WWE Smackdown Brand House Show Report: Indiana
WWE Smackdown Results Indianapolis, Indiana 1) Tajiri defeats Kidman with the Buzzsaw kick to the head. This match was probably the second best match on the show. The little guys ...

WWE 12/13 Chicago Smackdown Brand House Show Results
There had to be close to 7500 people in the building. A really really good house show. MATCH 1: Yoshihiro Tajiri VS Billy Kidman: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Y...

12/13 WWE Smackdown In Chicago: Paul London Shines, Cena Over Huge
WWE Smackdown house show December 13, 2003 Chicago, Ill. at Allstate Arena Report by Manny Sanchez of Round Lake Beach, Ill., PWTorch.com reader There had to be close to 7500...

Clarification On Armageddon Match
Since I have gotten a few emails on this already, I thought this should be clarified. On the official WWE Armageddon website, http://armageddon.wwe.com/, the following...

Finally watched The Hulk (n.Hogan)
I think the reason why it broke even at the box office was because the movie just wasn't any fun like a superhero movie should be. The Hulk at it's core is about multiple personalities and ...

imyj keyjboard is fucked up
i cantf postf myj armageddon review butf atf leastf i saw goldberg lose tfhe tfitfle live. damn keyjboard "I am better then you and that makes you angry." ...

When's the last time the heels held all the titles?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but heels currently hold all the WWE titles. World Champion: HHH Intercontinental: Orton World Tag Team: Flair/Batista Women's: Molly WWE ...

Minister of information: "Saddam as NOT been arrested."
"He was just visiting his barber and dentist."

Well, I'm not watching RAW tonight
not after Team McMahon won all the titles. The Weather Channel is more interesting, and not as predictable. Mike

All your show are belong to Haitch...again.
We all know it's coming... > Eric: "Take off every 'BELT'!" > > HHH: "For great rating." - bill, beating the rush

Dirty kitchens feeding our troops
(( Haliburton is feeding our troops? WTF??? It looks like Cheney really is skimming from both ends. This shit wouldn't be happening if the govt. used military cooks. I know for a fact th...

Katie Couric doing her best to talk down Saddam's capture!
To quote Hans Gruber "Regular as clockwork." Katie's angle is that there's been two attacks since yesterday, so capturing Saddam actually made things worse. Unbelievable.

Peck's going down like a cheerleader on prom night! --The Saxist #616 on the "864 Greatest Things of All Time" list Tied for 4th Best Poster...

So did Crowbar show up at the PPV?
Wasn't this a rumor on someone's site? I'm glad I watched the finale of Survivor instead og the PPV.HHH wins so now I have to skip RAW tonight. as a protest.

I really hate the way Japanese media sensationalizes their inferior "superstars"
They give their piss-poor celebrities that no one outside of Japan (and perhaps HK) knows from a hole in the ground around 20-25 min on the national news. I would totally agree if they had ...

According to sources in British intelligence...
Saddam was carrying with him hand written notes indicating that Mohammad Atta, the lead hijacker in 9-11 received training from Abu Nidal, IN BAGHDAD. If this turns our to be true, it will ...

My Weekend in Wrestling
On Friday, Chasyn and I did an autograph signing at a skating rink to promote a show the next day in the area. Autograph signings are always very weird for me. I've never been a fan of them ...

Saddam has come back from the dead more times than...
TuPac, Elvis, and Biggie ~~~~~ END COMMUNICATION

As Triple Bitch and his no-job squad enjoy their belts...
...I'd like to say Merry Christmas and wish everyone a safe and happy 1997!

! Now all these "political refugees" from Iraq can go home..
..ha ..what.. and give up welfare, food stamps, and unemployment? NEVER!!

Saddam captured=
Bush being re-elected and the cycle of Middle class getting SCREWED OVER continues!!!!!!! (

Will they bring Saddam out for sweeps?
In February will Saddam make guest appearences on "Friends" and "Will & Grace" or how about Saddam on the hit show "Queer Eye for the Iraqi Guy" all coming soon to NBC! Fox will probably hav...

Lauryn Hill disses Catholics AT THE VATICAN!!
Anyone else hear about this?

Before they Execute Saddam...
I sure hope that they allow the International Hide and Seek Foundation to present him with his well deserved Player of the Year award. He hid for almost nine months from an entire army, d...

So when will Saddam...
Be the new co-co-gm of RAW? Shut Up, Shut the Hell Up!

(META) RSPW has their panties in a bunch!
1) Saddam... caught! Wow, the mighty US war machine took nine months to find a decrepit looking old irrelevent smelly hobo living in a ditch in a town they'd been occupyin...

One benefit to a FACE Jericho..
..he is capable of cutting some WICKED promos against HHH if they would let him. I think he could get over like the Rock if they let him go off on HHH. - "If I were me,...

The cry of dispair over Saddam's capture...
No, that wasn't the moujahidin or al-quaida...it was the Dean campaign staffers... Grativo

The Iraqi Information minister speaks out one Saddam's recent capture
http://www.theinformationminister.com/press.php?ID=619056725 You all will love it!!! -- Owen Aardvark333 Master Of The Dreaded "!" of DOOM!!!!! No. 45 on th...

[WWE] Armageddon results
(Thanks to cfgb for these results - visit shootingstarpress.com) Final Fantasy X-2 presents WWE Armageddon 2003 TD Waterhouse Centre Orlando, Florida 1... Booker T (9'1...

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