Val Venis/Storm v Flair/Batista feud
Time to give Val/Lance a serious push. "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Bill Goldberg Not Happy Again; Causes Re-Write At RAW
by Dave Scherer Updated: 12/16/2003 12:05:40 PM Numerous WWE locker room sources have told me that Bill Goldberg, again, is not at all happy with how he is being...

you can leave now and beat the traffic
or you can stay and beat your meat.. "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Orton, Batista Enjoy Career Night
Orton, Batista enjoy career night TAMPA, Fla. - Dec. 15, 2003 - Neither Randy Orton nor Batista said he could sleep last night. Both Evolution members lay awake practi...

Dupree Turns The Big 2-0
Dupree turns the Big 2-0 by Phil Speer TAMPA, Fla. - Dec. 15, 2003 - Rene Dupree of La Resistance is celebrating his 20th birthday today. "I feel old, man," joked...

Old Friends Visit At Tampa RAW
Old friends visit at Tampa RAW by Phil Speer TAMPA, Fla - Dec. 15, 2003 -- Several faces familiar to longtime wrestling fans were on hand tonight. That is often the case whe...

Bret Hart on front page of
it says best champion ever , but who else is? "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

For Madden 2004 players it's create a players that werent put in the game for this season so you can make updated rosters if ya want. i added...

Off Air Notes From RAW
Tampa Bay Jay sent this report. Against my better judgment, I cut short my date with the wife to attend Raw tonight-it was my second wedding anniversary. If she didn't expect

News On RSPW 14th Annual Year-End Awards
Posted on 12/16/103 by Bob Magee In the first of the online year-end wrestling awards, the newsgroup has posted its fourteenth annual Year-End Achievement ...

That Bernie Mac commercial with the church/basketball court rules
bernie mac rules tho "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Goldberg's Appearance On MTV's Punk'd Recap
a.. Michelle Boylan sent in the following: Last night Goldberg was in fact on Punk'd. He was having Jesse James build him a custom bike and was on his way to pick it up. They had actua...

The Legend Killer Spits On Mick Foley's Cheek
(FBI Offices.Exact Location Confidential) Agent Thompson: This is stupid. Agent Davis: I know, I know. What can I tell you? I tried to tell them that we have the capabilitie...

WWE November 2002 To 2003 Business Comparison
How are things improving? Avg. Attendance 11/02 - 3,644 Avg. Attendance 11/03 - 3,622 (-0.6%) Avg. Gate 11/02 - $127,550 Avg. Gate 11/03 - $126,070 % of Hous...

Big Hulk Hogan Update: TNA, Jarrett, WMXX, More
What is next for the Hulkster? The skepticism in TNA about Hulk Hogan continues to rise with many feeling that he will never actually work for the company. Hogan continues to throw

Fun with close captioning (Raw 12/15)
So I'm watching Raw last night with the close captioning on (because I was running on a treadmill at the time), and near the beginning they are introducing the Evolution members. Except tha...

(OT) Current CPU technonlogy question for the geeks.
Does anyone know what a well made mobo/processor combo is these days. I want to go pretty much balls to the walls and replace my 1.4 Athlon and go to wither the top chip or the second to th...

Video game question
Is the Virtua Pro Wrestling engine still being used? The last game I know of that had it was WWF No Mercy for the N64. Thanks in advance! Michael

LOL! A treat for my RSPW brahs...
Scroll down the page and check out 'One big pissed off woman'. Damn, I was laughing so hard. Vince should team this chick up with Mark Henry.

So, who's (no) in the IC and tag belts hunt now?
*leaving out the World Title because I just don't care about it anymore... Ok, I can see Randy Orton keeping the IC belt for a bit, but should Christian, Booker T and RVD chase it? Ye...

Deer NWA-TNA... please read
With The Gayme being WWE champ again, consider me a big TNA mark once again. Thanks. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little A reminder to the world.... "Well, in m...

Deer Triple H
<cues up Kurt Angle's theme> YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUUUUCCCKKKK! -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little A reminder to the world.... "Well,...

In the Sjodin case...
....did anyone bother to see what Condit was doing that weekend? Expect to find her skeletal remains under a bench in Central Park.

Flair is a better Christian than HBK
He's always praying to God in the middle of his matches and saying "Oh God! Oh God!"

[OT - meeting celebrities] Check out who I met today...
Canadian country singer and fabulous babe Beverley Mahood: She's travelling on the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train as it makes i...

would you vote for colin powell or whatever
oh look i cant type but anyway would you yes or no.

time guesstimate
how long is it gonna be til iraq goes boom after whoever fixes them? i say 5-10 years tops. one is brewing at this very second.

i dont get it...
at first they downplayed saddam being captured. now they are upplaying his capture. did they forget how to make up their damn minds. and stop playing this connect the dots crap. leave ...

tina turner...
she got younger. miracle creme works!

dont do it!
and she did it. wtf was lita thinking. is she dead?

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