Okay, Who Sent The Snow?
Storm Blankets Eastern States in Ice and Snow By JAMES BARRON December 6, 2003 (copyright The New York Times) The first major snowstorm of the season - a powerful one-two pu...

I Guess Libraries Really Do Give Us Power
http://www.nytimes.com/2003/10/09/technology/circuits/09POGUE-EMAIL.html?ex=1071717883&ei=1&en=ad1321bffda0235b The File-Sharing Debates By DAVID POGUE October 9, 2003 (copyright...

The McDonald's Generation
http://www.boners.com/grub/791112.html -- Tsar Andy Atkinson Card-carrying member of the B.O.B. #16 on Top 100 Posters n8chaboy508 - Yahoo! msur0...

Hi, I'm Gert!
And this is my brother Bert! Hi! We're here to help you stay alert... and stay safe!

(NBA) Did anybody mention Jr. Dunleavy's two powerbombs?
Dunleavy's undercuts on that Anderson guy looked nasty and that 2nd one looked like a better powerbomb than sid could ever do....and it was still safer than D'Lo.

FS: 2000 "WWF" (Pro-Wrestling) "Valentine's Day" Sheets/Cards Box Set
2000 "WWF" (Pro-Wrestling) "Valentine's Day" Sheets/Cards Box Set I have for sale the 2000 World Wrestling Federation "Valentine' Day" Sheets/Card Box Set (Factory-Sealed). The set inc...

[LOTR Poll] Typcast or Push?
Object is simple: predict the future careers of these actors from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Typcast, or pushed, or neither? Choose one who (n.N) you think will get typecasted the...

[OT] My DS (aka Tom Sneddon) parody about Jack Tramiel
Title : J.T. Warner almost killed Atari It was barely alive When that Jack Tramielski came and took it And spread all his lies I bet he secretly still owned Commodore

I didn't know Heyman was fired from WCW for fraud
Sex, Lies & Headlocks page 108, talking about the massive firings that Bill Watts engaged in it mentions that Heyman was fired for "expense fraud". In hindsight, doesn't seem that far ...

You have made it abundantly clear that you are against the LA Lakers. But. why are you so against the people in Los Angeles who (nN) like to go to the lake for the weekend, and get in ...

fuckyou nadz
damn, that story about you hitting on that chick with a boyfriend put all kind of hope in my little heart, only to hear you got squashed by a hoss. i like this one chick (and coincidentally ...

Let it be...Naked (Across the Universe)
wow...just...wow. Krusty, goosebumps...

Okay, that reminds me...Wasn't there a "Night Before Christmas" rspw post with Vader?
Wasn't there an outstanding post a few years back about Vader and the night before Christmas?

More stories should end with Bastion Booger killing himself
Especially Christmas stories.

Paul Shaffer Radio Shack commercials
I do not find them annoying.

Customers who bought Michael Jackson's "Number Ones" also recommend...
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/stores/detail/-/music/B0000DJE9R/advice/103-8149669-5387859 http://makeashorterlink.com/?C37824BB6

(Multiple Choice)How well do you know your "Whiteboy goes to Japan" movies?
1) Stunningly handsome (albeit a closet queer in real life) white man goes to Japan. a) Shogun b) Mr. Baseball c) The Last Samurai 2) Said white guy walks around l...

Don't you think Ron Simmons would get his heat back if....
he went back and used his WCW theme again? "Get in the ring CHUMP, And let's THUMP, A couple of blows are gonna put you on your RUMP Chop-chop bam, then a left-right-left the...

I know what REALLY happened to Zach Gowan's leg....
it was eaten by Tubby H -- Damn dirty fleas...

My farfetched belief: Do you think we're the only ones in the Universe?
I was about to answer that "farfetched belief" thread with my belief that I don't think there's any way we're the only life form in the universe...but then I wasn't sure that was so farfetch...

TNA is Hogan's bitch slut mistress
Hogan is married to WWE. They are going through some rough times. He keeps saying to TNA, "Yeah, as soon as I get through this divorce, you and I can get marr...

The Heel
The heel is the bottom of the foot. 'That was piss. That was some punk asshole's piss. THAT WAS FUCKING PISS!' The heel turned towards the crowd. "WHO THE HELL THREW T...

The West Coast storm is a JOBBER
That's right!

Bring back Zach Gowen
I want him to get jobbed out and viciously ribbed.

The Weather Channel needs to be more like WWE
The news anchors should over-shill everything, first of all. "MAH GAWD! THIS STORM IS THE CRAZIEST SON OF A BITCH I'VE EVER SEEN! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR WEATHER CHANNE...

[RSPW FF] I just went to set my rosters
:-( By the way...if you haven't heard, I finished 3-10. DEAD LAST! With an 8 game losing streak!

CptainDan is already suffering from
cabin fever and he's only been inside 8 hours. We need to perform an intervention.

Hi, I'm Larry...
...this is my brother Darryl...

Calling all RSPW Laker Haters
Reply to this thread. I need a roll call. -- C The Shocker Blog: http://pdxchris.blogspot.com/ RSPW World Cyber-Weight Champion "Liberals don't want to fight terrorism....

To my brahs in the path of WINTERSTORM 2003
At least there is a reason your temperatures are in the single digits.... Here it was sunny and clear today....with a high of 27. Right now it is 20 degrees with a wind chill of ...

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