WWE Raw papers MSG house show
The Hurricane used the chokeslam at the RAW brand house show in MSG despite being told not to by WWE management. WWE management gave him a stern lecture and was told again to not use it anym...

What If...?
What if Saddam just came out and said.. "Hey all the mass graves, all the injustices. Everything"..... I'm Sorry! Then cant we just forgive him, if he real...

Armageddon sounds awesome
Too bad I missed it... Evolution with all the gold, and HHH finally gets his belt back!!! I was watching Fairplay getting screwed out of the $1M :( -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

Confirmed Shitty RAW Matches
Dave@wrestlingobserver.com WWE.com has listed three matches for tonight's Raw: *Booker T & Maven vs. Mark Henry & Matt Hardy *Rico vs. John Heidenreich - a rematch from thei...

My Armageddon Report live
Got in as soon as Booker T was making his entrance againsT Mark Henry, We got blazed out in the parking lot before and then had to get beer. I had no signs cause i just said fuck it i dont w...

My keyboard is fixed
praise jesus "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Armageddon sucked
my bad "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

I eat chicken
yea mami "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

I smell good
yea baby "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Women are insane
Amen "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Hurricane Helms got a *stern* talking to...
He came SO close to being grounded...heh --- From Rajah.com/wwf: # Hurricane Shane Helms went against company orders at the December 12th RAW brand house show at Madison Squa...

The Simpsons was damn funny tonight.
They really went all out. -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me by

Viva La Bam's Dad looks like a wrestling person...
..but its driving me crazy I cant think of who....is it Capt Lou Albino? I havent seen a pic of him in forever either. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailb...

How To Book Wrestlemania XX
by Various Writers 12/15/2003 3:44:00 PM TOMMY FIERRO LOOKS AT HOW HE'D BOOK WRESTLEMANIA XX With WrestleMania XX only a few months away, fans are startin...

Stage Catches Fire At Armaggeddon
Thanks To Scottish Weirdo For Sending This In. Hey, I got some news about Armageddon from last night. Things you might have not seen. - During the Booker T and Mark Henry match, ...

When papering the house DOESN'T work...
This one is ready-made for Figure 4. It's serious also. In today's Huntington, WV newspaper there was a story about a show in Wayne, WV that drew 20 fans, more embarrassing because the promo...

Safety scissors can't cut for shit!
Oh well, I'd rather my little girl have all her fingers then a perfectly cut square. The High Priestess of OT posts. Lyin' on the floor watching a bug crawl by ...

WWE Pro-American...
I guess I shouldn't be surprised about this when Vince is sending his unsold ShopZone merchandise to Iraq "to thank the troops", but I can't help wonder why, when more and more of the WWE'...

( OT ) Bush said....
Something along the lines of..... "The capture of SH brings an end of fear for Iraqi Citizens.... but for we Americans, the violence doesn't end here..." WHATT...

Hey Mottolla......
Did you wear out your welcome in APWW, now you are posting in this lacky ass NG. Your past will always come back to haunt you. Mr. BoJanglez

Hi, my name is Donald Rumsfeld...and what was your name again?

PWTorch reviewer guy says Evolution "saved" the PPV...
....from being a ZERO star PPV...WTF? - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes t...

jim ross should provide commentary on tonights coronation street
martin platt!!! martin plat!!! martin plat!!! mah gawd!!! look at the carnage!!! hellfire and brimstone!!! he pulled that handbrake like a guvment mule!!! etc etc.

Gail Kim Comes To Armaggeddon
Gail Kim comes to Armageddon by Phil Speer ORLANDO, Fla. - Dec. 14, 2003 - A new resident of nearby Tampa, Gail Kim made the 90-minute drive to come to Armageddon tonight. <...

Respecting The Rock
At 10:10 p.m. last Monday night my cell phone rang. It was a call I hadn't received in many years. The last time that call came in was the night the invasion. It was the night Paul Hey...

RIP Steve Perry
Goodnight funnymany, you will be missed.

Wrestlemania XX: Bush vs Saddam in a Hell in the Cell Match!
All I can think of is...... {"Real American" plays over sound system} Led by Hogan, GW comes to the ring with attire similar to Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, even wearing a star...

Goldberg Fucks Up Again
--No serious injuries at Armageddon last night although Goldberg came out of the match banged up, probably from the spot where the table was supposed to break and he slid off the table and h...

Re: Is Don't Trust Anybody RSPW's best poster?
Don't Trust Anybody is Mottola from alt.pro-wrestling.wwf

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