flair Freaks Out
The Smackdown talent is halfway around the world, working their tour of Asia and Australia. As you would probably guess, the travel itinerary for this loop is not one that many, if any, of t...

Its a damn shame that Eddy doesnt have his own shirt
seriously, how much does it cost to make a few 'cheat 2 win' shirts and putem on shopzone? --- JD864~ 'this is bullshit' - bret hart

Die Easy
It's curtains for John McClane Is John McClane about to push up daises? Apparently, according to both Total Film and the Filmrot site. The site reports several new details about the

The Clintons (yes) Nominated For Grammys,2933,104934,00.html Sen. Clinton, Ex-President Up for Grammys Friday, December 05, 2003 WASHINGTON In one of the more unexpecte...

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