Bischoff to Smackdown! is reporting from RAW that the plans are for Bischoff to goto Smackdown and start a feud with Heyman. "I am better then you and that makes you angry." ...

Hebner will never raise Foley's hand
MOTO, eh? D-Chance. RSPW's most on-topic poster. 100% on-topic... 100% of the time.

Shouldn't Foley-Orton be the main event of RAW
or at least saved for the Rumble? -- Damn dirty fleas...

So next weeks RAW is only 10 minutes long?
-- Damn dirty fleas...

No Dues paying, green arrogant ass
of Randy Orton lol. Foley rules

RIP Rico
You were my favorite fake gay guy that got to feel up Jackie Gayda every week. --Sax Just beating the crowd before he dies in the ring tonight.

It's not like Mick wrestled outside the WWE or anything....
WCW or ECW never existed -- Damn dirty fleas...

LOL they edited out Chyna from the Foley video!!
-- Damn dirty fleas...

who cares about fat foley?
not me.. this staind song sucks too "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Yay! WWE is coming to town!
Even if it is the RAW brand. Please have Trish, Lita, Victoria. I'll even accept Jericho, Christian, Orton and Flair. No Goldberg or HHH, please. -- Tsar ...

Say what you will but I think Jericho should turn face
It's getting old with his opponents now that he's a face he can work against new people. Not only that but every wrestler wants to the chance to get cheered and if he's a face he could actua...

I ALWAYS hated face Jericho
Why can't he just stay heel? As a face, he just spouts the same lines all the time. He was only good to insult Stephanie. -- Damn dirty fleas...

LOL at JR!!
So Christian shouldn't push Trish ONLY because it's the Holiday season? In fact. Why wrestle at all? Just have Santa pass out presents for 2 hours? And have Kane give everyone hugs? -- ...

Married With Children Christmas > Raw
But i'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. -- ____________ What is going on here? I want to know. I have to know. Because that's the only way to find out who...

Why are Lita's eyes in the sky?
Is she like God? -- Damn dirty fleas...

Evolution just whipped their dicks out...
and placed them on the foreheads of fans everywhere. The High Priestess of OT posts. Lyin' on the floor watching a bug crawl by It walked up my face and head straight ...

Oh go away Tubby H...
Go eat yourself to til you become bigger than Loch Ness (the wrestler) -- Damn dirty fleas...

(OT) This guy has WORKRATE~! Blatantly stolen from alt.ufc -- "The Original Cactus" Jack Foley "Have fun, stay cool, try ...

Saddam's Punishment......
.........should be to watch a month's worth of cRAW episodes -- No, that would be too inhumaine even for him -- it would be equivalent to 100 years of hard labour in a penitentiary.

From the office of Howard Dean....
Well, its true. We have absolutely nothing left to offer. Tried to appeal to those god fearing, gun lovers with the confederate flags, didn't work. We cant do gun control, we never gain vote...

News On Triple H's Title Win, Ric Flair's Position
News On Triple H's Title Win, Ric Flair's Position Story By: Ben Johnson December 15, 2003 Ric Flair is said to be having the time of his life in WWE right now, and is totall...

Saddam's Punishment......
I think that Saddam Hussein should be sentenced to a makeover by the Fab Five. Come on, you know you'd mark out!! BravesFan- "Yea and God said to Abraham, 'You will k...

Why the hell is Michael Irvin an analyst?
He freaking sucks. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with g...

Chyna To Do A Porn Movie ????
On the Howard Stern radio show this morning, pro wrestling was brought up - kinda. Howard and company mentioned Chyna possibly doing a porn movie with Tabitha Stevens. An official quote was ...

I hope McNabb proves he is overrated tonight
Just this once however. ****** "Where's MY book?!" -Molly Holly Proud member of the B.O.B.

I've got the hots for an emo chick
Anyone have any advice for dealing with this sort of girl, aside from buying some wire-frame glasses and an Izod shirt?

Iron Man Match at wm20 with Angle v Benoit for title
they should do that since bret wont come back "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Philly is gonna destroy Miami tonight
or so i hope "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

No comment on Joe Horn pulling out the cell phone?
Ok, I know no one was watching the Gnats/Saints last night........... Seriously, the Saints maybe the most unlikeable team in the NFL. Even their own coach hates them. *****...

I predict HHH drops title to someone at RAW tonight
Kane or Goldberg one of them. "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

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